Squat Monsters Hold Party Outside Jew Lawyer’s House After He Criticized Latino Workers


A Jewish lawyer who confronted a group of probable illegals was caught on tape in what SJWs called a “racist rant.”

Since then, he’s been kicked out of his office, widely demonized, and an effort is being made by NY politicians to have him disbarred.

My sympathies are with the Jew this time.

The Guardian

Festivities are taking place outside the Manhattan apartment of Aaron Schlossberg, the lawyer who was filmed being irate and abusive towards Hispanic restaurant workers this week. Schlossberg threatened to call Immigration and Customs Enforcement (Ice) on the workers, saying he believed they were illegal immigrants because they were speaking Spanish to some customers.

Evil piece of excrement, fake nigger Shaun King, calls Schlossberg “white” in this Tweet. He know better, the puke.

Luis Magaña, a Mexican American, who is part of the millennials for Bernie grassroots network, wanted to host a “Latin party” as a response to Schlossberg’s outburst. He created an event page on Facebook, writing: “Assuming all Spanish speakers are undocumented is not only ignorant but a little sad. It’s also a little sad that Mr Schlossberg thinks all Hispanics are on Welfare. However, Hispanics are not sad people and we will gladly educate you on our culture and language by throwing a big fiesta.”

The party was originally going to be outside Schlossberg’s place of work but since he’s been kicked out of his office building, it will take place outside his apartment, and extra funds have been allocated to food, free drinks and props.

The event has been organised in the four days since Schlossberg was seen ranting at staff in a midtown salad bar. “Your employees are speaking Spanish to customers when they should be speaking English,” he told the store’s manager. “Every person I spoke to … It’s America! I will be following up.” Schlossberg then threatened to call Ice, saying he “bets” the employees working there are “undocumented”.

In a contradiction to his own racist logic, he then suggested that the employees were living on welfare funds. “If they have the balls to come here and live off of my money … I pay for their welfare. I pay for their ability to be here. The least they can do is speak English.” Undocumented immigrants are not eligible for most social security benefits or welfare programmes.

He finished by implying one of the employees was overweight, saying she should “take a break from food”, before exiting the store.

Since the video was made public, two elected New York representatives, the congressman Adriano Espaillat and the Bronx borough president Ruben Diaz Jr, have made formal complaints to the New York court system, although it’s unlikely Schlossberg will be disbarred for the incident. New York’s mayor, Bill De Blasio, indirectly commented on the incident, tweeting that 8.6 million people speak 200 different languages in New York. “They’re all New Yorkers and they’re all welcome here,” he wrote.

Schlossberg has also been hounded by reporters asking him about his comments.

All the lawyer wanted was to see immigration law respected.

See why it’s better to go stealth unless you have nothing to lose from going public.

9 thoughts on “Squat Monsters Hold Party Outside Jew Lawyer’s House After He Criticized Latino Workers

  1. Sometimes the (((effects))) of the Synagogue of Satan’s (((diversity destruction)))) plan even gets to the JUs on the ground. This guy is right ..it’s as annoying as F when these illegals “dream killers” refuse to speak in English. My friend called me from Walmart in Orlando..I could hear the loud speaker..all the announcements were in Espanish …he said it’s always like that. This is why these aholes do t assimilate..cause they dont have to.. if you have European parents do you remember in the olden days when they were trying to learn English and they would place a phone call …and they would hear Press 1 for German Press 2 for French Press 3for Polish…NOT

  2. No sympathy for the Jew here. His brothers are the reason there are so many of them. Cheap labor for the Jew.

  3. LOL, he should call ICE on the protesters outside his apartment.

    Reporters seriously have nothing better to do than this? Why aren’t they chasing Stefan Halper around – ask him who in the FBI paid him to plant Russian seeds in the Trump campaign?

    • Excellent point. Journalism these days revolves around the pursuit of emotionalism and trivia, not around the real issues that really affect our lives and futures. personally, I think when seen in the streets journalists/reporters should be accosted and challenged, and generally made to know how lowly they are viewed.

  4. Imagine for a second if an English-speaking white person tried to pull this shit in a Spanish country. Do you think for a second that Mexico would be bias towards the English Anerican speaker and condemn their country for telling him to speak Spanish? Nobody in their right mind would think that they have the higher ground as a visitor or immigrant to another country. It’s only in Jewmerica where everything is upside down and illegal immigrant holds more power than the citizen by virtue of the Media declaring so.

    • In Puerto Rico – which is a US territory the last time I checked – good luck trying to talk to any business in English on the phone. They will hang up on you.

      • Phone them back all day then just for laughs. Then hire Mr Schlossberg to handle your lawsuit. He needs the work.

  5. “Undocumented immigrants are not eligible for most social security benefits or welfare programmes.”

    Most. In other words, many benefits are available to undocumented illegal invaders. Such as free school lunches for their kiddies. Maybe free or subsidised housing. State benefits such as in California, the Sanctuary State for spics.

    When jews go bad, whites are always blamed. When jews do good, whites never ever get the credit.

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