Vicious Dog Report Quickly Turns into Cop and Pit Bull Friendship


When a Texas police department sent an officer out on a vicious dog call, they did not expect him to return with a bunch of friendly photos.

Police in Texarkana got a report on Sunday about a scary dog on the loose. When Officer Travis Frost went to check out the scene, he found a hulking pit bull on a resident’s porch.

Frost approached the scene warily, leaving the door of his police car open in case he needed to jump back in, cops said in a Facebook post.

“The unique thing about this one was the dog was so darn friendly,” police spokesman Shawn Vaughn told TODAY.

As soon as Frost whistled, the dog, an American bully named Gold, ambled over with his tail wagging and jumped into the police car. Animal control was alerted, but before they arrived, Frost and Gold hung out like old pals and shot a few photos.

The police department’s post about the incident caught the eyes of about four million people, according to Vaughn. More than 45,000 Facebook users shared the post and about 91,000 people liked it.

As many dog-lovers know, pit bulls are often stereotyped as vicious. The dogs are banned in the U.K., and hundreds of cities and counties in the U.S. have similar restrictions.

CBS Local Denver offers a short follow up.

It turns out the dog, whose name is “Gold,” is not actually a pit bull but an American Bully.

The police department apologized for the case of mistaken identity.

“While I can tell the difference between a Chihuahua and a Great Dane, I don’t always know all of the nuances that would allow me to distinguish between breeds that are much closer together. Please forgive my error. I assure you that it was not intentional.”

The American Bully Kennel Club describes the breed as being “an excellent family companion.”

“Despite the American Bully’s fierce and powerful appearance their demeanor is gentle,” the ABKC website states. “They are great with kids, and extremely friendly with strangers, other dogs, and other animals.”

This dog certainly seems to fit the description!

The police department later posted an update, saying Gold had been reunited with his owner after spending a night in a local shelter.

Police said Gold had a microchip but the owner’s contact information was out of date.

“If you have a chip for your dog but are not sure that the information on file is still current, please take a moment to call the company today to update,” officials stated.

10 thoughts on “Vicious Dog Report Quickly Turns into Cop and Pit Bull Friendship

  1. “Leaving the door of his police car open in case he had to jump back in”. Bullshit. More like he had his .40 cocked and ready.

  2. Oh look ANOTHER positive pibble story! Hallelujah! seems you don’t post that many pitbull maulings like you do with the mudshark stories, like why don’t you post positive mudsharking stories to re-enforce that negative narrative?!
    Pitbull statistics don’t lie paladin thats just the truth


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      Doberman Pinscher
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      German Shepherd
      American Staffordshire/ Pit Bull Terrier
      Siberian Husky

      9. American Staffordshire/ Pit Bull Terrier
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      They are medium-sized dogs included in the terrier group and can weigh between 55 to 65 pounds.
      The American Staffordshire terrier originated in England, in the Staffordshire region, thus its name.
      The first strain of this breed was designed for use as guard dogs and dog fighting, and they were bred for stronger, stockier frames. When the breed was brought to America and dog fighting was banned, a second strain of this breed developed. This new variation was more mild-mannered and smaller-framed.
      Known as the American pit bull, this newer strain of pit bull is very loyal and protective of its owner and family. They are also known for being very good and patient with children.
      If you are uncertain about a pit bull’s pedigree, do a background check before you choose it as a family pet.

      American Staffordshire/ Pit Bull Terrier Temperament Test

      Percent That Passed
      American Pit Bull Terrier
      American Staffordshire Terrier

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