Watch! Nagger Assaults His White Texas HS Teacher for Confiscating His Phone (Video)




Daily Wire

On Tuesday, a student at Cedar Hill High School in Texas appeared to assault physics teacher Bobby Soehnge during class after Soehnge took his phone away.

The student in the video can be seen “knocking papers off a teachers desk, cursing and then shoving the teacher’s face,” WFAA reported.

The video — which was uploaded to Facebook by Chris Hunt, whose daughter attends the school — sparked outrage as it went viral on the social media platform.

“Give me my f**king phone. This is the last time asking your stupid ass,” the teen yelled at the teacher before shoving his face. “Give me my damn phone.”

The teacher gave in and gave the student his phone back.

“I was shocked to see such egregious behavior,” said principal Michael McDonald. “That’s not something we condone.”

WFAA reported that the school district said, without giving exact details, that they disciplined the student, although the incident did not end in a predictable manner.

“[The teacher] actually met with the student after the class, they talked, they hugged,” said McDonald. “He spent a lot of time working with the student through the course of the year. They have a great relationship and that was just a bad day the student was having.”

Let’s all hug a nigger thug who assaults us. Surely, that will turn his life around and lead to many, many good consequences.

Watch the assault.

12 thoughts on “Watch! Nagger Assaults His White Texas HS Teacher for Confiscating His Phone (Video)

  1. Teacher = Cuck
    Hugged? After the Savage calmed down and his cuck teacher accepted full responsibility for apemans aggressive behavior, the apeman went into his other emotion of homie hugs.
    If that was a white student I can assure you the teacher would not be hugging him and would be demanding the kids suspension. Of course the school would comply happily.

  2. ““[The teacher] actually met with the student after the class, they talked, they hugged,” said McDonald.“

    What is that old saying? Better to die like a man on his feet than a little bitch on his knees.

    Did I ever mention that I actually know people that still watch television? No I really do. Hard to believe in the 21st century I know, but it’s true.

  3. there’s no explaining the aberration that is known as the negro race, be it in the US or in Afrika. however, the White Race is to blame for this kind of behavior from an ape. White Leftists (and jews) have condoned and encouraged this behavior from blacks for decades now. that foul bitch should have been horse whipped.

  4. I’m in Black Africa. Believe me, if that happened to a teacher here, the ” student” would have been beaten black and blue, and he would have been expelled and thrown in a juvenile correctional centre. Yes, in Black Africa. So, this simply shows that Whites allow this disgusting behaviour, the coons see this and, like some feral animal, will take full advantage of this. If you bow down to them ,they will think they are kings. By they way, the modern negro dancing we see on MTV is exactly like the primitive tribal dancing I see in the remote areas here. Yet we see young whites emulating this savagery….why is it that after thousands of years of white civilisation that we are expected to reduce our culture to that of some race that just 60 yrs ago here were in loin cloths and had no written language, hell man, even the wheel was alien to them? And this is supposed to be GOOD and desirable…..seems that is what the media is forcing down our throats, and we know who controls that.!

  5. NIGGER should have been arrested and expelled. I saw the teacher actually smile when the nog had his neck. What a piece of shit the teacher is for entitling the nog. This gives other nogs a sense of entitlement.

  6. Paladin Shitlord-In-Chief. You know I will never, ever watch a video like this – unless advised in advance that the nigger gets a beating.

  7. Macaca Unga Bunga Carbon Unit was said to beez happy about no jail time. His fambly of carbon units celebrated their non-incarceration event at a fambly get together. Shots done rang out and five to twenty casualties are reported on the dark side of the tracks.
    Annuder vickery for tolerance.

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