Swastikas Drawn on Polish Embassy in Tel Aviv After Polish PM Said Jews Participated in Holocaust

Poland is showing some independence from the Jewish plan of race replacing all Europeans with Muslims and blacks.

It’s not allowed.

This swastika incident is small potatoes, but it does expose the Jewish mindset: Do as we say or you’re a Nazi.

Excerpt from the BBC

Swastikas have been drawn on the gates of Poland’s embassy in Israel, a day after the country’s PM said Jews were among perpetrators of the Holocaust.

Police in Tel Aviv launched an inquiry after profanities and the word “murderer” were also discovered.

Polish PM Mateusz Morawiecki’s comments have been strongly condemned by Israel.

He has since said through a spokeswoman that he did not intend to blame Jewish victims for “a Nazi German perpetrated genocide”.

The fresh dispute comes just weeks after Israel criticised a new Polish law making it illegal to accuse the Polish nation or state of complicity in Nazi crimes.

The legislation was signed into law by President Andrzej Duda but also referred to the country’s highest court to consider its constitutionality.

Swastikas and anti-Polish profanities were on Sunday found drawn in marker pen on the gates and also on a bulletin board.

No-one has so far claimed responsibility for vandalising the diplomatic mission.

A police investigation is now under way, Tel Aviv authorities say.

The Polish prime minister made the controversial remarks at the Munich Security Conference on Saturday.

Mr Morawiecki said: “It’s extremely important to first understand that, of course, it’s not going to be punishable, not going to be seen as criminal to say that there were Polish perpetrators – as there were Jewish perpetrators, as there were Russian perpetrators, as there were Ukrainian…. not only German perpetrators.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said later on Saturday that the remarks were “outrageous” and showed “an inability to understand history”.

On Sunday, he spoke by telephone with Mr Morawiecki to discuss the issue.

In the call, he “pointed out that the goal of the Holocaust was to destroy the Jewish people and that all Jews were under sentence of death”, Mr Netanyahu’s office said. “He told his Polish counterpart that the distortion regarding Poland could not be corrected by means of another distortion.”

Meanwhile, Polish government spokeswoman Joanna Kopcinsk said that Mr Morawiecki’s comments in Munich “were by no means intended to deny the Holocaust, or charge the Jewish victims of the Holocaust with responsibility for what was a Nazi German perpetrated genocide”.

What does the new Polish law say?
It says that “whoever accuses, publicly and against the facts, the Polish nation, or the Polish state, of being responsible or complicit in the Nazi crimes committed by the Third German Reich… shall be subject to a fine or a penalty of imprisonment of up to three years”.

But it adds the caveat that a person “is not committing a crime if he or she commits such an act as part of artistic or scientific activities”.

The country has long objected to the use of phrases like “Polish death camps”, which suggest the Polish state in some way shared responsibility for camps such as Auschwitz. The camps were built and operated by Nazi Germany after it invaded Poland in 1939.

Poland’s PM appears to be cucking now.

A truly honest politician, like America’s Paul Nehlen, would challenge the Holocaust narrative.

But even a tiny bit of controversy about the Holohoax may make at least a few people think.

6 thoughts on “Swastikas Drawn on Polish Embassy in Tel Aviv After Polish PM Said Jews Participated in Holocaust

  1. Israel and their global assets usually stage a holohoax media orgy in the lead up to Israel attacking someone somewhere, just so we remember who is the oppressed victim while their planes bomb the shit out of the already destitute. Its the media version of the Jew crying out in pain as he stabs you.

    • Yeah haha. You’d think that if actually someone who was a nazi did it, they’d at least respect their own emblems and draw it properly.

      • I swear at least 75% of these badly drawn Swastikas are all done by the heebs no true white nationalist or neo nazi would draw it so poorly with so little detail and why would they draw it on the building? this incident was done by the kikes to gain outrage and publicity nothing more and further proves they false hoax themselves to gain sympathy

  2. You hear a furor internationally about a little drawing on a wall, but in the meantime you hear not a thing from jew media about the slaughter of White people which is constantly ongoing.

    “BLM “activist” followed White people on walking trails, snuck up behind them, and shot them in the head. He claimed he wanted to “kill all white people.” Still zero MSM coverage.”

    [The victims of this jew-enabled negroid soldier who performs for the intended purposes of jewry – are]:

    “All five were white men between ages 54 and 67. All five were fatally shot, most from behind, in surprise attacks as they walked dogs, visited parks and, in one case, walked down a city street.”


    • Well yeah its sad but who walks their dogs in nog infested parks?! They are asking to be killed

      “All five were white men between ages 54 and 67″ And their you have it all boomers who were delusional enough to think there isn’t a race war going on while walking their dogs probably anti-racists hopefully… If there are nogs around don’t go near them As the old Wyatt Mann saying goes Don’t Relax around Blacks!

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