Negro Customer Asked to Prepay for Meal Awarded 10 Grand by Tribunal

When a Chinese restaurant in Canada asked a group of youthful, foreign Negros males to prepay, it was engaging in unlawful racial profiling, says the Canadian government in all its majesty.

That bit of race realism is costing the owner a cool $10 grand.


The Ontario Human Rights Tribunal has ordered a Toronto restaurant to pay a black customer $10,000 Canadian dollars for racially discriminating against him and his friends.

Emile Wickham was celebrating his 28th birthday with three friends when the group decided to grab a bite at Hong Shing Chinese Restaurant on May 3, 2014.

The four were the only black patrons in the restaurant, Wickham said, and they were stunned when the waiter demanded they pay before they were served

When the group complained, they were told it was policy, according to their testimony.

“I still felt skeptical, so then I approached other tables,” Wickham told CNN. No one else he spoke with had been asked to prepay, he said.

“There was frustration initially. And that frustration turned into a feeling of dejection and sadness,” he said.

The restaurant’s response
Nearly a year after the incident, Wickham, who is originally from Trinidad and Tobago, could not stop thinking about what happened.

As the anniversary approached, he filed a complaint with the Human Rights Tribunal.

The restaurant said it had seen an influx of dine-and-dash incidents, and that it asked customers who weren’t “regulars” to prepay, according to the ruling.

But adjudicator Esi Codjoe said she found no evidence such a policy was real. Earlier this month, she ruled the restaurant had racially profiled the students.

It says it will appeal
In a statement shared with CNN, Hong Shing Chinese Restaurant expressed deep concern over the situation and highlighted that management has since changed.

“There are a number of sensitivities and considerations about this situation, and for that reason, the tribunal outcome is under appeal by legal representatives.

“At this time we cannot comment further, beyond emphasizing that the current owner and staff are dedicated to be a committed, inclusive and responsible member of the community.”

Wickham said he will continue to fight his case if needed.

Within the restaurant business, blacks are extremely disliked. My Mexican girlfriend of years ago told me that the cooks spit in the food of black patrons, who are known for 3 scams:

1. Running out without paying.

2. Complaining after eating that the food was terrible and refusing to pay.

3. Not tipping.

Blacks are probably known for other scams as well that I don’t know about.

You know their reputation sucks when Mexicans hate them with a passion.

Advice to Chinese restaurant: Take the fried chicken and watermelon off the menu and you’ll have a lot less trouble.

14 thoughts on “Negro Customer Asked to Prepay for Meal Awarded 10 Grand by Tribunal

  1. So “dine and dash” Coons must be paid for by all the white customers?

    The ten grand also comes from white patrons. Stop eating Chink food, white man! Leave it for the Coons who one way or the other will avoid paying.

    A large number of black residents is the death knell of any nation as for as civilized behavior goes. One obvious result is no more table service without scanning a credit card first, or paying a cash deposit. If all customers have to do it, then there is no racism.

    $10,000 seems a lot of money for a minor matter. When white people, or Chinks, get battered with violence by blacks – they are unlikely to get $10,000 as compensation. Usually they get nothing and have to pay their own hospital bills as well.

    How much did the tiny Paki get who was assaulted by the big Coon in Ferguson who was stealing cigars? Probably not even one cent for a physical racist assault. Nobody even remembers him, just the big nigger who stopped some well deserved bullets.

  2. So we are to believe that this depressed negro spent a year feeling sad and sorry for himself because of this incident, and only then filed a complaint?

    I don’t buy it.

    The darkie was so dumb that it took him a full year for the lightbulb in that dumb black head of his to go off and sparkle dollar signs.

    John Chinaman will know better next time and will just refuse the kaffirs service.

  3. This is why there will be no restaurants left in the vicinity of niggers….OR everyone will have to prepay…

    • Like we have to prepay for gas now since there was so much stealing of gas.

      Mexicans ran out on a $60 grocery bill at the self checkout in Walmart the other day while I was there. There was a dumb young Mexican employee there who didn’t even notice. She tried to stick me with the bill even though I had only one #3 item in my cart. LOL.

  4. the niggers are here to stay. foolish white people brought them here. the dimwit prince is even marrying one. un fucking real !!!

  5. In America these ‘cases’ are handled by commissions which are not even part of our judicial branch. The appointees to these postions are all too often not attorneys but are beauracrats in the administrative branch. We currently have a case in the state of Georgia challenging the authority of a Civil Rights Commission to usurp powers vested only in the judicial branch.

  6. Do you know what getting circumcised and waiting on a table full of niggers have in common?
    You end up with no tip.

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