Everyone Freaked Out When a Playful Pit Bull Went to School Yesterday

Bro the pit bull was visiting North Carolina from Arkansas with his owner when he escaped his enclosure and went looking for some fun.

Pit bulls love to stay active. Walking, running, jogging, pulling carts or weights is what they thrive on.

When Bro spotted school children outside, he wanted to play.

Then everyone panicked.

The children in this story required no medical attention.

Charlotte Observer

Seven children were bitten and scratched Monday afternoon after a stray male pit bull got into a southeast Charlotte elementary school and began chasing students as they fled for cover.

Actually, the kids were nipped. Many dogs love to “mouth” as part of their greeting ritual. Likewise, happy dogs will jump on people, accidentally scratching them. I’ve been nipped and scratched many times by dogs of various breeds and sizes. It’s no big deal.

A statement sent out by the Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools reported the injuries were not life threatening. Paramedics were not called to the scene.

The incident happened at Lansdowne Elementary School shortly before 1:30 p.m. The school, located between Providence and Sardis roads, is for children in kindergarten through grade five.

Investigators said the stray dog, identified by animal control as a pit bull, first came into the school’s playground area while the children were outside playing. When school staff escorted the students into the building, the dog followed and “chaos” ensued when the screaming children began running from the dog.

“Some of the children were frightened and were reacting by running and making noise,” Animal Care and Control said in a statement.

“The canine then became overstimulated by this reaction and began to jump on and bite some of the children. A teacher was able to confine the canine.”

If Bro was vicious, he would have drawn blood and the teacher would not have been able to contain him.

The circle on Pete’s eye was painted on. Watch him play with his children.

Melissa Knicely with Animal Care and Control said at a press conference that they believe the animal was more “hyperactive” than aggressive

“I believe if that was the case, the level of the bites would probably be more severe than what they are,” Knicely said. “It was probably one of those things where it was playing, it was jumping up…and it started biting at the legs and things like that.”

The children suffered a mix of bites and scratches on lower legs and thighs, officials said. In one case, a child was scratched on the abdomen, officials said.

A statement sent out by the Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools said the dog “bit several students” and their parents were contacted soon after by the school.

CMS spokeswoman Renee McCoy said the dog ran onto the campus when fifth graders were on the playground. It then ran into the building when the teachers called the children inside and got even more “excited” and began jumping and nipping at the children.

A teacher lured the dog away from the children, she said.

The dog’s owner was contacted by the school using information on the animal’s collar tag. The owner picked up the dog and left the school before Animal Care and Control arrived, officials said.

Animal Care and Control has since contacted the owner by phone, and learned the dog’s rabies vaccinations are up to date. The owner was described as cooperative.

The dog is 10 months old and described as a silver and white male pit bull, medium to large in size. The name of the dog is “Bro.”

The owner was visiting from Fayetteville in Cumberland County, and the dog had gotten loose hours earlier, officials said. Records show the animal’s rabies shots are current, officials said. However, law requires the dog to be quarantined for 10 days because a human was bitten. It was unclear Tuesday whether the dog had a history of escaping.

The dog’s quarantine will be handled at Cumberland County animal control facilities, officials said.

17 thoughts on “Everyone Freaked Out When a Playful Pit Bull Went to School Yesterday

  1. This is a bunch of baloney. “The dog is 10 months old.”

    Of course this pup was playing.

    I’d like to see all these bites…probably, a little dog slobber.

    “the dog followed and “chaos” ensued when the screaming children began running from the dog. Some of the children were frightened and were reacting by running and making noise,”

    One kid, probably. What about those who wanted to play with the pup.

    Sorry, kids normally don’t react this way to puppies or adult dogs.

    “A teacher lured the dog away from the children, she said.”

    Probably, said, “Come puppy,” and the puppy came.

    What a gross, disgusting, overreaction. Anything to make the pit bull look like a tiger on the loose!

  2. I was visiting someone who’s little boy complained of being bitten by a Shetland Sheepdog who also was visiting. (Not my dog.) The little boy was running around crying, yelling over and over, “Romeo bit me.” I knew Romeo very well, and he was the nicest, gentlest dog. I said, “Oh, he wouldn’t bite you.” The little boy pointed to his arm. I saw nothing, not even a red or pink mark!

    The kid was hyperactive, rowdy, and really, it wouldn’t surprise me if Romeo put his teeth on the little boy as a warning…but didn’t bite. I would have bitten the little boy if he came after me like he did Romeo. Fortunately, the little boy’s mother yelled at him to let the dog alone or …a bite is what he will get.

    I’d like to talk to these kids who claim they were bitten.

  3. I part ways with you on pit bulls. I view pit bulls just as I do niggers-through experience. I have met some fine pits that I’ve absolutely loved, but the majority of pits, just like niggers, I get a vibe that does not allow me to trust them. Especially around my children. Same thing with Chows (spelling?). I’ve got to trust instinct.

    • My Rottweiler was attacked by a pit once. My Rott, believe it or not, was a muscular 170 pounds. I punched that god damned pit in the head about 30 times before it was finally dazed enough to let go. Fortunately, it only got the scruff of his neck. My beautiful Rott would’ve been dead otherwise. Fuck pit bulls.

  4. Chows are one person dogs and don’t care for hyper kids. Pit’s love kids absolutely and devotedly, even when they just met them. They can be damaged. some people…

  5. Pit bulls were bred to fight other dogs in pits, often to the death. This is not a sound basis on which to choose a dog to spend time with babies and small children. Many former fighting dog breeds have been banned and exterminated worldwide, once pit fighting was outlawed. Pit bulls escaped this maybe because they are small.

    Pit fighting included mixed bouts with other animals. Betting was a big part of the sport. One common fight was a Jack Russell against 12 or so rats. The dog would win but cop a lot of terrible bites.

    Whilst I do not speak in support of animal cruelty, it is a fact that young men these days are often soft and weak. Some of theses adults spend their full time activity in a bedroom video gaming. In those not so olden fighting pit days, men were hard as nails. Maybe hunting and fishing are important to keep men as men and not soy boy/Metrosexual wimps.

  6. Forgive me Robert. I am probably not as smart as you, but I thought pit bulls were bred to fight bears, not other dogs. Man did that to him. I don’t breed bull dogs (or any dogs) but I have to say all bulldogs are not vicious brainless animals. I have mentioned before on this site my dog’s story. I will tell you again about him. He is about 90 lbs and appears to be a boxer/bulldog mix. He showed up at my house about 2 1/2 yrs ago. His ears were badly shredded and there were wounds (looked like punctures) all over his body. It looked like someone had tried to make him fight. Even his wang was shredded. It looked like someone had held his front legs up and let another dog chew his belly and wang (maybe cause a lot of pain so he would fight?). He didn’t fight which is why they dumped him. He’s lucky they didn’t kill him. He has been the greatest dog. Not aggressive at all. But I do have another dog (part lab/part mastiff) and when they play together things get pretty rough. I usually have to call one or the other off but neither has hurt the other. I think alot of these dogs get a bad rap. Of course, as with any dog, they should be supervised around children, at least until they have proven themselves. In our play both my dogs sometimes get really excited and grab me by the arm. Neither has ever broken my skin but I have to reprimand them when they get too excited (excited, not vicious). Dogs are dogs and it is up to the people who own them to make sure that the dogs don’t get in any situation whereby they get too excited to hurt anyone.

    • Yes rf, you are right bear and bull baiting was the purpose of the breed. “Bull”dog was bred to hold the face of a bull. Here form turdpedia…..

      “Pit bulls were created by breeding bulldogs and terriers together to produce a dog that combined the gameness and agility of the terrier with the strength of the bulldog.[3] In the United Kingdom, these dogs were used in blood sports such as bull-baiting and bear-baiting. These blood sports were officially eliminated in 1835 as Britain began to introduce animal welfare laws. Since dogfights were cheaper to organize and far easier to conceal from the law than bull or bear baits, blood sport proponents turned to pitting their dogs against each other instead. Dog fighting was used as both a blood sport (often involving gambling) and a way to continue to test the quality of their stock. For decades afterwards, dog fighting clandestinely took place in small areas of Britain and America.”

      In the Turd world, animal fights continue such as cock fighting with razor blades attached to the legs. And…..”Despite dog fighting now being illegal in the United States, it still exists as an underground activity, and pit bulls are a common breed of choice”.

      I read an interesting book about laughter published about 1975. 2,000 years ago people thought torture and killing of animals and humans hilarious, as at the Coliseum. Then 200 years ago bear baiting was funny. Even when I was a kid adult people thought mocking gorillas and chimps in the zoo was funny, i.e. loud laughter from the mob. The apes were in concrete cells with hay to absorb the shit and piss, and heavy metal bars. Peanuts would be chucked in both directions by the white apes (laughing) and the black apes (screeching). Now of course all of these things are not funny and not PC. Zoo chimps and gorillas now have a green habitat to live in and no bars, just a water trap and electric fences, on the other side of the water trap to the chimps. So what is funny now on TV “Funniest Home Videos” – people having painful accidents, very often children being filmed by their own neglectful parents. The parents filming their own child abuse are never charged by the cops so far as I know for these “funny” videos. Humour changes but some things never change, human sadism.

      • Chimps are just as sadistic. They murder and torture each other and other species. They enjoy it.
        They are merciless when caged with Bonobos (which used to be called pygmy chimps).

        It’s not just humans.

  7. If Bro was vicious, he would have drawn blood and the teacher would not have been able to contain him.

    Drawn blood? If a pit bull seriously bits you they will remove huge chunks of flesh. That’s why they are considered dangerous.
    People have lost entire calf muscles, thighs, faces, biceps, etc from these attacks. The aftermath pictures are horrific.

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