Traitorous House Republicans Nearly Set to Push for Protections for “Dreamers”

If President Trump doesn’t veto an amnesty bill for illegal so-called dreamers then he’ll lose a large fraction of his base.

Don’t support Mexicans, Mr. President and House Republicans. Deport them. Unless your goal to be a permanent minority political party forever out of power.

Washington Times

The pro-Dreamer GOP rebellion is now just five votes shy of success after two more Republicans signed onto the petition drive Wednesday seeking to force the House to vote on legal protections for illegal immigrants in the DACA program.

Mr. President, notice how the Jews handled the issue this week when their border was about to be breached.

Republican Reps. John Katko of New York and David A. Trott of Michigan added their names to the push, bringing the total to 20 Republicans so far. If they get to 25 names, and all of the chamber’s Democrats also sign, it will force the Dreamer debate onto the floor of the House, over the objections of GOP leaders.

The new signatures came just hours after House Speaker Paul D. Ryan pleaded with his troops not to sign, saying it undercut fellow Republicans’ control of the chamber.

“We think they’re a big mistake. They dis-unify our majority,” he told reporters after a closed-door meeting with House Republicans.

On Tuesday Mr. Ryan and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy met with President Trump at the White House to plot strategy to try to head off the petition.

They emerged saying they are determined to come up with a plan — but have yet to settle on one.

Mr. Ryan portrayed the petition drive as doomed to fail, suggesting Mr. Trump would veto whatever bill emerges from the process.

“We don’t want to advance something that we know won’t become law, and just get vetoed, even if it made it to the president’s desk. We want to advance something that has a chance of going into law, where the president would support it,” Mr. Ryan said.

But Mr. Trump has at times seemed eager to grasp whatever Dreamer bill emerges from Congress. At one point he said he’d be likely to sign whatever lawmakers pass.

The petition drive, known officially as a “discharge petition,” gives House lawmakers a way to force bills onto the floor over the objections of the majority party’s leaders.

The petition was launched May 9 by Rep. Carlos Curbelo, Florida Republican.

His plan would set up a debate involving four different immigration bills, and whichever gets the most votes would emerge the victor.

One of those bills would likely be a “clean” Dream Act, which would grant citizenship rights to millions of illegal immigrants without any other border security or immigration enforcement changes. Another bill would grant citizenship in exchange for a study of border security.

GOP leaders would be able to offer an immigration plan of their own as well.

The discharge petition’s backers are confident they will reach their goal, with a pool of more than 30 other Republicans who have yet to sign but who have signaled in the past that they support forcing the debate.

Until the GOP abandons its stance as the party of cheap labor for its billionaire friends, it doesn’t deserve the support of the white working class.

And what’s with a study of border security, which may come out of this sh*tshow? We need a wall, not a freaking study.

4 thoughts on “Traitorous House Republicans Nearly Set to Push for Protections for “Dreamers”

  1. I’m tired of hearing ‘democrats are the real racists’ instead it should be republicans are the real traitors

    • True. I’m sick of the entire “racist/non-racist” dichotomy. Every tribe of people are, to some degree, ethnocentric towards their own tribe. People who “don’t see color” (skin-color being a intellectually ridiculous strawman to begin with) are the biggest hypocrites and liars!

  2. Ryan believes he has nothing to lose. He may be right. He’s dead already really, and his donors are probably going to start getting all sorts of ailments and maybe be random acts of violence. Go ahead Ryan.
    Your lease on life is over. Lets get this party started. The House of Cards is about to fall down. The Fall Out is gonna be fierce…

  3. We don’t need any more Mexicans. They are not here to pick fruit, but to take less money for jobs that should go to Americans. I have seen it in California. Because of the abundance of cheap Mexican labor, jobs that used to pay $20hr now pay $10-$12. Also the Mexicans are helping destroy trade unions.

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