Cowardly Parkland Shooting Deputy Starts Collecting his $8,700 a Month Pension

In the comments at Yahoo, a commenter wrote that Scot Peterson was making $102,000 yearly as a school guard. That’s far more than my best year as a professor, for sure.

Peterson was just a deputy, not a higher ranking member of the sheriff’s department. So, how can the taxpayers afford to support these fat pensions for low-level government employees who don’t even do their jobs?


The sheriff’s deputy who stayed outside a school while a gunman shot dead 17 people, will be given a monthly pension of nearly $9,000.

Scot Peterson resigned and retired from his post as a resource officer at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 22. He had been captured on CCTV standing outside a door to the school in Parkland, Florida, while suspected gunman Nikolas Cruz went on the rampage, killing 14 students and three officials.

In April, the 55-year-old began receiving a monthly pension of $8,702.35 which he is eligible to for life, the Sun Sentinel reported. The figure takes into account the average of his five highest-paid years and his 32 years of service.

Peterson was branded a “coward” by President Donald Trump and Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said that he should have gone into the school building to “kill the killer.”

Peterson defended his actions and said he followed his training. His lawyer said in a statement at the time that “the allegations that Mr. Peterson was a coward and that his performance, under the circumstances, failed to meet the standards of police officers are patently untrue.”

However, he has been named as a defendant in a wrongful death lawsuit filed by Andrew Pollack, whose daughter Meadow, 18, was among those killed.

“I’m not interested in any money. I just want to expose what a coward [Peterson] was and that he could’ve saved everybody on the third floor. I don’t want him to go anywhere in the country and not have people recognize what a coward he is,” Pollack told the Sun Sentinel.

This week, Ryan Petty, whose daughter Alaina was killed in the massacre, announced his candidacy for the school’s board. He aims to prevent potential shooters like Cruz from falling “through the cracks” of the education system, the Associated Press reported.

Scot Peterson says, “I don’t give a sh*t. Let’s party. I’ll meet you at Dunkin Donuts. ”

10 thoughts on “Cowardly Parkland Shooting Deputy Starts Collecting his $8,700 a Month Pension

  1. As I said the other day, govmnt. workers are useless. This guy showed up every day just for a pension, not to help make our society a better place.

  2. That pension is huge for a low level unskilled Govt worker. Tax free? He worked for 32 years. He could easily live for 32 more years due to his easy low stress life he has led. His salary is being paid twice for doing the job once. No nation can afford such massive payouts. Also 55 is young to retire. Very few people who do real jobs can retire this early.

  3. $102 grand a year as a school guard and $8700 a month to retire. Protecting yid pups certainly pays well. All of that and he didn’t produce one useful thing. Only in America.

  4. Great “work” if you can get it, where normally there is nothing to do, if you can stand that type of duty. I suspect a lazy man could feel comfortable with that setup, and as a plus he got to eye ball the legal young fuck-stuff daily as a side benefit.

  5. What a “hero” just like all these braindead ((tools)) they follow orders NO matter how wrong and keep their pie holes shut. Those police officers were told to stand down so they wouldn’t get in the way of just another false flag attack on our rights by some faction of our ((government))

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