Nog Blames Evil Spirits for Attack that Left 87 Year Old Professor Brain Dead

Donald Trump called certain criminals “animals” on Wednesday.

What’s it take to get a liberal to agree that certain so-called humans are sub-human animals.

Like the negro who beat an 87 year old man.

New York Daily News

The creep, who beat an elderly college professor into a coma at an Upper West Side bank ATM, claims to be suffering from amnesia or demons.

Matthew Lee, 50, who stole $300 from an 87-year-old victim after pummeling him at a Citibank on Broadway Sunday afternoon, offered some bizarre responses when reporters questioned him as he was hauled out of the the 24th Precinct on Wednesday night after cops busted him.

“I don’t remember,” Lee responded when asked if he recalled attacking Young Kun Kim.

Lee then offered, “You have to talk to my lawyer. Something is not right. Bad spirits or something,” when asked if he could dispute the footage police had of the vicious assault that left Kun Kim brain dead.

Police arrested Lee at his W. 90th St. home Wednesday.

He is charged with robbery and assault.

One of Kun Kim’s colleagues is still beside himself with grief.

“Dear God. This is Lehman professor Young Kun Kim. His son tells me is in a coma and in palliative care,” Lehman College Associate Dean Christopher Malone tweeted Tuesday. “Our hearts weep. He is the most peaceful person on this planet.”

West Side Rag offers more details about the horrific crime.

The assailant punched the victim in the back of the head and stole his money, according to police.

The victim was identified by ABC News as college professor Young Kun Kim.

“Kim was known to eat at the same Upper West Side diner every morning before heading to work as a political science and Asian studies professor who has taught at Columbia University, Hunter College and CUNY.

‘This is the most vulnerable person on the planet. And you’re attacking him for what? For money. It’s just beyond. So I hope they find somebody,’ said neighbor Eric Schwartz.”

Police released the surveillance photo above and the video below.

Be alert! Avoid the groid.

9 thoughts on “Nog Blames Evil Spirits for Attack that Left 87 Year Old Professor Brain Dead

  1. “He is charged with robbery and assault.”

    That’s it? Not even aggravated assault? What about battery? Too much paperwork?

    The surest way to increase violent crime is to go soft on the criminals.

    Remember when Ferguson burned? The coward of a governor there sat on his hands for three days before calling in the Guard. They probably had to twist his arm to do it.

    Just keep sending the message that we love niggers and their criminal behavior. Believe me they are getting it.

  2. GOOD!!!, I could assure you that gook scumbag “professa” hated White people and loved niggers…..Hopefully the old useless gook will expire in a timely manner and the nigger will be off the streets for 10 years….
    It’s hilarious the way the nigger pounced the second the cash came out…..

  3. If the perp was white, he’d be facing attempted murder plus whatever else the judge cold throw at him.

    Bu-bu-but, da black gentleman was not at fault; it was obviously da debbil made him do it, so he’s innocent.

    The only criminals that the courts will ever go soft on will either be black or some other darkie mystery meat

  4. This Chink was “enriched” by diversity, and the media would agree, they get enriched by stories like this.

    This happened inside a bank – not in the street. So the Prof was being sensible for an old man. I guess 87 year olds need a body guard whenever they get some cash in any Third World city like New York. He probably could have done this at his workplace, get a guard to accompany him while he withdraws the cash. I though NY had 33,000 cops, one on every corner?????
    The nigger should be charged with attempted murder in my opinion. Any person that age is very vulnerable to serious injury or death if they fall.

    Banks are intentionally and with malice aforethought exposing customers to violent robbery. Any place this busy with 4 or more ATMs should have an armed guard 24 hours a day standing there ready to shoot dead any Coon robbers. It used to be possible for older customers to withdraw money from the tellers inside the bank. Now, the tellers have been fired and 87 year old men must stand near violent niggers while trying to withdraw cash. Meanwhile, bank shareholders get bigger dividends and CEOs whoop it up.

    In Sydney Australia, Citibank does not have one single teller who meets customers face to face, or cashier if you prefer the term. They provide some good deals and very low fees, or no fees at all – but have very few staff who customers can actually meet. It is impossible to withdraw cash in Australia direct from Citibank, you must use an ATM.
    PayPal goes one better in Australia. They have no bricks and mortar at all and you cannot meet a single employee. I think eBay likes this model also. These two dodgy outfits use a lot of shitskins living in India and the Philippines to do “customer service”.

    I suppose anyone in NY of any age should never withdraw money at an ATM if any nigger is standing within 5 meters or so.

    If anyone stands behind me, or near me, who I do not like the look of, I walk away and withdraw nothing.
    The bank has a duty of care and maybe the prof could sue them. Why was a nigger thug allowed to enter this area, it should be for card carrying customers only – which also would identify a thief. Citibank will refund the guys $300 as he never really took possession of his money – the bank in effect gave it to the thief. But I guess the bank can’t repair the man’s brain which for a Prof is their most important asset.

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