I Just Saw TWO FOXES While on the Library Patio

Two adorable foxes were out in broad daylight late this afternoon (7 P.M. Daylight savings time) calmly walking the library’s rustic lawn, apparently looking for food. I was sitting on the library patio, not more than 15 feet from the closest one.

Neither of them panicked when they realized I was here. They eventually wandered down toward a wooded ravine to continue their foraging or to return home.

I had left some pizza and a half a chocolate pie last night for “my fox.” I didn’t know that there were two of them. I think they’re mates, as one looked smaller than the other.

The library sits on 15 acres and there’s some adjacent wooded land. The foxes should be pretty safe if they stick to this area.

I first saw one of them back in February through the floor to ceiling library windows on the coldest night of the year. It was already dark at 6:30 and I wondered if I had mistaken a cat for a fox.

Last week, “my fox” was working its way across the patio at a fast trot when I said, “Hello.” That spooked him or her and the animal pulled a quick U-turn and ran away.

I sometimes see a calico cat in the same area. There’s also a large bird’s nest up under an awning that provides viewing enjoyment.

After this post, I’m going out to my van and grab some pizza and possibly a corn dog or two to leave for “my foxes.”

With luck, maybe later this year, they’ll bring some baby foxes up to the patio.

9 thoughts on “I Just Saw TWO FOXES While on the Library Patio

    • Will do. There was a beautiful butterfly I watched for several minutes before it flitted away. It was feeding on the mountain laurel flowers that started blooming March 1 and are dying now. The birds and their nest are also clearly visible from where I usually work.

      There’s also squirrels here. I haven’t seen any, but possums are probably here too.

      Anyway, time for me to shut down. Even the janitor has left for the night. I don’t want a patrol car finding me here. LOL.

  1. Look for littles ones March through May after they are born. Foxes mate for life, so these little cuties are married.


      • Isn’t it sad we become so excited when we see wildlife because it is so rare these days.

        I used to live in an area with quite a few foxes until development robbed them of their homes. They’d run down the middle of the road as I was driving to work. Eventually, they’d take off to the side.

        I have collected foxes for quite some time…not the real ones or furs…some antiques, just about anything of quality. We have some three sitting on the floor in the family room looking like they just walked in and made themselves at home.

  2. We used to see foxes on the cranberry bogs in MA. Wonderful animals. Very friendly once you gain their trust. They were quite a treat to watch as they played with their cubs. Great post!

    • Little Caesars throws out whole untouched pizzas once they’re an hour or two old and no longer “hot and ready.” I grab them from their dumpster (don’s squeal on me) and bring them to the dogs. Now the foxes will get some too. Yesterday, I grabbed a dozen of them. Today, only five or six. One for the foxes and the rest for Dog Lady’s dozen dogs.

      • Almost forgot….
        While at work yesterday, I saw about a half dozen red tail hawks circling. Next thing I hear a squealing and, sure enough, one had caught a big old rat and flew about 20 feet over head. Don’t see that every day. I think only White people appreciate things like this.

  3. What a treat. I had a fox hanging around our neighborhood until my little beast spotted him and chased him. Haven’t seen the fox since. Always saw him at twilight, and he was very stealthy.

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