WHITE Basketballer Apologizes for Wishing His “chink” Friends a Happy Chinese New Year




Chinese New Year celebrations took place over the weekend with people in China and around the world welcoming the Year of the Dog on Friday.

With the celebration coinciding with NBA All-Star weekend and the league being hugely popular in China, several NBA players participated in a video last week with well wishes for the holiday.

Philadelphia 76ers guard JJ Redick participated and shockingly appeared to use a racial slur while addressing Chinese fans.

“I just want to wish all of the NBA c—k fans in China a very happy Chinese New Year,” Redick said.

Here’s the video, which was produced by Chinese media company Tencent and not officially affiliated with the NBA. Redick’s contribution starts at the 52-second mark.

Naturally, in an effort to save his career, Reddick apologized.

He did pick up some support from a chink (a word everybody uses) fellow basketballer.

SJWs are out in force at youtube condemning Redick. I left a comment calling them out as virtue signaling morons.

Does anybody really deep down care about what Redick said? I think not. It’s just another case of the Jewish media stirring up hate against white people.

5 thoughts on “WHITE Basketballer Apologizes for Wishing His “chink” Friends a Happy Chinese New Year

    • When the Japs invaded China even they couldn’t believe the racist Chinese supremacism in the gooks SCHOOL BOOKS!

      Sorry, that’s insensitive, the chinks school books. Gooks are from Korea.

      • I have no problem with “racism”. If you think your race is superior to all others, FUCKING ACT LIKE IT!!! Make your race proud, so that you can be proud of your race. It is as simple as that.

  1. If the Koreans are Gooks, are only Vietnamese Slopeheads?
    To quote a comedian re the yellows “they look like dwarves with hepatitis”
    And “our little slant eyed friends”.
    To my ear “Chinks” is fairly affectionate. It does not sound hateful. Weren’t the Ching Chong’s once called Chows?

    • The koreans are slopes , dinks or kimchi’s , the chinamen are chinks , the nippers are japs , the rest of the southeastasians and in particular the flips are Gooks . As a group the ricers fly under the radar, but given that there are billions they are a greater threat than the nogs , the muzzers or the street shitters .

      Just look at the physical condition of these people. These zipperheads have bad teeth, tuberculosis, parasitic worms, chronic skin rashes and goiters; their livestock-rearing practices also incubate the flu pandemics that sweep the world every few years. Yet some white goofs think they can cure their ailments by getting a chink shaman to stick pins in them.

      They are cruel to animals and never met one they wouldn’t eat . They are cruel to each other and they don’t pick up after themselves . Wherever you get chinks you get the filthy , stinking horror that is china .

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