Determined German Shepherd Hit by THREE Bullets, Saves Owner During Home Invasion

There’s at least one German willing to fight for his homeland.

This German is a doggo who lives in Washington state.

Fox News

A German Shepard is being hailed as a “four-legged angel” after reportedly getting hit by three bullets while protecting his owner during a home invasion attempt this week in Washington.

Javier Mercado, 16, said the dog, named Rex, came to his rescue after burglars broke into his home Wednesday afternoon in Des Moines.

“I started hearing barking, a lot of barking, and then one of the guys screamed, ‘Get the dog! The dog bit me, the dog bit me!'” Mercado told Q13 Fox.

The teen said he called 911 while hiding in a closet and the intruders left when they heard police sirens nearby.

Rex, who is 2 years old, cried out after being hit with a bullet that went into his neck and others that struck his hind legs, according to Mercado.

“I just want to thank my dog,” Mercado told Q13 Fox. “If it wasn’t for him, I feel like I wouldn’t be standing here right now.”

Rex is now recovering at a local veterinary hospital and police have not yet made any arrests in the case, the station added. It was not immediately clear why the house was targeted.

Responding officers, which included a SWAT team, did find a smashed sliding door when they approached the home to inspect the scene, Kiro 7 reported.

“Rex is an angel,” said Julia Cadena, Mercado’s mother. “He’s my four-legged angel that we had at our house.”

I suspect that the perps were blacks. Blacks are more likely to be shooting dogs than any other group.

As I’ve said before, I believe dogs have a collective memory of being eaten in Africa thousands of years ago, and maybe even today.

Dogs enjoy being around white people more than other races and the feeling is mutual. It’s now believed that Europeans domesticated the dog and have been treating dogs with affection for thousands of years.

q13fox in an update is reporting that Rex’s surgery went well.

Dr. Jennifer Weh, a board-certified veterinary surgeon with BluePearl, repaired the fractured bone (the tibia) in Rex’s left hind leg, by inserting a surgical pin and screw. The bone had been broken by the bullet that was fired into this leg. Weh also examined the area near the bullet wound on Rex’s neck and found good news — there was no evidence of damage to the esophagus or trachea.

“Rex is recovering and will spend tonight (Friday night) at BluePearl’s Renton hospital,” the hospital said. “He will be evaluated by veterinarians on Saturday to determine when he can go back home with his family.”

6 thoughts on “Determined German Shepherd Hit by THREE Bullets, Saves Owner During Home Invasion

  1. “It was not immediately clear why the house was targeted.”.

    This is blaming the victim reporting. In a small minority of cases houses are targeted for drugs, guns, cash and also safes. If you have a safe, hide it, buy it with cash only and install it yourself – tell nobody about it, except maybe one trusted person in case you kick the bucket (if the safe is hidden). Put bricks or lead or gold inside to make it extra heavy. Bolt it to concrete etc. Never boast about having lots of cash or guns or gold at home, unless you like being burgled.

    Note – I have no safe, and no house to burgle! No valuables, no insurance.

    Never tell the cops you are going away on holidays, which cops and Govts reckon you should do. Unless you have honest cops, or nothing of value inside your home.

    Most houses and apartments are robbed at random often when the residents are at work. One thief trick is to come back a few months later after a good haul of swag, when insurance will have paid to replace the stolen goods. Then the crafty crooks steal the new items. I knew a guy this happened to. So the second break in only was “targeted”.

    • Good practical advice.

      A long time ago one of our profs was burglarized. They took his VCR and did more damage to the house than the VCR was worth, which was probably $200 to $300 at the time. Last year I bought a bunch of VCRs from a thrift shop for $1.50 each. Oh my, the depreciation. I haven’t moved to wide screen TVs or CDs or whatever the latest tech is. I’m happy with tapes and old VCRs.

      • Second hand DVDs are very cheap and the quality is better than VCRs. You can buy your favourite movies by mail e.g. via eBay – and DVDs have a lower postage costs than VCR tapes. I think VCR tapes should be more like 10 cents each. Wander round good suburbs when a clean-up day is coming. You will get a ton of VCR tapes for free and sometimes DVDs and CDs also.

        I am like you Paladin and love using old technology (though not VCRs). My jap ghetto blaster radio/CD player is already 20 years old and still works (though not the tape player). My bicycle is 28 years old. I used one motorcycle for 36 years and sold it in good running order. I used a Nokia mobile phone (second hand and free) for ten years.

    • An excellent point.

      The SJW couples who adopt niglets as a virtue signal would be much,much better off if they went to the local shelter and took a dog or two home with them.

      The dogs will be cleaner than the niglets,easier to train than the niglets,and will honestly return love and affection. That dog will die protecting you,and if that doesn’t meet the definition of “love”,I don’t know what would.

      And the dogs won’t morph into rapists when they hit puberty,either.

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