Dumb Ass Latina Arrested After Offering Counterfeit Money for Sale on Social Media


A probable Cubana or Puerto Rican female was doubly dumb, which seems to be easy for these criminally minded mestizos.

The Miami woman was given a break by police after her first arrest. Then she betrayed her benefactors and was rearrested.

Notice as you read the story how the cops talked her price down to $13.33 per counterfeit bill. Those guys are good negotiators.

Miami Herald

A Key Largo woman sold 15 phony $100 bills to an undercover detective last year, according to police.

Mauris Peralta, 25, when arrested told police she was sorry and she only did it because she was desperate for money.

Detectives said they saw a post on social media offering counterfeit $100 bills for $30 each. When they answered the ad on April 27, the reply said to text a phone number. A woman called telling the detective to meet her at the Key Largo Campground.

She sold 15 $100 bills for $200 at the nearby Hammock Apartments and was promptly arrested. Peralta said she would cooperate with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office rather than face a charge, and they accepted the offer.

But she never followed through, and was arrested May 16 and charged with one misdemeanor and one felony count of failure to appear, and one felony count of possession of 10 or more counterfeited bills.

Peralta on Thursday remained locked up at the Stock Island Detention Center on $168,000 bond.

Where are the feds? Counterfeiting is a federal crime.

From comments I’ve seen elsewhere, the dumb ass spic simply took a real $100 bill and ran it through a color copying machine. The local Mexicans around here do this a lot, although they usually stick to copying smaller bills in order to avoid arrest.

6 thoughts on “Dumb Ass Latina Arrested After Offering Counterfeit Money for Sale on Social Media

    • I know of an Hispanic woman whose teen son passed a $20 bill printed on a copy machine in Austin. The feds were aiming to jail him for two years. I don’t know the outcome. The mother was spending $20,000 or more on lawyers fees to defend him.

      • It is people like that mother that have criminals for children by always trying to cover up the misdeeds of their child. Any normal parent would say “You did the crime. Now you can deal with it”. Parents like that do not see their kids arrested, by and large, because they taught them right and wrong from a young age.

  1. If the counterfeits were as good as the Feds fake printed money, they are worth $100 each. If she is too scared to use them herself, they are not even worth $1 each. All buyers would know this. Tinted people lack logical thinking skills.

  2. All US banknotes are fake and counterfeit. The Fed lends money made out of thin air at interest to the US Govt. The US Treasury prints bills based on these fake loans. The taxpayer pays interest for ever to these jews. The capital debt is never repaid and cannot be repaid unless the US Govt goes for hyperinflation Weimar style. The US dollar is backed by nothing and is less useful than toilet paper – if it was valued fairly and honestly. It is all based on trust of jew bankers.
    If some culture decided that used toilet paper was a $100 bill, then it would be a $100 bill.

    A $100 banknote has less real value than a single Tide pod, so that is why drug dealers love Tide pods.

    It is very sad that all paper currencies are less popular than the counterfeit US money. Colonel Gaddafi was trying to introduce a gold based Dinar and that is the main reason he was killed.

    Anyone trying to trade oil in any currency except US dollars is also killed, and their country wrecked. Saddam found this out and so did Iraq.

    The IRS is owned and controlled by the private jew bank, the Fed.
    Central Banking is a Ponzi scheme and it will end. Without these loans of money ($trillions) which does not exist and will never be repaid – tens of millions of Africans would starve and this is a very desirable thing. There is no surplus of money in the West – only a surplus of debt. All foreign aid is based on money which does not exist. So is most welfare and military spending also.

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