France’s Macron Proclaims that Europe Shares Destiny with Africa, Awarded Charlemagne Prize


French President Emmanuel Macron spoke in resigned tones in mid April about the invasion of Europe by African negros.

On May 10 he received the Charlemagne Prize for contributions to “European unity.”

If you look more closely at the Charlemagne Prize, you’ll discover that it’s really the Codenhave-Kalergi Prize to encourage the genocide of the European.

Macron is widely viewed as a globalist shill, but is he playing a game with the Jews who would destroy the European race?

I don’t know for sure the answer to the question, but Macron is replacing Angela Merkel as the leader of a unified Europe. But unified in a good or bad way?

Defend Evropa

The French president claimed that due to immense population growth in Africa, Europe needs to prepare for an “unprecedented” wave of mass migration, “that is there and will last”, implying that the destiny of the two continents is intertwined.

“We have a migratory phenomenon that is there and will last, because there are geopolitical conflicts, climatic change and African demography that is there and that is a real bomb.” Proclaimed the French president during an interview on Sunday. Somehow, because all these things are occurring in Africa, it is up to Europeans to welcome these people and fix their situation, never mind the fact that the USA, China, India, Europe and Japan could combined, fit into Africa and that that continent is brimming with resources.

Macron referenced the work of French-American journalist and professor Stephen Smith in a recent book.

“[Africans] are mostly turning to Europe because the continent [of Europe] is not an island, because of our location, and because Europe has its destiny bound with Africa,” said the staunchly pro-EU French figure during a two-hour long interview.

Smith estimates that the number of Africans living in Europe will grow from nine million to between 150 million and 200 million within the next 30 years.

The Rush to Europe describes a massive, unprecedented population transfer still in its infancy, which Smith explains will — “paradoxically” — be triggered mostly as a result of Western foreign aid money financing wannabe migrants’ journeys from Africa.

Smith in his book outlined a number of different scenarios he believes could emerge from the situation.

“The most optimistic” of these — according to Le Figaro — is “Eurafrica”, which would see mass migration create a ‘welcoming’, multicultural Europe, which “would fully embrace being a ‘mixed-race land of immigration and interbreeding’”. – Sweden is the prime example of this, a large welfare state combined with open borders. The country is committing demographic suicide, and that is exactly what Smith wants for the whole Continent.

This scenario would see the end of welfare states in Europe however, Smith said, pointing to the incompatibility of large-scale immigration and generous social programmes. – Even the ‘humanitarian superpower’, Sweden has had to cut down on the number of immigrants coming in and raping the countries resources as well as its women.

Another possible scenario, ‘Fortress Europe’, is one which involves “a battle generally considered unwinnable, or even shameful” but which Smith points to as the case which strongly “has its reasons and its chances to succeed”, noting the effectiveness of EU deals with Libya and Turkey in stopping the influx. – Typical postmodernist propaganda ‘fighting to keep your way of life is ‘shameful”

Africans have the second largest continent on the planet, full of resources, all to themselves, we only have one home, Europe. What needs to happen is clear. Our borders must be enforced, and the Africans need to build up their countries and prosper in their territory, Europeans can and have been helping with that. But what we cannot have, is that continent’s people flooding into our territories, because if they do, we will disappear. Demography is destiny.


The board of directors for the Charlemagne Prize said they were honoring Macron “in recognition of his vision of a new Europe” and his “decisive stance” against nationalism and isolationism.

The bishop of Aachen, Helmut Dieser, opened the ceremony in Aachen Cathedral, congratulating Macron for winning last year’s French presidential election on a pro-European platform. “We therefore offer you all our respect and gratitude,” the bishop said.

The annual Charlemagne Prize commends public figures who promote European unity. It is named after the Charlemagne, who in 800 AD took up the role that would later come to be known as the “Holy Roman Emperor,” launching a series of wars and political reforms to build a continental European empire.

Macron has made a series of prospective EU reforms one of the focal points of his presidency. Notable goals include the creation of a common eurozone budget and a European finance minister post, a joint military “rapid reaction force,” and a new EU tax regime targeting internet technology giants.

Sovereign Wales

This, Kalergi stated, should be a plan run for and by the racial and spiritual supremacy of ‘blood aristocracy and Jewry’. These are all his crude racialist words, not mine. People should be free to mix and settle with a partner from whatever race or ethnicity they choose. But what Kalergi and the Pan European plan specifically calls out for is the deliberate use of enforced and disproportionate mass immigration, especially from non-European countries, in order to bring in a Pan European single state dictatorship and destroy the indigenous pink/white nationalities, and therefore resistance, of Europe.

All I can say at this point is that Macron bears watching. His star may flame out quickly, but given his youth he may be around for decades. It would be great if he were willing to fight for a white Europe, but don’t hold your breath.

9 thoughts on “France’s Macron Proclaims that Europe Shares Destiny with Africa, Awarded Charlemagne Prize

  1. From Sovereign Wales:

    “[W]hat Kalergi and the Pan European plan specifically calls out for is the deliberate use of enforced and disproportionate mass immigration, especially from non-European countries, in order to bring in a Pan European single state dictatorship and destroy the indigenous pink/white nationalities, and therefore resistance, of Europe.

    In order to get a better picture of where this kind of twisted thinking comes from, those interested might want to look in more detail at Kabbalaism and at Babylonian mystery religion. These occult paganistic, Luciferian, anti Christian doctrines can be seen manifested in the highest degrees of Free Masonry and other secret societies, in the Kabbalah Zohar literature, in the subversive Sabbatean/Frankist movements and in the highly unpleasant supremacist teachings of the Babylonian Talmud bible – a doctrine that refers to non Talmudists as the sub-human Goyim/Gentiles (cattle) and which is followed and taught within Rabbinical and ultra orthodox Talmudism and within religious and political Zionism.

    Babylonian occultism has also creeped in to most other organised religions at the higher levels including Roman Catholicism, Islam, Protestant Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and the New Age Movement. It is also to be found as a guiding principle in the upper echelons of the unelected United Nations.

    [See image: The Kalergist’s Trinity of Globalist Control]

    Alongside globalist corporations and philanthropists, these followers of occult Kabbalaism and extreme Talmudic and Zionist teachings seem to be especially preoccupied with deliberately destroying the indigenous nations and Caucasian race of Europe through mass enforced and unfettered multiculturalism. They also seem preoccupied in destroying the traditional Christian heritage and moral values that have largely helped to build and maintain a flourishing and diverse, culturally rich European civilisation.
    But surely Kalergi was just a lone racist quack with twisted genocidal fantasies? It appears not. Another reason why this is a serious concern stems from the fact that every year, in his honour, the European Union bestows the Coudenove-Kalergi prize to “Europeans who have excelled in promoting European integration.” This is done officially under the name of The Charlemagne Prize. Recent winners of the award have been such moral luminaries as Angela Merkel, Herman Van Rompuy, Tony Blair and Henry Kissinger.” [Much more]

  2. People usually view the race-mixing which is going on inside America as being merely the result of cultural forces and the changing times. It is not due to that at all, but it is designed to appear that way. There are powerful combinations who are causing it to happen, and they have their incentive from the cooperation between them and Kalergi-minded leaders inside all our White countries.

    “Tavistock Institute is headquartered in London, because its prophet, Sigmund Freud, settled here in Maresfield Gardens when he moved to England. He was given a mansion by Princess Bonaparte. Tavistock’s pioneer work in behavioural science along Freudian lines of “controlling” humans established it as the world center of foundation ideology. Its network now extends from the University of Sussex to the U.S. through the Stanford Research Institute, Esalen, MIT, Hudson Institute, Heritage Foundation, Center of Strategic and International Studies at Georgetown where State Dept. personnel are trained, US Air Force Intelligence, and the Rand and Mitre corporations. The personnel of the foundations are required to undergo indoctrination at one or more of these Tavistock controlled institutions. A network of secret groups, the Mont Pelerin Society, Trilateral Commission, Ditchley Foundation, and Club of Rome is conduit for instructions to the Tavistock network.
    “The “experiment” in compulsory racial integration in the U.S. was organized by Ronald Lippert, of the OSS and the American Jewish Congress, and director of child training at the Commission on Community Relations. The program was designed to break down the individual’s sense of personal knowledge in his identity, his racial heritage. Through the Stanford Research Institute, Tavistock controls the National Education Association. The Institute of Social Research at the Natl Training Lab brain washes the leading executives of business and government.”

    • I had intended to point out another section which is in the first part of that Modern History link as it deals with the Federal Reserve and continues on into the Kalergicizing works done by Cato and the Koch Brothers.

      “Count Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, who founded the Pan European Union, was named after Richard Wagner, one of whose students was Gustav Mahler. Mahler’s studies with Wagner were funded by Baron Albert de Rothschild. Coudenhove-Kalergi’s father was a close friend of Theordor Herzl, founder of Zionism. Coudenhove-Kalergi writes in his “Memoirs”:

      “At the beginning of 1924, we received a call from Baron Louis de Rothschild; one of his friends, Max Warburg from Hamburg, had read my book and wanted to get to know us. To my great surprise, Warburg spontaneously offered us 60,000 gold marks, to tide the movement over for its first three years …. Max Warburg, who was one of the most distinguished and wisest men that I have ever come into contact with, had a principle of financing these movements. He remained sincerely interested in Pan-Europe for his entire life. Max Warburg arranged his 1925 trip to the United States to introduce me to Paul Warburg and financier Bernard Baruch.”

      In Chicago, Jane Adams of Hull House had been for five years a protege of Beatrice Webb, founder of the Fabian Society. In 1892, the University of Chicago was organized as the center of the Fabian Socialist program in America, with J. Laurence Laughlin, spokesman for the Cobden Club’s “free trade” program in England. Laughlin later became Paul Warburg’s chief propagandist to stump for the passing of the Federal Reserve Act.
      Wesley Clair Mitchell’s career was devoted to uniting the Austrian and British schools of economics in a single force to direct the American economy. He achieved success through the careers of his proteges, Burns and Friedman, who offer us the “flat rate” tax to pay interest on their bank-created debt money. It is the ancient European system introduced by the House of Rothschild to loot national economies by the rentier system of national debt.

      A keystone of the Friedman-Burns network is the Mont Pelerin Society, a secretive group of economists which meets every two years, but issues no findings or recommendations.
      In 1962, the Mont Pelerin Society met at Knokke, Belgium, announcing that “The Mont Pelerin Society takes no formal action, passes no resolutions, and seeks no publicity.” In 1970, the Society met in Munich, where Milton Friedman was elected president. Present were Wesley Campbell and Martin Anderson from the Hoover Institution. In 1974, 300 members of the Society met at Brussels, where they were addressed by Milton Friedman and his protege Murray Rothbard. Rothbard was sponsored by the Cato Institute, a “conservative” group whose director, Earl C. Ravenel, is also director of the Institute for Policy Studies, the leftwing policy-making organization founded by James Paul Warburg.

      Cato Institute is funded by Charles Koch of Kansas, head of Koch industries, who amassed a fortune of $700 million. He also funds the Libertarian Party, which calls for opening U.S. borders to all illegal immigrants, legalizing of drugs, and other alarming recommendations. Koch funds these groups through his bank, Morgan Guaranty Trust of N.Y.”

      • We studied the theories of Mitchell in my Business Cycles class in the 70s. I don’t remember much about him though.

        I had never heard of debt-free money until I started reading Henry Makow’s site about 2005.

  3. I’m posting a full article from a German site, because it is difficult to locate the English version: Anyone who can’t see the same thing happening here has their eyes and ears closed. Note where he talks about the government efforts being against the native-born people and not against the immigrants.

    “Massive immigration is genocide”

    “Nothing is more proscribed than “xenophobia”. It’s only villains with their hearts full of hatred, who dislike immigrants? Isn’t it?

    But you, too, have wondered now and then: What are they doing here? After all, they aren’t asylum seekers all of them! Correct! Most of them are here for only one reason: there is something to get, social welfare for example. Or money from wealthy Europeans, by peddling fake goods to them. That’s a more comfortable life than working all day in Africa or Anatolia. And they are in a country where everything still is running well and medical treatment available.

    Really perverse is that we are forced to accept being bad-mouthed by them – if not even worse things, such as mugging, rape and homicide. And as their number is increasing, they become more and more prone to violence.

    European politicians support this development and talk us into believing it is our moral duty to turn our homelands into ideal immigration countries; because of “human rights” and “our historical responsibility”. In Germany it is about the “Holocaust”, in France and England about “colonialism”, and in the USA about slavery, etc. But have you killed Jews or traded slaves? Have you been a colonial master? And what about Norway for example, which became independent not before the beginning of the 20th century and had been a poor country then?

    And what is the true reason for mass immigration? International high finance and their henchmen, the politicians, want to replace the European cultural nations by a racially mixed “population” without identity in order to establish a perfect exploitation system: the “New World Order”.

    We will become prisoners in our own countries. Victims of our “humaneness” and our wrong concept of tolerance towards intolerance.

    By their sheer number the aliens will destroy our societies. Alone in 2011 ONE MILLION PEOPLE came to Germany, mainly from the “Third World”. More than TWO MILLION illegal immigrants live in Athens. The most common first name given to newborn boys is Mohammed in almost all major European cities. This going on will lead to as many aliens as natives in European countries in 2040.

    He who imports people from the Third World, brings the Third World into his home. Filth, poor education, crime, and lifestyles we had overcome long ago enter our daily lives and we ourselves are to respect alien and archaic religious behavior rules. Today it is no more pork in school cafeterias, tomorrow sharia will be implemented. We are not only to “tolerate” the immigrants’ habits, we are to observe their rules. But if you travel to Saudi Arabia, your wife has to wear the veil, nobody will comply with your desires.

    It is NOT about blind racism. It is NOT about hatred towards foreigners. No, it is about OUR HOMELANDS being destroyed – and we AS PEOPLES, too.

    Only recently, the German parliament has passed a law which allows domestic military deployment in case of “catastrophic conditions”. According to EU law insurgents can be shot. These measures are not taken because politicians fear the millions of immigrants in our countries but in case we object to our displacement by alien peoples.

    That is exactly what is happening: We are displaced, we are to be replaced. German politicians openly talk about the “dilution of the German people” and that “Europe needs more diversity”. Sarkozy urged the French to more race-mixing, lest they would “get into trouble.”

    You are not insane, if you feel there are only immigrants everywhere. You are not hate-filled if you notice that many immigrants do not conform to our rules. And you are not racist if you want the immigrants to go back to their own countries.

    The slogan of the major Turkish newspaper “Hürryet” ist “Türkiye türklerindir”, which means “Turkey for the Turks”. Turkey for the Turks? Yes! But for all of them! Including those who are here. Shoo, home you go! And social welfare for Turks only in Turkey!”

  4. “[Africans] are mostly turning to Europe because the continent [of Europe] is not an island, because of our location, and because Europe has its destiny bound with Africa,”

    Africa is also not an island, somebody should tell Macaroon that.

    “Smith estimates that the number of Africans living in Europe will grow from nine million to between 150 million and 200 million within the next 30 years.”

    So Macaroon is comfortable with that and wins the Charlemagne prize?

    I was not aware that Charlemagne was a nigger lover. More the opposite, he fought to keep scum like Muzzies and Niggers out of Europe.
    I suppose the Charlemagne Prize for ruining Europe is consistent with the TNT Dynamite Prize awarded to mass murderers like Henry Kissinger and Israeli leaders for “peace”.

    It is a topsy turvy world and George Orwell was a genius and a futurist. He probably would not believe how accurate his predictions have become. He did not project an invasion by niggers though. He did not realise how evil jew Commies truly are, but he knew they tried to kill him in Spain. In many ways, this nigger invasion is worse than the murder of 60 million Slavic people by the jew Communists of the Soviet Union. Russia, Ukraine, Belarus lost a huge number of people. But they have repopulated with Slavic people and still remain almost free of niggers. Moving in tens of millions of niggers is horrific for any white country. It is worse than a novel like “Heart of Darkness”. Maybe “Darkness At Noon” comes closer, there is no hope, just waiting for ones execution by lying Commie rats.

    200 million Coons in Europe is the end of Europe. Brazil will be a better place to live, or perhaps even Mexico. Until 2050 there will be very few Coons moving to nations like Brazil or Mexico. Perhaps whites could use the famous “Madagascar Solution” or take over Argentina or even Australia? 20 million armed whites could move to Australia (without permission, just “come on down” like the darkies and yellows do) and together wipe out every non-white person. Australia has enough resources to be (almost) entirely self-contained. No need to trade with any other nation at all, but need some cobalt and a few such like things. Not enough oil for the current “western” lifestyle but a huge amount of coal and gas.

    Whites urgently need a nation to live in, just like the jews said they did.

    White man prognosis now resembles the Doors Song “The End”.
    Perhaps this line from the 1980 Australian movie “The Club” will do….
    “He’s been up his mum and his legless sister and he thinks he’s killed his old man!”

  5. Kalergi Plan for the destruction of White populations in Europe.

    The Charlemagne prize is only given to the worst of the worst, people who are hard-core anti-white genocidal maniacs.

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