Britain: Award Winning White Doctor FORCED TO RESIGN After Observing Incompetence of Asian Colleagues

Guilty and never innocent.

If you are nonwhite and want the job of a white person, especially a man, to go to a nonwhite, just get a small group together and make false racism allegations against the white person.

It’s pretty much the standard policy in the West now that if a white man is accused of racism, sexism, homophobia, and so forth that he’s going to be forced to resign or be fired.

The truth doesn’t matter in Soviet Britain, America, Europe, and Australia and New Zealand.

The Telegraph

An NHS surgeon voted Doctor of the Year was forced to resign after being accused of racism for raising concerns about the abilities of three Asian colleagues, a tribunal has heard.

Peter Duffy, 56, reported one Indian doctor for missing “several” cancers, playing a round of golf when he had been called to treat a patient and being unable to use an ultra sound machine.

The married father-of-three also claimed that two other doctors, from India and Pakistan, had bungled operations, tried to “suppress discussion” over the avoidable death of a man who had had sepsis and were involved in possible overtime fraud.

But Mr Duffy, a consultant urologist, said he was subjected to “malicious, toxic and utterly false” allegations over a ten year period working at Royal Lancaster Infirmary (RLI) and was warned to “watch his back” over his whistleblowing.

It was claimed that one of the doctors vowed he would be “taught a lesson,” while another was said to be “spitting blood” after being suspended.

He claims he was “brutally driven out” by colleagues intent on revenge.

In 2015, Mr Duffy transferred to Furness General Hospital, Barrow, where he was voted “Doctor of the Year by patients and colleagues at Morecambe Bay Hospitals NHS Trust.

He was said to have streamlined the care of urology patients and reduced waiting lists to a level that had “not been seen for a considerable time prior to his arrival”.

He was also praised for treating all members of the team equally, “getting stuck in, even mopping the floor between theatre cases.”

But that year, consultant Saleem Nassem, one of the RLI doctors he had complained about, was appointed co-clinical lead for the trust’s urology department.

He claimed that one colleague told him: “You’ve made enemies here. They’ve got the means, the motive and now the opportunity to finally get shot of you.”

Mr Duffy resigned in 2016 complaining that his pay had been cut amid unproven allegations about his own overtime hours.

He is claiming constructive dismissal, alleging he was the victim of a “witch hunt.” He said on his last day senior managers “treated him like he’d got the Ebola virus.”

In a statement given to the Manchester industrial tribunal, Mr Duffy, from Lancaster, said he had been the victim of a “sustained campaign of victimisation, vilification and disinformation.”

“I firmly believe and was warned by colleagues that the campaign waged against me was one of retaliation for my protected disclosures,” he added.

“I was clearly threatened, abused, victimised and briefed against by those individuals who did not share my belief in a high quality clinical service in the best traditions of the NHS and who clearly felt threatened by my protected disclosures.”

Mr Duffy said that since his “forced resignation” he had discovered that anonymous allegations were made to police suggesting he was a racist bully and that all ethnic minority doctors at the hospital were “in fear of him,” it was said.

A secret meeting was also allegedly held without Mr Duffy’s knowledge in which he was accused of racism by the three consultants, Kavinda Madhra, Ashutush Jain and Saleem Nassem. None of the claims were substantiated.

He added in his statement: “It is difficult to overstate the sheer toxicity of these utterly false allegations. I was warned in my first few months in the Trust that I must at all costs avoid an allegation of racism against me.

“I was told that such allegations, even if entirely unwarranted can destroy careers and that the NHS tended to regard racism allegations as “guilty until proven guilty”.

The urologist, who now works for a hospital on the Isle of Mann, said he had been left “extremely traumatised” by his treatment and felt unable to work for the NHS again.

The incentive for the white man to better himself is gone. Why bother to study medicine when a turd world moron can have you fired or forced to resign.

Diversity never works. It always and everywhere creates racial resentments. The Hindu doctors in this case couldn’t compete so destroyed their competition. Such will it always be.

7 thoughts on “Britain: Award Winning White Doctor FORCED TO RESIGN After Observing Incompetence of Asian Colleagues

  1. “”NHS tended to regard racism allegations as “guilty until proven guilty”.

    This is true of all “racism” allegations especialy if made against a white man. He even was 56, how dare he be so old and not fired and replaced by a lazy, incompetent brown idiot from the Subcontinent or even an Africoon?

    Whistle-blowers always get kicked in the teeth. England is slowly turning in to India or Pakistan or the Congo, take your pick.
    “A prophet is always hated in his own land”.

    • This is a nation where whites covered up hundreds of white child rapes by scum out of fear of being called racist.

      As Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf, they who refuse to struggle and fight deserve not to live.

      Nature’s iron law cannot be negotiated.

      • That statement is as true as ever. Whites have become indoctrinated in passivity by fear of being called a racist. You can’t make this shit up. How did we survive thousands of years as great prideful warriors only to fall victim to wordplay? This is insanity via a loophole into the social fabric of fitting in with the rest of the sheep. We need to slaughter the wolves and wake the sheep back up!

  2. People are starting to call this “Hitler’s Revenge”.

    It is only going to get worse. Soon you won’t get a white doctor at all.

  3. One (whitey) dare not utter a harsh word about a minority of any kind lest one wants to be branded RACISS. Possibly the harshest penalties come when calling out homosexuals.

  4. In boston I notice that most of the clinics and hospitals are replacing almost all white doctors with Chinks, Hundus, Muzzies and Africans. I have multiple potential life ending conditions and on my last spine surgery the team was 3 chink doctors, 2 hindus and 2-3 Africans. I’ll be guttural here, the damn chink surgeon fucked my up royally severed nerves to my GI track so now cannot shit among other things and went from being a triathlete to a cripple, I’ve looked into legal avenues but have been told “don’t even think about filing suit in todays would almost all cases are thrown out in favor of the provider, drug company and hospital. I could go on for pages regarding other incidents I had that cold have killed me at the hands of turd world medical staff.

    Their out is always “you are after all OLD (I’m 71) and you are a white male so poor risk

    In ending Boston is billed as the pinnacle of medical and scientific perfection….yeah right! The two top 10 world class hospitals that treated me left me much worse off then I walked in. If Boston is excellence I feel bad for other parts of the once Great US

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