Britain: That Acid-Throwing Negress Who Horrifically Maimed White Ex-Boyfriend ACQUITTED of Murder Charge


Mating with an ape has consequences.

But when the ape kills you, the courts will acquit and all dat sheeeeit.


Daily Mail

A haunting last message left by the victim of a sulphuric acid attack at the hands of his jealous ex-girlfriend reveals he blamed her entirely for his trip to a suicide clinic.

Berlinah Wallace’s attack on Mark van Dongen in 2015 left him with ‘hellish’ injuries that were so devastating he took himself to an assisted suicide clinic last January.

An audio clip obtained by the BBC reveals Mr van Dongen’s distress as he described the attack from his hospital bed, just days before ending his life.

Addressing his former partner, he said: ‘I hope you can see the way I look now. This is because of you. I will be a thing upon your conscience for now and forever.


An African has no conscience.

‘You stood at the end of my bed and you said: ‘If I can’t have you no-one can’.

‘And then you laughed, you evil woman, you laughed. And you threw sulphuric acid over me.’

On Thursday, Wallace was acquitted of the engineer’s murder at Bristol Crown Court but was found guilty of throwing a corrosive substance with intent.

The fashion student previously claimed it was just ‘bad luck’ that she threw the burning substance over the 29-year-old after he began dating another woman.


Dutch-born Mr van Dongen was left paralysed and only able to move his tongue, had to have his left leg amputated, and suffered 25 per cent burns.

He lost his left eye and most of the sight in his right eye.

The Court of Appeal, in its summary of the case, described Mr van Dongen’s injuries as ‘truly dreadful’ and left him ‘terribly disfigured and in a permanent state of unbearable constant physical and psychological pain that could not be ameliorated by his doctors’.

His injuries were so disturbing that the officer leading the inquiry did not show his investigation team the graphic pictures.

It took eight months for Mr van Dongen recover enough to be interviewed at his bedside at Southmead Hospital in Bristol.

Mr van Dongen’s father spent many hours at his son’s bedside before he went to Belgium to die.

The engineer’s death application was approved by three consultants who decided he met the criteria of ‘unbearable physical and psychological suffering’.

White dads should never let their children date outside the white race. If Mark had been raised as a race realist, he’d be alive today.

If Mark had done to her what she did to him, he would have been convicted and sentenced to a long prison term, perhaps life.

Negro worship in Britain is terrible, given the outcome of this prosecution. The court has invited more acid attacks on white people.

17 thoughts on “Britain: That Acid-Throwing Negress Who Horrifically Maimed White Ex-Boyfriend ACQUITTED of Murder Charge

    • At this point in time, that’s true. 30 years ago it might have been plausible to think that blacks are just like whites, but with a tan.

      Not anymore.

      All the news shows that blacks are really a different species from the rest of the human population. It also shows they can’t be trusted.

      Thus, if you don’t avoid the groid, you’re accountable.

  1. She did this crime three years ago. She should have been tried while he was still alive, within say one year of the attack at most. As it is, she will get a very small penalty. It is as if his death was an accident.
    How many Coons on the jury? How many SJW’s? How many women? How many white men – maybe 3 out of the 12?
    Obviously sympathy for him was zero.
    “He lived with an ugly nigger, he had it coming” must have been the average jurors view. All mudsharks should take note of this jury decision.
    This jury decision is worse than the OJ decision, she has not even been convicted for manslaughter, and this is perhaps the fault of the prosecutor (a nigger maybe). In this case, no juror had any doubt at all whether it was she who threw the acid and even why she threw it. With OJ “if the glove does not fit, you must acquit”.

    She did not just murder him. She caused unbelievable pain – which means nothing to anybody because he was a white man.

  2. I would say this man suffered more pain and for much longer than any human being tortured by the NKVD, Gestapo, Aztecs, Incas and Spanish Inquisition in all of history. His ongoing non stop pain exceeded the pain of crucifixion by about 100 times, due to the time difference for the sufferer to die.

    So let us imagine a white man did this to any black person such as a live in girlfriend. What would the chances be of being found “Not Guilty” of murder?

  3. “‘You stood at the end of my bed and you said: ‘If I can’t have you no-one can’.”

    I guess she was right about that.

    Again the hypocrisy of hate crime laws, as she like all the others was not charged with such, even though for someone to do that to another human being isn’t possible without an intense burning hatred in their hearts. She hated him so much that she wanted to make him suffer which was worse than just killing him as he slept.

    “If Mark had done to her what she did to him, he would have been convicted and sentenced to a long prison term, perhaps life.”

    Equal justice under the law? Don’t make me laugh. And when good people lose respect for the law, then begins revolution.

  4. and then we have prince harry marrying his black jewish american actress. truth really is stranger than fiction.

  5. Looking at the photos it just blows my mind that he was actually doing her. I mean, you would really have to be pathetically desperate to poke a beast like that. Hell, I’d rather have a relationship with my hand.

  6. There was no murder, he committed suicide.

    She should have been burned to death at the stake for throwing acid in his face, though. Even if he was still alive during the trial.

  7. So effectively what they’re saying is that somehow he caused her to do this. She is actually the victim. His white oppression left her with no other choices but to maim him. We’re living in the Twilight Zone my friends. That Matrix theory is starting to make more and more sense.

  8. Well, she may be tried for assault with attempt to maim? I don’t know British law, the issue at hand is rule number one.

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