NBC News: Shocking Footage Shows Parkland School Active Shooter Drill

Two minutes.

You can provide your own interpretation to the drill.

To me, these events are intended to terrorize kids into fearing guns so that they support gun grabs. Participating in a drill like this would be traumatizing to anyone, but most especially to minors, whose minds are not yet fully developed.

3 thoughts on “NBC News: Shocking Footage Shows Parkland School Active Shooter Drill

  1. It’s like MKUltra stuff. They are teaching children that this is normal reality when only 40 years ago it was unheard of.

    They are going to keep pushing for the guns. Lately, it seems that they are pulling out all the stops on their assault on the 2nd Amendment.

  2. I agree Paladin…terrorize the kids against guns. I still say everyone enters and exits schools through one door, armed security guards there, metal detector, ID cards, previous permission for outsiders to get in.

    Government, tech buildings and others require this. It’s the only way not one student is shot, knifed, or bombed.

    I went into a computer manufacturing facility one time where, not only did I have to show ID with photo, a permission slip with reason for visit to enter, I went through a metal detector and my handbag was searched. They even looked through my wallet.

    These kids need to feel safe…not learn what they will do IF a shooter enters their classroom. All those fake bullet holes and blood does is cause nightmares. Murderers should be kept out of the school.

    • My company once did a job for a pharmaceutical manufacturer. The security was like a nuclear missile installation. Every brick and shovel was inspected. Dogs and mirrors inspected every vehicle that came and went. Cameras everywhere. And they didn’t even make drugs that anyone would want to steal. They made antibiotics and vaccines.

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