LOL! Repulsive Slob Michael Moore Participated in Anti-Trump Rally Allegedly Organized by Russian Trolls

Phone ringing, Michael?

That’s Mueller on the other end. He wants to know why you’ve been colluding with muh Russians.

How does it feel to be at the center today of Mueller’s sh*tshow?

Fox News

Michael Moore, the polemical filmmaker who has long accused President Trump of colluding with Russians, posted videos and pictures of himself participating in a protest in Manhattan that was allegedly organized by Russians in November 2016.

Prosecutors said Friday that the Russians indicted for meddling in the presidential campaign were also behind anti-Trump rallies that occured after the election.

The government alleged in an indictment signed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller that the defendants organized a Nov. 12 “Trump is NOT my President” rally in New York. Their “strategic goal” was to “sow discord in the U.S. political system,” the indictment said.

On Nov. 12, Moore tweeted: “At today’s Trump Tower protest. He wouldn’t come down.”

He attached a picture of himself posing with a large number of protesters.

Moore also posted a lengthy video on Facebook Nov. 12, when he joined the protest and debated voters at Trump Tower.

Approximately 25,000 protesters turned out in New York on Nov. 12, chanting slogans rejecting the then-president-elect, NBC News reported at the time, citing New York Police Department officials.

Amid heavy police presence, protesters marched from Union Square to Trump Tower, the Guardian reported.

The 13 Russians indicted by special counsel Robert Mueller reside in Russia. None of them will ever be put on trial. Mueller’s investigation is an example of “Justice delayed, justice denied” for Donald Trump. More than that, its degenerated into a clowshow.

Mueller’s goal may be a nefarious one, though. He seems to want to shut down free speech on the Internet. People from around the globe post anonymous comments on American websites commenting on American politics. Can Mueller make this illegal? He seems to want to, while smearing Trump as he goes along.

Arrogant Michael Moore was presumably duped into joining the anti-Trump protest organized by Russians. The more often we can make him look like the fool he is, the better to marginalize him.

9 thoughts on “LOL! Repulsive Slob Michael Moore Participated in Anti-Trump Rally Allegedly Organized by Russian Trolls

  1. No. When it comes to this crackpot Russia conspiracy theory, the only winning move is not to play. I’m sure as hell not going to start granting parts of Hillary Clinton’s conspiracy theory just because it is temporarily aimed at Michael Moore, or at Bernie Sanders, or Jill Stein, or Gary Johnson, or basically any candidate who isn’t named Clinton. No thanks! It’s all a big smelly evidence-free bad-faith accusation from a known liar, and it should be treated as such until some actual evidence starts crashing out of James Clapper’s big red pussy.

    An “indictment” is an accusation. It is most assuredly NOT “evidence.”

  2. And when exactly did Congress pass a law making it a “crime” to criticize Hillary Clinton on the internet? I gather that it is now considered criminal “fraud” if Hillary disputes the accusation?

    JFHC, the Clintons are more “Russian” than Putin himself. They are straight-up aliens who revulse at the idea of political dissent.

  3. “The 13 (((Russians))) indicted by special counsel Robert Mueller reside in Russia”. How come not one US citizen has been identified as an accomplice; Michael Moore or some Democrats for example?

    Has Mueller tried to extradite these (((Russians)))? How do foreigners “organise” live demonstrations within the USA from ten thousand miles away? Does the USA have legal jurisdiction over every citizen in the world? Hubris.

    If foreigners suggest such a demo online, then local US residents take up the ball and get a license and hold the demonstration, what crime has been committed?
    I here and now suggest demonstrations by whites should be held in every big US city ASAP against white genocide. Is that a crime?

    What about those many USA street demonstrations that have been orchestrated from Israel? Will Mueller be issuing indictments for those (((criminals))) any day soon? Will he indict those (((foreigners)) that orchestrated 911?

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