Parkland School Shooter’s Brother Arrested for Trespassing at School


Brothers Nikolas and Zachary shared the same biological mother, a Jewess, but judging from his appearance Zachary has more African genes, possibly because of different fathers.

People at the Stoneman Douglas school this afternoon were frightened when Zachary visited, which was after school hours. Police were called and he was arrested for trespassing, having been barred from the campus earlier.

The press is creating a portrait of a sympathetic brother who feels guilty for not stopping his sibling from shooting people.

Whether this is accurate or a psy op by the press is unclear. What is odd is that these two are half brothers, one a son of Obama, and yet the press insists on calling them brothers when they’re surely half brothers.

I don’t understand the agenda behind that lie, but I’m sure it relates to political correctness and Deep State mischief in some way. Maybe it’s simply a case of trying to normalize the idea that a mother could have one Negroid child and another Hispanic or whatever.



Zachary Cruz, the brother of the man who killed 17 students and staff at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, was arrested Monday, accused of trespassing at the Parkland school, officials said.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office said Zachary, 18, rode his skateboard at 4:30 p.m. across the campus where his older brother, Nikolas Cruz, went on a shooting spree with an AR-15 rifle.

Zachary Cruz told deputies he visited the school “to reflect on the school shooting and to soak it in,” according to the arrest report. He had been warned by school officials to keep away from the school.

“Cruz surpassed all locked doors and gates” to get onto the campus, the arrest report said. It was after school hours. The school day ends at 2:40 p.m.

Nikolas Cruz, 19, has confessed to the Feb. 14 school shooting and faces the death penalty for the murder of 17 and the attempted murder of 17 others.

Broward Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie said the school’s gates are opened after hours so students can go in and out for after-school activities. During school hours the gates are locked, Runcie said.

“It wasn’t some breach of security,” Runcie said. “He came through whatever gate was open at the time. Somebody spotted him and reported him to BSO. They responded quickly.”

“I don’t want to be alive. I don’t want to deal with this stuff,” Zachary Cruz told Deschamps on the night of the shooting, according to a report from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

Two days after the shooting Zachary Cruz told a deputy that he felt “somewhat responsible and guilty about the incident and that he could have possibly prevented [it],” that report said. He also told the deputy that he “doesn’t understand why his brother would have done this.”

Zachary Cruz currently has no ties to Broward County, the arrest report said.

The Cruz brothers were adopted at birth by Lynda and Roger Cruz from the same mother. The couple had arranged the private adoptions through an attorney.

Throughout his childhood, Nikolas Cruz was diagnosed with a string of disorders and conditions: depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, emotional behavioral disability and autism, records from the state Department of Children and Families show. His mom told sheriff’s deputies he also had obsessive-compulsive disorder and anger issues.

Zachary told Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputies that “he and his friends, when they were younger, had bullied Nikolas, which he now regrets ever doing,” the agency’s report says. The deputy wrote that “Zachary wishes that he had been ‘nicer’ to his brother” and that there may be resentment between the two “as Nikolas may have been the favored brother.”

What we’ve learned is that the Jewish shooter (he self-identified as a Jew through his mother) has a brother who’s a Negro. The black brother must be a Jew also since the two shared the same mother.

We’ve also learned that there’s not much security at the school or else the Jewlatto would not have been able to enter the grounds.

Neither brother paid much attention to what the police told them.

That bodes ill for Zachary’s future and for those around him.

8 thoughts on “Parkland School Shooter’s Brother Arrested for Trespassing at School

  1. “Mossad-Chabad-Deep State Behind “Operation Parkland”

    Further verifying a Zionist role in the Parkland School commando strike (see Parts 1, 2 and 3 of this series), two of the Everytown advisers are linked with the special-weapons program of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF): Eli Broad, founder of his namesake institute involved in biowarfare research on Ebola in West Africa; and Qualcomm boss Irwin Jacobs who funds Technion, the Israeli Institute of Technology, which created and developed the IDF cyber-warfare program.”

  2. It is good this darkie wants to be on the media. It blows away the idea that the shooter is white, and especialy a “White Supremacist”. How many neo nazis have a black brother they have grown up with?

    “Throughout his childhood, Nikolas Cruz was diagnosed with a string of disorders and conditions: depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, emotional behavioral disability and autism”. Plus mum says OCD and anger issues.

    I would suggest these diagnoses are essentially just wild guesses to describe a bad ass crazy dude who maybe has a physical brain defect since birth. If the (((shrinks))) diagnosed all these they may have given him multiple deadly and dangerous drugs. As a minimum, Ritalin as a boy for the alleged ADHD and SSRIs for the depression. SSRIs are not meant to be given to children, I think. Depression and such like diagnoses start at age 16 or so, and SSRIs. Often other drugs are given to counter the side effects of Ritalin. Result – crazy boy became crazier and maybe brain damaged. He probably should have been in a locked mental hospital.

    One thing for sure, this ugly mudblood alleged shooter wishes he had never been born. He was taunted almost all of his life by his older brother – a nigger. This is normal for young and older brothers, it is not unusual. To generalise, the oldest child often has been somewhat spoiled by inexperienced parents, plus he was alone. Then the middle child is a bit neglected by the parents and tormented by the oldest. Then the youngest is spoiled and loved for ever by the parents. Result – the middle child, who has been neglected, often turns out to be a nicer person. I am a middle child and my most loyal and caring child is my middle child. The older brother tormented him and the youngest (third) was as I have described.

    All female chickens have a “pecking order”. Thus, almost all chickens have a mental disorder and should be given psychiatric drugs. How come only humans need these expensive drugs to fix alleged “illnesses” which are in fact just bad and selfish behaviour? Before (((psychiatry))), bad behaviour was punished one way or another. People learned to be less selfish to keep their job, friends or their wife. In the olden days, or now for Arabs, a selfish man like a thief got his right hand cut off. No drugs were needed; he remembered for ever why his hand was cut off. When I was a boy at school, all naughty boys got the cane. Not one boy got psychiatric drugs, Ritalin had not been invented. Bad rebellious cases that broke laws were sent to “Borstals” or “reform schools” which scared the shit out of all good and normal boys. Reform schools were the fast track to prison as an adult. Life is about choices, and psychiatry pretends that bad choices are a sign of “illness”.

    Of all the medical professions, psychiatry has far and away the worst results when to comes to “curing” people. Psychiatry observes and pontificates, and uses drugs to mask symptoms, it does not cure. “Time cures all ills” is about the best psychiatry can do, and especially psychoanalysis. Cruz is proof of the impotence and fraud of psychiatry.

  3. Ugly toad. His nose is as wide as his mouth. If I had to go through life with a spread-nose muzzle like that, I think I would kill myself. But I imagine he won’t as there are probably plenty of white sluts that have been brainwashed into thinking he is “tall, dark, and handsome”.

    • He looks cross eyed which could have been corrected soon after his birth. His ears stick out too much Prince Charles style and this too could have been corrected. Would this have stopped him killing? Maybe. But he has too much Aztec in him.

  4. The problem is evident. The White nuclear family has been wreaked. The weakest links are cracking first, downloading a brood of half breeds who are alien in every situation and ripe to turn on every aspect of normalcy they encounter. Why not? It makes them angry! The influx of mongrel Latinos, low IQ blacks and half crazed Moslems mixing in with the race which built Western Civilization has given us a new misanthrope. A confused, resentful and angry creature who straddles two worlds and fits in with neither. Same holds for the offspring of whites, who identify with the degraded culture and convert to its slouth and rage. I will accept all men are created equal but I refuse to accept that by their thoughts and actions they remain equal.

  5. Good grief! Untermenschen on parade! It is frightening to realize these are the inheritors of the Earth after centuries of Judeo-Christian liberalism and capitalism. Aryans, behold the modern “human race!” These are the fetid fungus our Kruppstahl will have to mince on our way to regaining the planet. Men, how are your sword-arms?

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