Watch! Thieving Fat-Assed Sheboon Steals Waitress’s $20 Tip

The video originally appeared on World Star Hip Hop.

I’m guessing most of the comments there come from niggers and wiggers.

Let’s see a sample.

the minute the vid started i knew who would are the good guys and who were the bad guys? Take a guess how i knew 😉

This nigga got the nerve to have a black is beautiful shirt on which is true but that’s a nigga tryin to disguise like she black

niqqers, the lowest of the low. Fkin disgusting mf’ers

That dirty bum’s deadbeat man don’t have a $20?

Fat bitch black & ugly as eva

Them white ladies left it for him lowkey they knew what it be like. Had to tip a brotha.

Her ass is sad… And he’s less than a man for even going along with that shit


Sub-Saharan Africa cries out for her children. Spare no expense in returning her children.

I remember when I was little a black “family” stole $10 I left on a table

My mom always warned me about those lowly disgusting creatures

Thanks mom

The Daily Mail covered this story. Readers there seemed not to notice the race of the thieves.

16 thoughts on “Watch! Thieving Fat-Assed Sheboon Steals Waitress’s $20 Tip

  1. The male n!gger filth was staring at the White woman when her back was turned….Keeping your back turned at any n!gger for an extended amount of time like that is suicide….When I see vile n!ggers in restaurants I walk out….I mostly ALWAYS avoid restaurants anyway….

  2. The DM will block you as soon as you mention anything resembling race. All they want is a whole lot of “ooh-ahh isn’t it awful” type comments.

    • When I was in the Navy, a thief was the lowest of the low and most everyone knew that this crime against another sailor was punishable by vigilante justice. The thieves were almost 100% usually groids. They would steal dirty skivvies, socks or anything they figured they could use or sell.

      I saw a few times thieves that were caught in the act (niggers) and the brass would not discipline them so they would up with every finger on both paws broken in multiple places

  3. What is holding back Swift Justice when there is video proof!! That ape should have her paw hacked off and jammed down the male primates hole.

  4. Disgusting. You should warn to have a barf bucket handy PJ. Yes indeed, niggers are predictably sickening.

    Note that in the more expensive restaurants, tipping is done with a credit card. It’s considered improper to leave cash, for obvious reasons.

    • Not obvious to me. Cash tips mean the staff can keep some/most of the tip money tax free. So credit card tips are less valuable. Cash is king, for tax dodgers. More tax paid = more wars and more African welfare rapist interlopers so why not tip via cash?Just make sure the staff member collects it before you leave. Especially $20 that is a lot of money to an unemployed Ape.

  5. That video should come with a warning. “Warning Horrific and Disturbing Images”. I noticed that the white woman leaving the tip deliberately used her back to hide the $20, and she was hoping the staff would get there before the niggers. I hope the police press charges for theft. Guilty As Hell, Nixon would say.

  6. Fucking niggers. That fat cunt knew what she was going to do before they even left the tip. That’s a hefty tip for what must’ve only been about a 40-60 dollar meal for two and then when the server comes, they think they got stiffed with no tip. Send them all to the bottom of the ocean.

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