SPLC Publishes Smear Job Linking the Alt-Right to Charles Manson, Neo-Nazi James Mason, and Right-Wing Terrorism

The SPLC published an article yesterday that attempts to smear white nationalists by associating the alt-right with “Nazis” who advocate terrorism.

The central focus of the rambling article is a man who in fact does call himself a Nazi. James Mason is the Nazi who befriended Charles Manson. Mason promotes Manson as the model for the dissident right.

In my opinion, if you seek to create a mass movement that will win back what we’ve lost, then Charles Manson is a poor choice.

Nazi James Mason is interviewed (38 minutes):

As far as I can determine, the only one of the websites mentioned in the SPLC piece that is still up is siegeculture.com. The others have apparently been banned.

The SPLC is a Jewish outfit that can’t be trusted. However, the mix of truth and distortion in the following offers insights into the Atomwaffen Division (AWD) and James Mason.

Excerpt from the SPLC

Behind such references stands James Mason, who produced SIEGE as a newsletter from 1980 until the summer of 1986. Mason’s presence in the organized neo-Nazi movement in this country stretches back to the mid-1960s, when he was just 14 years old.

For AWD members, it’s not about “Helter Skelter” or the gory details of the Manson Family murders alone. It’s about racial terrorism, The Family and its murders – and their broader cultural impact. Here Mason serves as a philosophical totem and provides a template for action.

To miss the significance of Mason’s influence in the dark, sensational luster of Manson is to lose a vital recognition; SIEGE and AWD are obsessed with a racial revolution, not a cultural one like Manson’s.

AWD has only recently begun associating itself so synonymously with Mason and SIEGE, and that’s a dangerous development. Mason and his writings preach the praxis of leaderless, cell-structured terrorism and white revolution. Furthermore, there is a plethora of terrorists and fringe texts beyond Mason’s that motivate and inspire the group. Many of these texts are valued in other sectors of the far-right. Importantly, Mason “achieved” much within neo-Nazism before he was out of his 20s: This is important for young men who, sometimes literally, are gathering around Mason and steeping themselves in his revolutionary philosophy and polemics.

They, too, hope to “achieve,” but understanding what that means is equally challenging and vital.

Mason’s association with Manson, and his interpretation of Manson’s ideas, developed after Mason spent years in the organized neo-Nazi movement. During that time, he gravitated toward increasingly radical, terroristic-minded figureheads and efforts.

Mason wrote in SIEGE that his correspondence with the imprisoned Manson could be construed as cheap, mere shock value. But as the 560-pages of Mason’s text suggest, Manson is not the skeleton key for understanding AtomWaffen. Mason’s own neo-Nazi influences and beliefs in chorus with the Universal Order philosophy offer a more accurate portrait.

Mason began reconfiguring his own sustained belief in the need for neo-Nazi terror cells willing to strike at American culture under the control of Jewish influences, which he dubs “the System.” Mason had already been moving toward that conclusion on his own for the better part of 15 years.

During that time, Mason began networking. As an adolescent he idolized George Lincoln Rockwell, the leader of the American Nazi Party (ANP), which he first tried to join at just 14. Through Rockwell, Mason also met William Pierce — the eventual founder of the National Alliance, author of The Turner Diaries and this country’s most influential neo-Nazi to date. Pierce also helped shepherd young Mason into the ANP. After Rockwell was murdered by a former Nazi Party member in August 1967, Pierce and Mason joined its successor, the National Socialist White People’s Party (NSWPP).

What I believe we have here is the usual SPLC strategy of taking outliers and using them to smear the right, while frightening leftists into giving the SPLC more money.

This image appears in the SPLC piece:

Who knew that Charles Manson was a revolutionary to be admired?

We can be Manson wannabees or we can avoid unsavory associations and achieve ultimate victory.

I’m for winning.

Link to SIEGE book at archive.org

11 thoughts on “SPLC Publishes Smear Job Linking the Alt-Right to Charles Manson, Neo-Nazi James Mason, and Right-Wing Terrorism

  1. Mason is a strange character especially as he embraces satanism hes right about how kiked christianity is nowadays but satanism’s orgins are very jewy too so I don’t know who hes fooling. The jews rather attack christianity as a dogma then any other religion thats a fact Also the siegecult has made some astounding claims in recent years like communism and anfita aren’t so bad and homosexuals can join their ranks

  2. If what I read is correct, Mason gave up on Nazism and is basically some kind of Christian nowadays. I believe Siege is from the 80s so it’s not like it’s something recent and I believe it’s just a compilation of articles he wrote for some publication. It’s gaining attention now since it has been going around in some pro-white circles recently.

    Besides, (((they))) are going to call you Nazis, or whatever the scary label du jour is, anyway so why even care? Basically, the Nazi label is becoming synonymous with White people in general since it’s been overused so much.

  3. You guys refer to Jews as guilty by and from birth interlopers that destroy white nations by moving barbarous ethnic minorities in and causing low-skilled laborers frustration by relocating ‘their’ workplaces overseas, which supposedly wouldn’t happen under gentile management, and by destroying traditional values through media manipulation. You reserve special hate for miscegenists, whom somehow were enticed to find minorities attractive.

    The alt-right does the same with cartoon frogs, (((parenthesis))) like those seen in every comments section on this site, and loud, irate vlogs filled with catchphrases and symbolic in-group imagery.

    • Not sure why Paladin has not banned you yet hoops. It would be different if your arguments were intelligent or interesting. Instead your arguments are ridiculous and standard fare trolling.

      In your longer post which I am replying to you say “You guys”.
      Then in your short post 5 minutes later, you say “I mean, just because we’re incensed holocaust denying Nazi idolaters doesn’t mean we sympathize with violence!!!”

      It is obvious you loathe this site, which is about truth, and everybody on it. So keep posting for as long as you can, because I am surprised nobody else except Paladin joins me in shaming you. “Ignore him and he will go away”. No, trolls do not do that. You are crafty and cunning, I will grant you that. Do you get paid to attack the truth? I get paid nothing at all to tell the truth and neither does Paladin. You may have noticed he is not part of the Merchant Right.

  4. The black men who hated whites later known as the Zebra Killers serial murdered up to 80 whites in San Francisco. Turdpedia lies and say “up to 15 dead”. White outrage – zero. Worldwide publicity – zero. I never heard of these killers until I came to this site and back in the 1970s I read the newspaper every day and also watched the TV news. The same thing happened with the black snipers in Washington. As soon as the jewsmedia knew the killers were black that was the end of the story. So, blacks that want to start a race war kill whites.

    What does Charles Manson do? He allegedly kills whites and “hopes” that blacks will get the blame. Why bother killing half a dozen whites when blacks are doing that all the time without any race war starting?

    If Manson truly wanted to start a race war he should have killed 100 or more blacks. The jewsmedia outrage would have been furious and worldwide. I am not using ((( ))) because hoops does not like it. What jews want – they get.

    Lenin the part jew had a brain as small as Manson’s. He actually said that by deliberately starving the peasants after 1917, the Tsar would be blamed by the hungry. No, Mr Jew Lenin, they will blame the current Govt – your Jew Government, not the Tsar who abdicated 2 years previously.

  5. Smells like Gefilte fish. Another Frank Collins???

    The more I learn about Manson………………….the more I’m convinced he was just another Jew PsyOp.

  6. Many of Manson’s followers were Jew. Yet I think only one of the actual killers was, Pat Krenwinkel, mother Catholic, father Jew.

    The extent to which Manson had any political beliefs it was leftist even communist. Manson’s Cult was more akin to that of Jim Jones in the manner used to control members with threats, brainwashing, manipulation, blackmail, isolation, sex, drugs, and application of the paranoia hoax: ‘they’re coming to get us’. The ‘they’ being society at large.

    Jim Jones was a communist and nigger lover par excellence besides being a scummy lying bastard. Most of those who drank the Kool-Aid at the People’s Temple in Guyana were Blacks.

    Manson’s race war was an invention by Persecutor Vince Bugliosi. The Bug had no direct evidence against Manson and very damn little against the girls. To win he had to scare the crap out of the jury and the city with the race war meme. It worked, but there is little basis in fact to support it.

    Manson was only observing the situation as it existed in LA at the time. And, by god, there were real fears the niggers would get out of control. You had several violent black groups armed and ready to go to war. Manson’s part in this was, to a small extent, to show ‘blackie’ how it is done. He made no attempt to frame blacks for the TLB murders which would have been damn easy, but he didn’t do it.

    It seems that he was only preparing his group to survive the race Apocalypse he saw coming by hiding in a hole in the desert. A few dumb shit followers believed him. Most didn’t however. Susan Atkins at the time figured Manson was full of shit with the crap he spouted, but she was too fucked out and doped up to figure a way out. Tex Watson and Leslie Van Houten seemed to have been the only true believers.

    To the extent that Manson was racist is really that he was a race realist. When the race war finished and the blacks couldn’t manage after winning, Manson and his followers would emerge from their desert hole and take over from the blacks and run the world. Since Manson implied the he was Jesus, his followers were supposed to take these tales as allegories like the stories in the bible.

    Whole forests have been murdered to write books about what Manson’s real motives were. The best I found was by Susan Atkins, “The Myth of Helter Skelter”. In it she explained that Manson’s motive for the killings was to save his ass from the law, the black panthers, and motorcycle gangs, all three of which he was in trouble with and he thought they were out to have his hide.

    There is an element to Manson’s rampage expressed by a few who have looked into it, and that was he was building a terror army to send out to wreck havoc on the establishment. The establishment who fucked him over time and time again.

    The raid on Tate’s house went off slicker than the Rangers could have done it. Under cover of midnight, with no moon and no wind to carry the sounds, they entered, killed five, and left undetected leaving behind only scant evidence, all in around 30 minutes, probably less.

    Some think Manson used the Tate raid as an example for his terror war he wanted to unleash on society. To this end he built sand buggies for back country escapes to the mountains, communicated via army field phones, trained followers to use sign language in the presence of hostiles, and had members take up false IDs. He trained his followers to use guns and knives, established fuel and supply dumps along escape routes to the desert hide outs, and issued orders to only travel in mass at night. He also established several safe houses around LA for teams to run to and hide after a raid until they could make it back to the desert one by one. So, accordingly, his plans may have been to slip in at night in teams of three to five, hit high profile targets, fade away to the desert and hide, then hit again. Yet he had such poor material for his army, it fell apart. This is the terror model spoken of.

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