White Female Pleads with White Males: We Want You


The following was allegedly written by a white woman, which I believe to be true. I’ve bolded two of her sentences that especially hit home with me.


The intelligent, innovative, independent-minded white male–the scrappy ‘mutt’ of the human race–brilliant due to evolving out of the environmentally harsh northern hemisphere (“necessity is the mother of invention”) is the PROBLEM CHILD of the Globalist blueprint.

The white male has been the evolutionary engine of the progress of the human race–unmatched in ingenuity, bravery, fortitude and original thinking.

We can thank 90% of our lives of convenience, health, choice, equality and safety to the white male.

Don t believe it?

Follow the dots —and compare to any other culture–point by point, on earth.

Western white males are the inventors–asians (China, Japan) are the expert imitators–master process engineers. They have brilliance but of a different variety.

Indian males (India) also have brilliant male stock but are too mired in a eons-old caste mentality to have the free-flung inventive minds of the inventive white male.

And YES–globalists recognize the brilliant white male was not created to slot into programmed submission to an elite master order– a ruling class with a fixed, self-empowering agenda of dominance over all others.

So the white male is being systematically ridiculed, demonized, feminized–using the cultural puppets on every front–especially very stupid females that are the white male’s weakness. And the KEY, intrinsic connection to white perpetuation.

Less powerful male genetic ‘strains’ are being constantly pushed and promoted to oblivious white females as desirable breeders. As cool and hip. Op was right.

I am female–it is acutely clear what is happening. And it is evil.

White males:, I urge you to resist the temptation to be less than you are–to satisfy the programmed females around you–they are weaponized to undermine your strength, your sense of self as an genuine MALE ( don’t be too furious at them…they are blind right now–they have always loved you–but they are now being reprogrammed to reject you–and they don’t even realize it).

Regain their admiration by unapologetically demonstrating who you are.

Do not constantly and negatively disclaim who and what you are the culture keeps telling you.

You are part of God’s miracle and have been at the center of improving life for all of humanity since you arrived on the planet. Now, other humans who seek to replace God in directing our destinies are intent on neutering you.

With all your endowed gifts–there DOES come the need for humility and WISDOM-do not fall victim to bitterness, arrogance or tyranny over others.

But do protect and defend.

Never self degrade yourselves–do not let anti white male propaganda start to seep into you. DO NOT. Do not apologize for your intrinsic, amazing self.

Walk the path of a good man–kind, smart, talented and strong, achieve and demonstrate your gifts—-you have nothing to apologize for.


Walk with God. I am not a Bible thumper but I believe you should look to the middle eastern white man Jesus, as a guiding light. Strong, indefatigable, kind, courageous, unwavering, principled in the face of unimaginable adversity.
and ridicule.

TURN UP YOUR LIGHT. We need you and your leadership.

Awaken women with your example–and it is not a feminized one–but it is strength with wisdom and compassion–without self loathing and fear.

If females refuse to accept you—leave them alone–seek other females–we are out here.

We only ask your loyalty, kindness and protection– we do not want you to be a female version of a man. We are attracted to MEN.

Be kind, but never nonsensically politically correct (another reengineering tool).

Use your instinctive common reasoning– be charitable, but not enabling of those who seek only to become victims.

People are weak, lazy and easy to program. YOU must be the stalwart –the leaders among you must consistently and calmly speak out until the tides shift back into God’s equilibrium.

Be unwavering in who you are. Please. The human race needs you to be this.

Celebrate your maleness–your strength–your resourcefulness–your protective instinct–your bravery–your loyalty–your amazing, inventive mind.

Please do not despair. You’ve got this.

10 thoughts on “White Female Pleads with White Males: We Want You

  1. Agreed.. I am so sick off ignorant people trying to blame the Caucasians for everything instead of getting off their ass and trying to claim their game in history. But I believe we all have strengths in different areas but absolutely “Whites” are and need to be the big boss man. That’s not a bad thing for the rest of humanity. It takes a village and we white males have high IQ’s and why would anyone want to breed with a low IQ? That’s just dumb, so stupid not trendy. Peace and I would love any race, creed or color pick up this torch and try to be the Boss tribe, us White guys are getting tired carrying all the others.

  2. I as many other men, already gave up the idea of to start a family or to look for decency or morality in women. They are a lost cause.
    They are skanks and they are treated accordingly.
    The only thing that is in my mind is the DOTR.

  3. TL;DR turn into nice guys with money who will have us after 30+ years of riding diversity dick

    no ty

    when i’ll see a ton of white women marching against feminism, divorce laws and single nog moms getting tons of welfare, then i’ll probably change my mind. doubt it’s gonna happen any time soon.

    also, not all white guys are these super smart and assertive men. probably most are not and were not during history. some are just normal workers who want to have a normal family, but she doesn’t say anything about them. she only wants the best of the best of white men, but that’s still only 10-20%. but who cares about the rest right? hypergamy at work.

  4. Whether a woman wrote that article or not doesn’t matter. The intent makes its point clearly. The truth of the matter is white men have been effeminized through school and propaganda. If white men in large numbers decided they had enough of this shit tomorrow, and decided to protest by the Millions, believe me you would see instant change for our betterment. We are the ones keeping ourselves in a psychic Stranglehold of political correctness. Many Whites know this but unfortunately the super brainwashed Young Generation is unaware but I believe they still recognize something isn’t right. I’ve been saying this for a while that we need a “Masculism” movement. We decide to act like men again as a movement, we reap the rewards instantaneously by shear domination over our “elite oppressors” and the “lesser parasitic races” that feast off our current weakness. OPERATION REGAIN YOUR NUTSACK !!!!!

  5. You need to respect how indoctrinated most young white males are today. They have little to no movie, athletic or academic role models to lean on. They’ve been psychologically programmed from birth to believe that they’re inferior on multiple levels. Most readers on this site probably haven’t suffered 25% of this level of abuse. The minute there developing minds begin to rebel this programmed horseshit, they then get hit with the leftist aresenal(poor grades, feminist ridicule, racist taunting…..). It’s much easier to grow up a soy boy and avoid this type of conflict. Please don’t mock them for this, just find that moment of genuine eye contact and plant the white heterosexual male seed in the mind however you see fit(racist comments). Make sure the brain is getting adequate truth sunlight and reseed to watch the mind changing growth.

    • You’re right but I see many young White Men turning to video games for heroes. Seems to be one of the only relative hold outs of true masculine behavior in entertainment.

  6. The problem is White Women, like the one who allegedly wrote the above, and are against feminism need to stop trying to encourage White Men to stay the course and hope to find a woman like themselves and just start attacking feminism…If they do that many White Men will see it and move towards what she is asking anyway.

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