Land of the Free? HS Student Suspended for Confederate Flag Sweatshirt Vows Never to Remove It


Scroll down to see the kikess who is denying Mitchell Ballas his freedom of speech.

I try to add value to the stories reported on here by doing more research. In this case, I was curious about the woman principal who believes the Confederate flag is a symbol of racist oppression and thus gives her the right to suspend the white lad pictured above.

The filthy bitch came from Boston to Montana to impose her Yankee (Jew?) sensibilities. She looks like a Jew and talks like a northeastern social justice warrior.

Scroll down to see Natalie Jaeger and to read the story of one brave white kid’s fight for his f-ing rights.

Fox News

A Montana high school student was disciplined Tuesday for wearing a Confederate flag sweatshirt after school officials told him not to.

Mitchell Ballas, 17, was suspended after wearing the sweatshirt to Big Sky High School every day since last week. The student denies the flag represents hate and said he’s wearing it to stand up for students’ freedom of speech.

“The school is in the wrong for saying they can dictate me wearing this sweatshirt,” Ballas said. “They’re saying it’s offending kids and it’s derogatory and all that, but it’s not. It’s my First Amendment right.”

The school handbook and dress code allows wearing the symbol, Ballas added.

But while the school doesn’t ban symbols, it can deem a student’s behavior “a disruption of the learning environment” and discipline students “regardless of where or how the specific behavior occurs.”

The teenager wore the controversial sweatshirt last week and took it off when asked by school administrators, he said. He was given two days of detention last Friday as he continued to wear it the next days.

This week, Ballas was suspended after wearing the sweatshirt. But despite the suspension, he promised to continue sporting the clothing.

“Tomorrow, I’m going to wear the sweatshirt again, and if they suspend me longer, they suspend me longer, but I’m not going to give in to them,” Ballas said Tuesday. “What they’re doing is wrong, and I won’t allow it.”

Principal Natalie Jaeger declined to comment on matters related to Ballas, but said multiple have been displaying the Confederate flag on clothing and cars over the last month. Some parents, he said, expressed disagreement with the school administrators over what the flag represents.

“Regardless of the intent of the students displaying the flag, the flag is a symbol in 2018 that is used to express racism and oppression, and that has no place in an educational environment,” Jaeger said.

The principal added that about 30 students said they were afraid and anxious because of the flag displays.

I don’t know for sure what ethnicity Natalie Jaeger is, but she has the look of some mixed race mongrel she-devil.


You’re not in Boston, anymore you stinking piece of excrement. In Montana, people fight for their rights. Even teens.

9 thoughts on “Land of the Free? HS Student Suspended for Confederate Flag Sweatshirt Vows Never to Remove It

  1. Such a good looking flag. I was watching international hockey the other day and thought how awesome it would be to see the swastika on the front of the German jersey.

    • I saw something yesterday saying the flag is related to the Christian cross flag, but didn’t have time to do any research on that. I think it’s true that the south viewed itself as the defender of Christian values and wanted to express that with the flag.

      • Yes – its a Saint Andrews cross, true blue on a field of red, signifying the blood of our forefathers who fought for freedom and the atoning blood of Jesus. It is completely Christian symbolism, and the South was [and a few still are] defending Christian tradition, kith and kin. It is the last symbol of freedom and the will to fight for self determination and individual liberty.

        God bless this kid for standing up for his rights and what is right. You can bet that if he wore a jew flag, or an african flag or a che gueverra shirt that his First Amendment rights would be protected…

  2. He is a hero.

    The school and the USA in general would agree with Idi Amin “you have freedom of speech, but freedom after speech that’s what I will not guarantee.”.

  3. “Jaeger”. Every boss and Principal in the USA is either a german or a jew, in a nation established by Anglo Saxons. Why is it so? Did the Founding Fathers fuck up bigly?

    Jaeger is German and it is also Jewish. An Einsatzgruppen guy has this name and I wonder if he was a 4 x 2 Zionist?

  4. You know what would be really great? If other male and female students joined him and also War the Confederate shirt. Hell, imagine a bunch of blacks actually wore it? I would love to see PC defeated buy a movement for once. This kid has got balls and it’s great to see he’s not compromising or caving in. We need more White males like him.

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