White Knight Rescues “Smelly Fatty” on Plane from Texting Passenger Critical of Plus-Sized White Woman


Why can’t people just mind their own business these days?

Everyone’s a social justice warrior.

In this case a white man didn’t like what another white man had texted about a “helpless” woman seated next to him on a United Air flight.

What do you think of white knights?

Daily Mail

An Oklahoma woman has hailed a good Samaritan as her hero after he intervened when a passenger on a plane began to fat-shame her by calling her a ‘smelly fatty’.

Savannah Phillips boarded a United Airlines flight from Oklahoma to Chicago on Monday.

Before takeoff, the mother was seated next to a man whom she describes as ‘in his 60s with yellow sunglasses who claimed to be a comedian.’

‘As soon as I got buckled, he sat back down… his phone was maybe 12 inches from my face and he proceeded to text someone that he was sitting next to a “smelly fatty”,’ Phillips wrote on her Facebook page.

‘I don’t even know what the rest of his text said,’ she wrote.

‘I turned my head away as fast as I could. I was shocked and it was like confirmation of the negative things I think about myself on a daily basis.

‘Before I knew it, I could feel hot, salty tears coming down my face.’

Phillips told NewsChannel 5 that another man sitting across the aisle happened to see the text.

‘He tapped him on the shoulder and said, “I need to talk to you”,’ she recalled.

‘The guy took his earphones out and turned around and he said, “We’re switching seats right now”.’

Phillips said the passenger told the comedian he would not tolerate the text messages he was sending.


Immediately afterward, the two men switched seats.

‘When he sat down he saw me crying and asked why I was crying,’ Phillips said.

‘He said to not let it get to me and not to worry about it, and we started making small talk which made me feel better.’

It was later learned that the passenger who came to her aid was Chase Irwin, a manager at the Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row bar and restaurant in Nashville.

On the flight, Irwin took a picture of the man as he was texting.

‘This guy, prob mid 50s just text his wife that he is sitting next to a smelly fatty and was about to vomit,’ Irwin wrote on his Snapchat account as he took a picture of the man.

‘I watched her read his text and is now looking sad.

‘Should I New Mexico slap the **** out of him or just say something when landing?’

White women have no problem with affirmative action favoritism. They demand the right to marry other women and nonwhites, to do police work, fire fighting, and so forth.

But then they fold when a stranger says something slightly mean about them.

It’s a curious, sick culture we have in America.

Chase Irwin is no hero. And Savannah needs to lose some weight because to many men she’ll always be a fatty, nothing more and nothing less.

10 thoughts on “White Knight Rescues “Smelly Fatty” on Plane from Texting Passenger Critical of Plus-Sized White Woman

  1. The fatty has an attractive face and in that photo only about 40 pounds overweight…. I’m guessing her stench was some vile stomach turning perfume…(worse than body odor…)…

  2. my guess is that she stunk, causing the ‘comment’ to begin with. Shes really not that overweight nor particularly unattractive ; certainly not a ‘smelly fatty’ from the photo.
    and what business is it of anyone elses what some guy texts? i bet if a negro be textin sumpin bout white biches that nothing would be said…
    grow up people and remember the right to ones own opinion. But even more importantly, WHY is this ‘news’ , who ‘reported it’ to the [[[media]]] and why is it being propagandised?
    but still, good on the guy for coming to the aid and defence of a crying white woman, even tho there was no reason for the tears.

  3. “‘Before I knew it, I could feel hot, salty tears coming down my face.’”

    Oh the pain, the emotional pain, someone called me a name. It’s all about the feels.

    As for ‘white knight’, that is just a euphemism for a mangina.

  4. God, was EVERYONE ON THE PLANE reading his text messages over his shoulder?

    She doesn’t look fat to me, not compared to the average American woman these days.

  5. So the White Knight thought it was his business to ask a complete stranger to switch seats with him so he could find out why a woman was crying? That is above and beyond bizarre and in most cases an invasion of somebody else’s privacy. Most crime women would tell a weirdo like that to leave them alone. The ironic part is, I’m sure the White Knight wouldn’t think twice about texting the exact same thing. Everybody acts like they are holier than holy. Social justice Warriors need to eat shit and shut the fuck up. But most of all, it’s the instigating media that of course made this a victim story at the hands of the evil white man. It’s not a story. It’s just a day in the life of people being people.

  6. Ha Ha Ha. Another idiot on the planet. If I were that woman, I would laugh. Anyone with ANY self respect would laugh. Also, why was she invading his privacy by reading his text? What a looser she is. To hell with her.

  7. I mean if the dude had his phone visible to her what is she supposed to do act like she didn’t see it? Who knows what she is going through in her life and that would make me feel sad more than likely too if I read that from someone I was sitting next to…idk could go either way but I just don’t really know who sends a message to someone about a overweight person sitting next to him!

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