English River Turns YELLOW From Curry Restaurants’ Pollution

Having your historic river turn yellow is not one of the examples of the joys of diversity.

Diversity is our strength?

Yes, if you care to see a bright yellow river, stained by curry powder from Hindu restaurants.

Daily Star

An underground river which flows through Bradford, West Yorks, has turned yellow from food waste dumped by local curry houses.

It turns it the problem lies in the city’s ancient plumbing system, which means restaurants have no idea that their washing ups after is making its way into the River Aire.

The problem lies with Bradford’s ancient plumbing system which means age-old buildings often dump their waste into its subterranean becks.

One of the major culprits are Indian catering businesses whose washing-up pipes were not directed to the sewerage system.

Instead, each time they were cleaning their dishes the Bradford Beck, a river which feeds into Yorkshire’s River Aire, was being flooded with leftover curry.

Bradford has scooped the Curry Capital of Britain six times but its success as a gastronomic hotspot has sparked pollution problems.

The city boasts 200 Asian restaurants and employs almost 100,000 in the industry.

The large Asian population of the city is down to the demand for immigrants during the Industrial Revolution when the textile industry was thriving and Bradford needed more manpower.

Now that the textile industry has shrunk, the curry is king.

But the side-effect is that it now pollutes its beck.

Don’t worry, Britain. Soon the street sh*tters will have your river dark brown, filled with brown floating objects and diseases.

4 thoughts on “English River Turns YELLOW From Curry Restaurants’ Pollution

  1. At first I thought this post was a joke, curry turning a river yellow!?!?!? ahh the joys of the white West being invaded by multi-species hordes.

    Back in my pre retirement daze companies were racing to get rid of white programmers and software engineers; replacing them with Indian, Chinese and Russian contractors. The Russians were A-OK and pleasant to work with; the chinks and moreso the dotheads were arrogant, clannish and went out of their way to sabotage code we had written. The hindus would share 2-5 to a cubicle as it was their culture, and to be honest the stench of curry made our eyes water, we were forbidden to bring this distraction up as it as against corporate AA rules. Well anyway, it’s pretty bad when curry is so strong people sweat it out of their pores, plus we were told using soap was not an indian custom and to mention their body odor was racist was

  2. I think a big lie in this post is the constant mention of “washing plates’. The truth is this is illegal dumping of food waste in to the drains and sewerage systems. Waste food needs to be collected as waste – not flushed away or dumped down the rainwater drain which is what shitskins do all around the world. There should be big fines for these 100,000 restaurants, if there is still one honest food inspector in Multicult England these days. Doing the right thing with waste is a white man thing to do which is becoming rare even in England – of all places.

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