‘Infiltrators’ from Africa are ‘greater threat than terrorists’ – Netanyahu

Bibi Netanyahu is right. Open borders would destroy Israel. Africans in particular are like cockroaches, breeding and leaving behind roach crap everywhere as they eat a person out of house and home.

American Jews support open borders. Gentiles should insist that Israel open her borders to black Africa. If it’s good for America, then Israel should at least give it a try.


African migrants pose a greater threat to Israel than terrorism, according to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The Israeli leader made the remarks as he complimented the country’s border ‘wall’ with Egypt.

Speaking at the Negev Conference in the Israeli city of Dimona, Netanyahu said the fence along the Israel-Egypt border is all that stands between Israel’s Jewishness and it turning into a country overrun by “infiltrators”.

Without the fence, the country would be at its “wits’ end” with “attacks by terrorist groups in the Sinai, and the worst thing – a flood of illegal infiltrators from Africa,” Netanyahu said, as cited by the Times of Israel.

We’re talking about a Jewish and democratic state. How could we have guaranteed a Jewish-democratic state with 50,000 then 100,000, then 150,000 infiltrators each year?” Netanyahu remarked.

Israel completed the 242-kilometer fence along its border with Egypt in late 2013, three years after commencing the project. Running from the edge of the Gaza Strip to the resort of Eilat, it is equipped with cameras as well as radar and motion detectors. In 2017, Israel increased the height of the fence from five meters to eight, along a 17 kilometer stretch of the barrier.

Netanyahu’s comments echo his original explanation for erecting the border fence, which, he said in 2010, was a “strategic decision to secure Israel’s Jewish and democratic character.”

Netanyahu’s latest comments on the border barrier follow his government’s plan to remove 40,000 African migrants from the country, although efforts to deport all unmarried male migrants were temporarily blocked by the High Court last week. Many of the African migrants, largely Sudanese and Eritrean, came to the country between 2006 and 2012.

During his speech, Netanyahu was interrupted by a member of the audience, who shouted, “You’re choking Dimona. In Dimona no attention is paid to the people,” Ynet reports.

Set up in the 1950s, Jewish immigrants from North Africa were settled at Dimona. It experienced rising unemployment after textile factories moved from the area and the Israel Chemicals plant laid off staff. Unemployment is now at 7.5 percent, compared to the national average of 4 percent.

Nobody in the world likes or wants Africans in their country. Pray for a virus to wipe them out.

12 thoughts on “‘Infiltrators’ from Africa are ‘greater threat than terrorists’ – Netanyahu

  1. The jew Bibi intends that comment for the jews in Israel only, while the jews both here and there do their damnedest to shove the negroids all over us in ALL our White countries.

    And then, it is the jews who have arranged for the legislation to be passed which requires jailing for those who object.

    I’m surprised, Saboteur, that your message seems fawning toward Bibi. I’m sure you don’t really mean it that way, but it does seem that way in the present form that it has. Just because he seems to work well with Trump is no reason to give him that kind of pass.

    • Saboteur, Reading that last paragraph of my earlier comment again, my comment sounds accusatory towards you, which is not what I intended.

      Robert, I think I remember reading accounts to that effect, and it is in line with the typical hypocrisy espoused by the jews in Israel on anything affecting them.

  2. Did not Bibi demand that white Europe take the black bastards direct from Israel for “humanitarian” reasons? Israel is an Asiatic Nation so does not have to obey the rules of soft cock, feminist run, white nations.

    Imagine this in your wildest dreams “We’re talking about the now lost Australian and democratic state. How could we have guaranteed an Australian-democratic state with 200,000 then 250,000, and now 300,000 tinted infiltrators each year?” (((Turnbull))) remarked.

    If jews continue to wreck the West with black bastard welfare locusts, Israel cannot stay immune like some wacky Atlantis, and will also be destroyed by niggers. Action Is needed right now, and very hard man action. No more free food for any African nation, from outside Africa, ever. They can help each other for a change. No free money for any African nation from outside. Sink or swim. Work or starve. If you breed them, you can feed them. No free medicine, doctors or vaccines for Africa. Pay for medicines or don’t get them. Nobody allowed to leave Africa to go West who does not have a health check before entering any Western nation, which the African must pay for. My ideas save money for the Western taxpayers so Govts should like the idea. All donations which aid African breeding or feeding are no longer to be tax deductible. All white do gooders to be refused permission to travel to Africa. “if you go, you can never come back” – a bit like fighting for ISIS. African babies are much more deadly for the world than ISIS.

  3. “We’re talking about a Jewish and democratic state. How could we have guaranteed a Jewish-democratic state with 50,000 then 100,000, then 150,000 infiltrators each year?” Netanyahu remarked.”

    What a horribly racist and intolerant thing to say.

  4. Gee! They’ve only had them 12 years and they’re bitching. Try a couple of centuries with more on the way! The ape horde has ruined every great thing we had going in America. They’ve wreaked every institution, both religious and secular, polluted our culture and introduced heightened levels of fear to our cities. Diversity has been like low doses of arsenic over time. Just admit the truth! The jungle man is a blight and belongs in his natural habitat. BTW, I don’t hate them I just want them gone so the future doesn’t look so bleak.

  5. In the US he would say
    – We don’t need a wall.
    – How can we remain a democracy unless we take in more immigrants.

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