Awesome Jewish Warrior Laura Loomer Confronts Lying Pro-Gun Control Jewish Florida Politician (Video)

A Jewish congressman from Florida ducks questions about the Parkland shooting and throws up Sandy Hook as a diversion.

Youtube title: Infowars Confronts Lying Anti-Gun Florida Congressman

Laura Loomer attended a gun control meeting hosted by “Everytown”, which is one of the nation’s largest anti gun organizations, funded by Michael Bloomberg.

Democratic Florida Congressman Ted Deutch was there lying to his constituents, telling them AR 15s are assault weapons and were banned before 2004 (all of which is a lie).

When confronted about these lies, the Congressman refused to answer questions, instead choosing to berate and insult Infowars and those who do not believe that gun control is the answer.

Five minutes. Published February 19.

Laura has chutzpah!

Youtube loves this confrontation.

Good job standing your ground. That congressman is lower than low. He has sold his soul and he knows it.

If the congressman would have went after the FBI in his speech too then at least I would respect that , it’s a good thing he was confronted on this , his soul now heard it by this reporter, wether he changes or not is up to him.

He would have been much better off if he didn’t lose his cool like that. He behaved more like a jerry springer contestant.

Why does he act so smug? WTF. Another (((globalist))).

Love how he avoids actual question!

Actually Sandy hoax was a hoax dirtbag, obviously he has something to hide what a piece of schiff…whole thing is bullshit

He uses fake outrage to shift the focus away from real issues. Disgusting.


5 thoughts on “Awesome Jewish Warrior Laura Loomer Confronts Lying Pro-Gun Control Jewish Florida Politician (Video)

  1. This is a big fucking thorn in my side. Fucking gun control in the USA.. I am from the UK. Not England, Scotland or Wales. Another part of the UK that the UK hates to admit exists due to inner turmoil over politics etc. Northern Ireland firearms laws are separated from ‘Uk’ laws by the fact that being a member of a gun club in N.Ireland allows you to own “any frigging thing baby ” is true concerning hand guns. Any calibre. Any fucking calibre. The same for rifles. Semi auto only of course. Two cunts went on the rampage in the UK. One Scotland”?” one England. Result was no more Pistols. Eh? The cunt used a semi-auto aka 47 lookalike. BAN BAN BAN. The other cunt who went mental also had permit held full auto. Mmm. People don’t believe me at the range when I tell them that the cunt who shot up the primary school ”US” style in Scotland
    put on Ear Defenders! Seriously and committed suicide at the end.

    • The ear defenders might be a good plan to think more clearly. Especially if say a pistol shooter has done 100% of his shooting with ear protection. If he starts firing without them he might lose his cool and judgement. He might wear his normal eye protection also, or a patch over the eye he does not use.
      I would assume that the Las Vegas guy was wearing ear protection, and eye protection, especially firing hundreds of rounds from inside a concrete room.
      Probably most Muzzies driving trucks through crowds of whites, first put on their seat belt for the same reason – not to obey the law.

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