Race Matters: New Raj Chetty Study Shows Black Boys Born into Wealthy Families Grow Up to be Losers


The academic study released yesterday focusing on the black-white wealth gap, authored by Raj Chetty and Nathaniel Herndon, is going to be discussed by politically incorrect race realists for a long time to come.

The study comes out of the Equality of Opportunity project at the Census Bureau, Harvard, and Stanford universities.

Liberals are already saying that the study, because it shows racial differences in wealth between blacks and whites, proves that the U.S. is a hotbed of racism.

Although I haven’t looked at the study yet, I don’t think that’s a conclusion that race realists would necessarily agree with.

Again, this study is going to be huge in terms of how black America is perceived by knowledgeable white people.

Washington Post

Virtually nowhere in the United States do black boys grow up to earn incomes equivalent to white boys raised in the same neighborhoods by parents with comparable wealth and education levels, according to a study released Monday that followed millions of children now in their late 30s or turning 40.

The disparity holds true even for black boys raised in the wealthiest of families, who grew up on the same block in the same affluent community and attended the same school as their white counterparts. The findings shows that race — not just parental income or neighborhood opportunities — factors into the yawning wealth gap between blacks and whites in America.

Wow! Negro boys with every advantage in life conferred upon them by their parents lose out to white boys as they become adults.

A race realist could have predicted this outcome.

In addition to income, black boys were more likely to be incarcerated and less likely to attend college than their white counterparts from families of similar income level.

Those facts aren’t consistent with racism, but rather with individual choices made by black youths.

“Race matters,” said Nathaniel Hendren, a Harvard economist who co-authored the paper with Raj Chetty at Stanford and two researchers with the U.S. Census Bureau. “Parent income and neighborhoods cannot explain the entirety of the black-white gap. Even when your parents get rich, the gaps don’t go away.”

The gap actually increased at the upper end of the income spectrum, a finding that surprised the researchers. In 99 percent of U.S. Census tracts, white boys grew up to earn more than black boys. The average gap for individual wages was about $9,000 for men from low-income families, Hendren said. That gap widened to an average of roughly $11,000 for men from affluent families.

Among the wealthiest families, black sons of millionaires typically earned an individual annual income of between $40,000 and $45,000 at age 35, while white sons of millionaires earned between $50,000 and $55,000, Hendren said. The household income gap was wider and was largely explained by the higher marriage rates among whites, he said.

“The racial divide is something that permeates the backyards of every community in America, in both affluent and poorer neighborhoods,” Hendren said. “In fact, the gap is even larger in affluent neighborhoods with better schools.”

The income disparity was driven entirely by men, researchers found — with the gap virtually erased for women raised by parents of similar income levels. Black and white women with comparable family backgrounds grew up to attend college at near identical levels, worked similar hours, and earned closely equivalent wages. Both black and white daughters of millionaires earned an average of around $38,500 a year at age 35.

It stretches credibility to think that black women aren’t victims of so-called racism, while black males are. That equality of outcomes among black and white women is significant, again indicating that black males are making some bad choices.

Boys born into high-income black families were much more likely to experience downward economic mobility than similarly situated whites across generations, the study said. A black child born to parents in the top 20th percentile of the income distribution was as likely to fall to the bottom quintile as he was to remain in the top. But white boys were nearly five times as likely to remain in the top quintile as they were to fall to the bottom.

As for what accounts for the disparities in upward mobility, the researchers do not have a clear answer. Social scientists and policy makers have suggested better educational opportunities, even marriage, as the key. But neither explains the intergenerational income gap between black and white children from similar backgrounds.

In the neighborhoods with low poverty rates where the gap is smallest, researchers identified two common traits: black fathers were more likely to be present in the communities and racial bias among whites, as measured by online psychological tests, was lower.

I would put NO FAITH in what online psychological tests have to say about racial bias.

The presence of black fathers predicted the outcome of black boys regardless of whether a boy’s own father was present. But less than 5 percent of black children grow up in low-poverty environments with more than half of black fathers present, the study found, whereas 63 percent of white children are raised in communities with a high presence of white fathers.

Researchers suggested several policy considerations to close the intergenerational gap, including moving black families to better neighborhoods or replicating those conditions across the country with mentoring programs for black boys and efforts to reduce racial bias among whites.

The study relied upon newly available longitudinal Census data covering nearly the entire U.S. population between 1989 and 2015 as well as federal tax returns. Researchers followed a cohort of 20 million children born in the U.S. between 1978 and 1983 or legal immigrants who came to the country as children.

Better idea: Enlist the Hollywood Jews to stop pandering to black dysfunction with disgusting rap music and other glorification of black thuggery.

Steve Sailer put out a brief piece on this study, published at Unz yesterday.

It’s almost as if America has had a giant system of affirmative action over the last half century to benefit blacks, but it doesn’t work for blacks who are criminals. So it benefits black women far more than it benefits black men because of, as Chetty’s data demonstrates, the black males’ extremely high rate of serious criminality. (Here’s an Obama Administration report on how much higher the black homicide offender rate is.)

Although I was tempted to put it up front, the first thought to come to mind is Steve’s last thought: “Regression toward the mean.”

In the 89 comments responding to the study at Unz last night, it’s duly noted that black problems are in the genes, which this study suggests. However, liberals are denying the genetic explanation, claiming that black males do poorly solely because of white oppression.

11 thoughts on “Race Matters: New Raj Chetty Study Shows Black Boys Born into Wealthy Families Grow Up to be Losers


    Some light skinned foreign students in the univ called black people kala kakoos*. And they said that a rich kala kakoos is still a kala kakoos. And a kala kakoos in a suit is still a kala kakoos.

    *kala kakoos was a common word used by Indian students at the uni to describe dark skinned people. It technically means melena (kala = black, kakoos = stools), i.e. black excreta.

  2. “Researchers suggested several policy considerations to close the intergenerational gap, including moving black families to better neighborhoods or replicating those conditions across the country with mentoring programs for black boys and efforts to reduce racial bias among whites.”

    In other words more of the same liberal failure of over the last 60 years.

    The old saying is more true than ever. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.

    The only question that remains is, when will our folk grow weary of beating a dead horse?

    • I was hoping that Chetty would interject some IQ and genes stuff in to explain the gaps. Knowing academia, I wasn’t too disappointed that he kept his trap shut about the real truth. We still did well with this report though because it should make people not vested in liberal nonsense think. I predict that cuckservatives will be ranting about the need to promote fatherhood to blacks. Not a bad idea, but it doesn’t get to the genetics that make blacks poor fathers.

      • It’s funny how some Indian’s opinion on this topic seems more legitimate than a white’s opinion.

    • miletrader, I agree. More welfare money for Coons is pissing money up against the wall. Prof Shittys own research proves this. if anything less money should be spent on black men as it is obviously wasted. Not mentioned also is that almost every rich white dad would have been a nigger lover! Many of them would have been jews! Even in these white hating families nigger males still fail!

  3. Steve Sailer is a lot brainier than prof Chetty. Black women raised by richer white males succeed because they do not go to jail, plus AA of course! The black men would also succeed under the same AA programs except for their criminality and violence – plus laziness. Black men are much lazier than black women – but black man Shitty has no idea of this empirical fact! In Coon societies, women do most of the work! Prof Sab, how come so many famous Profs are so dumb? Or, are they liars, and paid to lie?

    This street shitter Chetty research is ultimate proof that Economics is less valid than tribal witch doctors, right down there with Psychiatry and Gender Studies. Economics is 100% bullshit and dominated by jews and jew allies like Raj Shitty.
    “Raj Chetty is a Professor of Economics at Stanford University. Shetty’s research combines empirical evidence and economic theory to help design more effective government policies”.

    The basic research idea was flawed and biased against white people. Why not study Coon twins who were brought up, one by a rich white man and the other by his real dad or real mother? Their outcomes in life would be very similar as with white identical twins. But the Coon twin with the white step father would tend to do a lot better on average. Mr Shitty did not want this fact to leak out of his “empirical evidence”.

    in Australia a large number of pale skin abos were rescued from their degenerate families during the 1960s and 1970s and adopted by soft cock, idiot, do gooder whites. On average most of these abos have vastly outperformed all their brothers and sisters who were not rescued. BUT – the rescued kids became known as the “Stolen Generation” and whites had to hang their head in shame for the excellent results achieved with people with an IQ of only 60 on average. Whites have been saying sorry, sorry, sorry for decades now and it is never enough. Sorry you fucking abo bastards, that we ever lifted you out of the gutter! Never again. For those cuck adopting white parents “no good deed goes unpunished, ever”.

    What happened to the lucky abos born later who were not stolen? Yes you guessed it, rape, murder, violence, crime, drugs, jail, petrol sniffing and general life failure. But whites, Govts and Social Workers feel good about those recent tribal family murders by Boongs, believe it or not, even when little picaninnies are brutally murdered by their step father or even the mothers on occasion. One Gin even killed all her 7 abo kids in one go – and foreign visitors (e.g. USA) to the news story were shocked how nice the Govt houses for these welfare bludger Abos were! Govt mown lawns and clean streets also! Most unemployed and deadbeat whites worldwide could not dream of such Govt housing provided for them, ever. Nor can white Australians who have worked for 40 years and paid income tax for all of those years.

    • I knew an Ozzie carpenter paid to build houses for abbos.

      Within 2 weeks of moving in they had already ripped up the floorboards to use for firewood and end up sitting on the dirt in the lounge around said fire.

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