Mestizo Cop Threatens to Kill White Man with Camera (Video)

YOu better watch this. 8 minutes.

A white man with a camera is threatened with death by a cop who points his gun at him for taping.

10 thoughts on “Mestizo Cop Threatens to Kill White Man with Camera (Video)

  1. I thought only whitey could be raaaycisss. Here is also proof that too many cops can’t control their emotions.

  2. Paladin, I note you don’t yet have anything up on the Santa Fe, Texas “shooting”, a probable Flag. I assume it’s in process, but here is a good beginning.

    “BREAKING: Santa Fe High School Killer Wore ANTIFA and Columbine Hammer-and-Sickle Pin”

    “Dimitrios had a Facebook page but it is already deleted.

    Dimitrios Pagourtzis was wearing a jacket with the ANTIFA terrorist hammer-and-sickle emblem.

    MORE— TGP contributor Cassandra Fairbanks noted that the killer’s pin was also worn at Columbine.

    Dimitrios Pagourtzis was a columbiner. He had the same button that Dylan Klebold wore on his shoe during the columbine massacre. Lots of columbiners wear this button.

    — Cassandra Fairbanks (@CassandraRules) May 18, 2018

  3. One report which is in Flanders files reports:

    “You would never know from the “mainstream media” that Klebold was even Jewish, much less that he was driven to hatred of all of mankind except jews for allegedly heinous crimes like the “holocaust”. Thus the holocaust hoax has become the gift that keeps on giving–12 children and one teacher died in Columbine solely because this Jewish hate campaign, based entirely on a fraud, drove a Jew to insanity. The obvious cover up, conducted by the police and the Jewish controlled media immediately after it was discovered that Klebold was Jewish, should make Christians worldwide suspicious of their entire evil agenda. Even though 24,600 web sites found by Google and 46,400 found by Yahoo state simply and clearly that Klebold was a jew, ONLY Fox News made mention of this, in the VERY small paragraph above, while every other mention of this fact has already been washed from every Google and Yahoo search of every recent news article.

    Is this a harbinger of things to come? Or things that have already happened to our “news” and “history” since jews brought 100% control of it in 1904?”
    b. 9-11-1981 — 17 year old son of Mr. Thomas Klebold (then 52) and Mrs. Susan (Yassenoff) Klebold (then 50), younger brother to Byron (21 at the time).

    Tom is a geophysicist, Sue works with handicapped people. Both are from Columbus, Ohio and went to Ohio State University. Sue is from a prominent Jewish community there, granddaughter of the late philanthropist and construction magnate Leo Yassenoff, who built the local Jewish community center in Columbus that bears his name. Dylan attended Normandy Elementary School in Littleton, Colorado, for first and second grade and then transferred to Governor’s Ranch Elementary School where he was part of the CHIPS (Challenging High Intellectual Potential Students) program for gifted and talented children. His parents told investigators he was somewhat sheltered at Governors Ranch Elementary and believed his transition to Ken Caryl Middle School was a little difficult for him because he was so quiet and shy. Transition from elementary school to middle school is difficult for many adolescents so his parents were not overly concerned.”

    • I have had cops yank their guns on me before for no reasonable reason. Not funny. Some cops need to be relieved of duty.

      • I was basically on the guy’s side until he started hollering like a hooker taking one up the ass.

  4. It’s become commonplace for cops to forget to talk and jump right to shooting. Thanks to our Zog police state for intensifying everyone’s emotions and affirmative action which leads to inferior hired police officers.

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