Muslim Somali Nagger Mayor of Sheffield, England Hates Everything British


Maggot Maggot really should think about returning to Somalia and joining up with ISIS. Then we could literally blow his sorry black ass to pieces.


Sheffield’s new lord mayor Magid Magid, who entered politics to “fight xenophobia”, has declared the British monarchy “outdated” and said he would refuse to toast to the Queen.


“I hope by the fact I am a black, Muslim immigrant – everything the Daily Mail probably hates – people will look and say ‘In Sheffield we’re proud of doing things differently and celebrating our differences’,” he told The Star on Tuesday.

At 28, Magid became the city’s youngest ever lord mayor when he took on the ceremonial role on Wednesday, having moved to Sheffield from Somalia with his family when he was five years old to “look for a better life”.

Speaking of his role as Sheffield’s first citizen, which according to convention involves acting as a figurehead, meeting with important guests, and attending high-profile functions, Magid said he hopes to appoint rapper Otis Mensah as the city’s first poet laureate.

Describing the position of lord mayor “quite archaic”, however, the former Hull university student said he would like to “bring it into the 21st century”, asserting that “minority ethnic groups are doing amazing things in this city”.

Breaking away from tradition at his mayor-making ceremony, Magid had the Imperial March from Star Wars and then the Superman theme tune play as guests took to their seats, according to The Star.

Remarking on a state visit to Sheffield by the monarch in 2015, he said: “I believe we should have an elected head of state. I love the Queen, she’s hard-working and a lovely person – but the system is outdated.

“I wouldn’t even do a toast to the Queen. I can’t please everyone. I will stick to my own principles.”

Magid, who used his maiden speech as a Green councillor in 2016 to blast Brexit and “xenophobia”, said he has been following news reports about anti-Semitism in the Labour Party with interest.

“But at the same time”, he argued that the Conservative Party — which introduced gay marriage and ordered schools to promote LGBT lifestyles to toddlers — “has a massive issue with homophobia, and that’s not being covered”.

Where did the LGBT sh*t come from? Is the double Maggot a butt reamer?

ISIS would throw this retard off the roof of a building.


The Daily Mail reports that Maggot Maggot was on some reality TV show. He’s an attention whore for sure.

The first comment at the DM says simply that England is a joke.


13 thoughts on “Muslim Somali Nagger Mayor of Sheffield, England Hates Everything British

  1. “I wouldn’t even do a toast to the Queen. I can’t please everyone. I will stick to my own principles.”

    I would hope that all white people have the guts to do the same. Whenever the words are spoken “A toast to the Mayor” all whites including Council employees should leave their glass on the table and preferably also sit down, or turn their back on the mayor. This is not the crime of race hate. It is white people and voters who also can say “I can’t please everyone. I will stick to my own principles.”

    The Queen is his Sovereign and his boss. He is seditious and has declared treason to his own monarch. He should be locked up in the Tower and then beheaded. The executioner’s sword would have been made centuries ago with Sheffield Steel, a once famous name. Is any steel made in Sheffield now? Is anything made or just black bastard babies?

    In some ways I am pleased with black as spades Coons becoming mayors and politicians of what was a Century ago the greatest and most powerful nation in the world ruling a huge Empire. The jews and the libturds never anticipated this outcome. They thought that the blacks and muslims would vote for them in gratitude. They thought that the lefty do gooders and crafty jews could rule for ever (Labor) with a base of bums, bludgers, welfare cheats, unemployed, niggers, yellows, Indians, Pakis, druggies, alkies, winos, naïve white blue collar workers, do gooder women and so on. Instead, the huge number of darkies vote as a bloc and elect one of their own. It is disgusting to me to think of chimps jumping from bench to bench in the British House of Parliament, flinging faeces at the visitors and the Prime Ape, and before too long even the House of Lords will be niggerised. “The bigger they are, the harder they fall”.

    A country is its population. Somalia is a lawless violent shithole because of the disrespect Somalis show to elections and leaders and obeying laws and to the value of human life. This mayor brings this attitude with him. He is a “Green” what a joke. Greens are commie rats and nation wreckers. Greens love niggers much more than they love the environment. How many Greens do not own a car? Will this mayor ditch the Mayoral car and chauffeur and ride a bicycle to official functions, or catch a bus or train? I do not think so. Greens are hypocrites. A Muslim that loves homos is also a very big hypocrite.

    Here is a great show which could never be made in 2018. In the first episode all of the following words are never heard “slave, exploitation, black, jew, minority, indigenous, homosexual”. Instead words such as “Christ, Christianity, Greece, Rome, Byzantium, Celts, Vikings, Muslim invasion” are heard multiple times. The series was made in 1969 by a white Englishman and as one comment says on Youtube – “imagine what it would be like if made today”. The series warns that Western civilisation has already fallen once and can fall again easily. He lists what is needed. Most of these things needed to maintain European civilisation have been lost in the past 100 years. 90% of them since 1969.

  2. There is a brand new white hating BBC series of flung poo called “Civilisations” note the plural.

    “denizens of Europe, who are nearly always depicted as racists, conquerors, looters, slave owners, colonialists and originators of the lurid ‘male gaze’ in art.”

    ““The history of Christianity is recounted variously as propaganda or ‘a blood sacrifice’ along the lines—and I’m not making this up—of the Aztecs’ ritual practices.”

    Are we supposed to take that as a slight on Christianity, which these people hate? Or as a PR upgrade for the Aztecs who, being indigenous Americans, are a privileged race? It is hard to tell.”

  3. He certainly looks like the monkey sitting on that little perch. These monsters are pets of Rothschild. We need to bring them to his little gated house. I’m sure it’ll be like Idi Amin taking him and his kind to “school”.

    • Idi has just died aged 80 in Saudi Arabia.

      “”His Excellency President for Life, Field Marshal Al Hadji Doctor Idi Amin, VC, DSO, MC, Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Sea, and Conqueror of the British Empire in Africa in General and Uganda in Particular.””

      “The funniest of his quotes is “you have freedom of speech, but freedom after speech that’s what I will not guarantee.”

  4. “anti-Semitism in the Labour Party”

    this is the most baffling claim but I have heard others make it before but the jews should know, they overwhelming vote liberal they ruin their own parties

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