South Korean Women Smuggle Gold Bars in Their RECTUMS to Avoid Tax

I don’t think we want to know exactly how customs in Japan extracted the gold from the rectums of SEVEN South Korean women.

I have read that Koreans are similar in values to Jews. The New Yorker reported in 2015 that the Talmud is a best seller in Korea and that every Korean family has a copy because the Koreans want to emulate the success of the Jews.

OK. I guess that means you smuggle gold by putting it inside the place where the sun never shines.

With the sharp spike in security and body check at the airport, one would assume that the days of ‘smuggling’ would long be over. But turns out that some still attempt to smuggle goods to evade taxes. Like this group of South Korean women. Seven South Korean women hid around 40 blocks of gold in their rectums. The tourists, all in their 50s and 60s, were caught out at customs at Chubu International Airport, Japan. The incident occurred last month, when X-rays revealed each of them was carrying at least five metal objects in her abdomen. The Asahi Shimbun reported that each block weighed in at some 200 grams.

Reportedly, all the seven women had flown from Incheon International Airport in South Korea. The objects revealed by the X-ray were found to be roundish-shaped blocks of gold sealed inside transparent bags. Each woman had hidden between five and eight items weighing about 200 grams each, which were confiscated by customs inspectors. The Daily Mail reports that the women will get their gold back if they stump up a fine for smuggling and attempting to avoid paying the consumption tax. Government figures state that there has been a sharp spike in gold smuggling cases in Japan. This has happened since the time the ‘consumption tax’, which includes transactions in goods and services, was hiked by 3 percent in 2014.

Between July 2016 and June 2017, nationwide tax evasion rose by 40 percent, totalling 870 million yen (£5.794 million) in just twelve months, states the Daily Mail. There have been 467 cases of attempted smuggling and tax evasion in that time, or a 60 percent increase. Of these, three-fourths of the cases caught involved attempts at smuggling gold by hiding it externally around the person. Some cases involved hiding gold among accessories or inside luggage handle. Staff at the Chubu Airport, in Tokoname, state that women getting caught hiding gold bars in their rectum was an unusual case.

Unusual? Damn right. When customs sees Koreans, I suspect they’ll be pulling out a new pair of rubber gloves to do an ***hole inspection.

9 thoughts on “South Korean Women Smuggle Gold Bars in Their RECTUMS to Avoid Tax

  1. Honestly this story seems hard to believe gold can get heavy even at a few milligrams wouldn’t it drop out of their ass or weigh them down?

  2. I am not sure what right or need the japs had to X-ray these women, which is damaging to health and not done for medical reasons. The japs must have had a strong suspicion – maybe a tip off. Japs are racists and see Koreans as inferior people. The Nips are correct.

    Surely they were trying to find drugs rather than gold? Whatever the tax is it cannot be huge. India keeps bumping up the tax on importing gold, so there is a lot of smuggling of gold in to India. Why does Japan also hate gold? Is there a fear among the Nips that the Jap currency is not worth the paper it is printed on? Pretty much all Governments hate gold – the (((puppet masters))) hate gold big time. If all USA citizens demanded to use real gold and silver in trading – then the federal reserve would be finished with their counterfeting racket. Gaddafi was trying to introduce a gold backed Dinar – so he had to be killed.

    Try this test and I hope all readers here own some gold of the .999 bullion variety. Carry an ounce or four of gold bullion coins in your trouser pockets. You will walk through all metal detectors at airports, the gold is not detected. American Eagles may not work but Buffaloes should. Eagles are not 0.999 pure. Same for English Sovereigns.

    These women could instead have carried the gold in their pockets. Not handbags since these go through the scanning machines.

    It may be the Japs have better machines. However arriving passengers are not scanned by airport security nor is their hand luggage – only those pulled aside on suspicion.

    There is no GST on gold in Australia, but I am not sure how much you can import legally. American Eagles and English Sovereigns and such like gold attract a massive 10% GST. You can buy gold up to $5 k in Australia anonymously at a dealer. But when you try to sell back just one ounce or less to the same dealer, you must prove who you are with photo ID. Big Sister is watching.

  3. 8 bars at 200g each – that’s 3.6 pounds. I’ve impressed myself on occasion when parting with a monster that made my eyes water, but 3.6lbs – that’s a lot of weight on the old chocolate starfish!

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