Guns vs. Cars, vs. Drugs (Line Graph)

These kinds of graphs do not phase the minds of social justice warriors. They’re not really interested in facts, but in emotions.

Karl Denninger points out that over half of gun deaths are suicides. He also offers FACTS relating to prescription drugs in these cases.

In fact, of those 38,000 people (37,863 for 2015 according to the CDC) 22,928 were firearm suicides in 2015 (according to the CDC again), or more than half of all deaths by violence and roughly half of all suicides. And virtually all of those suicides, along with most of the homicides, are committed with handguns.

(It’s actually a bit of a trick to kill yourself with a rifle or shotgun. It’s not impossible by any means, but it’s a hell of a lot harder to shoot yourself in the head with a rifle that it is with a pistol.)

With the exception of the few people who committed suicide under perfectly-understandable and sane circumstances (e.g. facing a terminal illness and choosing the time and manner of death instead of having it forced upon them) the rest were mentally ill.

Denninger’s piece presents several references relating to the prescription drugs given to youthful shooters by headshrinkers.

There’s also the matter of the fact that so-called assault weapons are the least likely to be used in violence.

But when are we going to stop with the bull**** about “assault weapons” when (1) the most-common, by far, violent act committed by mentally ill people is suicide, (2) suicides are more than half of all violent deaths that involve firearms, (3) nearly all suicides and nearly all homicides (10:1 ratio for the latter) are committed with handguns, not assault (or any other form of) rifle or shotgun — indeed, you’re about 3x more likely to be killed by someone with a knife than a rifle of any sort and (4) among those who are under the age of 25 these drugs not only do not work they make both violent criminal behavior AND suicide more likely by a factor of anywhere from two to five times over those with similar afflictions who take sugar pills — that is, nothing.

The above is not based on my opinion it is based on multiple scientific, medical studies never mind the false (and, it appears, intentionally-so) claims made by one of the drugmakers in question — and that firm was criminally charged for off-label marketing of said drug.

Yes, 17 people dead in Florida sucks. How badly does it suck that 22,000 people kill themselves every year, many times more than 17, and of those who are under 25 at the time how many of them were taking either currently or recently a class of drug we know not only doesn’t work it makes suicidal ideation anywhere from 2 to 5 times more likely?

Instead of protesting guns, maybe the kids at Parkland should be protesting being used as guinea pigs by (((headshrinkers))) who make money by prescribing feel-good drugs.

4 thoughts on “Guns vs. Cars, vs. Drugs (Line Graph)

  1. How many car deaths are suicides?

    Man gets depressed.
    Man gets drunk.
    Man plays traffic roulette.
    Man dies.
    Cops mop up the mess.
    Stats say another accident was caused by alcohol.

    Really alcohol was just a tool.
    They never investigate this. Because they don’t want to.
    I think that if an accident is caused by a drunk driver at high speed, then chances are it was (at least partially) deliberate.
    Women cause more accidents per mile driven than drunk men anyway.

  2. That graph proves that George Dubya Bush’s “War for Drugs” has been an astonishing success. Big (((Pharma))) is cashing in while 50,000 USA citizens die each year from drug overdoses. OxyContin alone is 30,000 deaths per year I think, of mostly white people.

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