Trump Sucker Punched by Supremes: Dreamers STAY!

The propagandist who came up with the name “dreamers” for a motley group of illegal aliens deserves a lot of credit. Who could be against dreamers? Certainly not the motley group of so-called legal experts called the Supreme Court.

The illegal aliens get to stay for now. Apparently, there is a traditional legal process that must be followed, with Trump’s people being forced to argue before the highly liberal 9th circuit appeals court that Obama’s DACA order should be ended. We know the 9th circuit will tell Trump to f*ck off and drop dead, but the DOJ is going to have to make their case to that bunch of activists anyway.

What is most disturbing to me is the idea is being enshrined into law that criminals should be allowed to benefit from their crimes. At some point, poor black armed robbers will be allowed to keep their loot so long as they rob from rich people. Make that white people who worked and saved in order to own something.

Excerpt from Reuters

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday dealt a setback to President Donald Trump, requiring his administration to maintain protections he has sought to end for hundreds of thousands of immigrants brought illegally into the United States as children.

The justices refused to hear the administration’s appeal of a federal judge’s Jan. 9 injunction that halted Trump’s move to rescind a program that benefits immigrants known as “Dreamers” implemented in 2012 by his Democratic predecessor, Barack Obama. Under the Republican president’s action, the protections were due to start phasing out beginning in March.

In a brief order, the justices did not explain their reasoning, but said the appeal was “denied without prejudice,” indicating they will maintain an open mind on the underlying legal issue still being considered by a lower court, the San Francisco-based 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. The high court also said it expects the lower court to “proceed expeditiously to decide this case.”

Under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, roughly 700,000 young adult, mostly Hispanics, are protected from deportation and given work permits for two-year periods, after which they must re-apply.

The Trump administration had challenged a nationwide injunction by San Francisco-based U.S. District Judge William Alsup, who ruled last month that DACA must remain in place while the litigation is resolved.

In an unusual move, the administration appealed directly to the Supreme Court instead of going first to a federal appeals court.

Alsup ruled that the challengers, including the states of California, Maine, Maryland and Minnesota and Obama’s former homeland security secretary Janet Napolitano, were likely to succeed in arguing that the administration’s decision to end DACA was arbitrary.

Justice Department spokesman Devin O‘Malley said in a statement that the administration will continue to defend the Department of Homeland Security’s “lawful authority to wind down DACA in an orderly manner.”

O‘Malley said that “while we were hopeful for a different outcome,” the high court rarely agrees to take up cases before a lower court has ruled, “though in our view it was warranted for the extraordinary injunction requiring the Department of Homeland Security to maintain DACA.”

If Obama could legally write DACA into law through an executive order, then logic dictates that Trump should be able to cancel it. When it comes to the hatred of Trump by liberals and their desire to destroy America and exterminate the white race, there is no logic or law to rely on.

We live to fight another day.

4 thoughts on “Trump Sucker Punched by Supremes: Dreamers STAY!

  1. The schemers insinuated themselves with a sob story’s that worked like a dream , for the latrino shitholes that disgorged them , but are a nightmare for anyone with sense to see that they are bio-weapons pointed at your throat . They are a fast breeding invasive and alien species that pose an ecological and environmental threat that will , without stern medicine , destroy our habitat with a miasma of malformed humanity.

    Instead of providing a plan , Martin Lucifer Coon dreamed of a shakedown on gullible rubes and delusional do-gooders that came to pass .

    These fantasies and hallucinations need to be judged with cold , hard facts congruent with a reality that doesn’t include unicorns and magical pixie dust .

  2. Dreamer was once a pejorative to describe a lazy bum no good that would vastly underperform at school and in life. So that word still holds good for shitskin invaders.
    Hallucinators are not good for a nation.

    The modern USA is a tinted parody of what the English intended and hoped for with their American Colonies. If the Founding Fathers wanted a white nation why did they not say so in writing and stated explicitly that black slaves are not US citizens and never will be? They could also have named their Red Indian allies in writing, if they had any. Most redskins preferred the rule of British law to the outlaw rebel Colonists. Why were so many slum dwelling non-English speakers allowed to swarm in to the USA 120 to 200 years ago when similar but British nations like Australia and New Zealand did not allow most such people until after 1945?

    This Jewsupremacist Court lays bare the jew control of the USA with their co-rulers the Jewderal Reserve. After WWII, this single jew ruled nation has destroyed all white nations by forcing shitskin invasions, with assistance of jew traitors living in those nations. The United Nations is a USA jew racket and is of course located in Jew York. The annihilation of the West started with token non-whites in the 1950s and 1960s, then hard working yellows in the 1980s, later all and any lazy bum Chinks, Indians, Pakis and Arabs and it is already full steam ahead with the full blown African invasion of the entire West.

    The jew victory over whites is almost compete. Just have to grab those USA citizen guns. This can be done piecemeal and surely will be. It starts with disarming criminals and mentally ill, then banning heavy weapons, then handguns, then self-loading long arms. Registration is included as an essential part of the process. Govt needs to know where the guns are so they can grab them later.

  3. “the appeal was “denied without prejudice,” indicating they will maintain an open mind on the underlying legal issue ”

    Hah! 9 judges with 4 of them jews, in a nation of only 2% jews. There should only be 2 jews appointed for every 100 judges appointed – not 4 out of every 9.

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