Claim: Albino Negroid Fashion Models Taking Fashion World by Storm


Celebrate ugliness. Honor the freak.

That’s the indoctrination of the Jewish controlled, faggot controlled fashion industry. The Jewish controlled press loves to celebrate that which is ugly.

I’ve linked to a few of the albino Negros featured in the Buzzfeed photo essay.

The Daily Mail ran a feature story on Shaun Ross, pictured below, yesterday. This albino madness is just one more example of the degeneracy of Western culture pushed on us by the elites.


Not every psy op succeeds. Here’s hoping this one fails.

For contrast, here’s a page from the 1958 Sears catalog:

And the males:

This is what normality is like.

25 thoughts on “Claim: Albino Negroid Fashion Models Taking Fashion World by Storm

  1. This is very consistent with the NON-STOP “human race” bullsh!t the jew is perpetrating on dumb Whites….
    Look for more of this….The other mongrel sh!t the jew is shoving at us almost CAN’T be more ubiquitous….
    The girls and outfits we see in that “Sears Roebuck” ad are beauties….The jew is trying to make us ALL forget White standards of beauty and normalcy….

      • Mein Gott ! These nightmare creatures are a horror show .

        The entire problem is that negroes are forcibly classified as humans, when in reality, this magnificent and superior primate of Africa should be classified as what he is – the greatest and most intelligent Ape of all. Everyone will be happier that way.

        I don’t know that I can cleanse my palette after seeing those images . I’m against cruelty to animals but whomever created these creatures should be held to account .

  2. I’m guessing that this is what Prince Harry’s sprogs will look like.

    The low iq vibe coming off the above photos is palpable.

  3. I hope lewgc sees this one and comments on the bootlips. Fat lips on an albino look even more horrible than on a black Boon.

    There must be some rare skin disorder where whites have a very dark skin? Irony is, when whites were “racists” 50 years ago they laid in the sun and got as dark as they could, both men and women. Now those PC whites that love niggers have a much whiter skin than those former sun lovers.

  4. OMG!!! I was checking out J Crew Catalogue today and I could not believe how many of the models were “black” !!! You hardly see a White Face in the magazines anymore, and now
    this!!! YUK!!!

  5. Paladin, classic traditional American dressing still sold today by retailers like Land’s End, Orvis, QVC, and others. Sears owns Land’s End. Ralph Lauren has a take on this style, too. No, it hasn’t gone out of style, but I think it’s more common in the Northeast, now. It’s very close to preppy without the anchor and dolphin printed pants, and loud pink, blue, and green colors.

    But, you might have been addressing the pretty, slim, models and clean cut males who look like Dads?

  6. Poor marketing choice choosing black albinos to model clothes since few will identify with them. Everyone else will be less likely to buy clothes they are modeling.

  7. As my Dad used to say “no matter how much you scrub and polish it up, a turd is still a turd.” I’m sorry call me raycis but I never thought blax were attractive in any way, albino ones even less…..yup sgree nose and lips a dead giveaway

    • In Africa the Boons kill albinos for being witches. So this advertising is probably offensive to most black people, not just white people.

      I have never seen a dog food ad using an albino dog.

      • Within the last couple of years, I did a post on albinos being killed in Africa.

        There was an ugly albino black girl in my class in the 90s. Her father was white, as I understood her to say. But maybe I’m wrong. She could have been a pure black albino. She looked like the worst of these freaks. One white male prof, not me, was captivated by her and wanted her as his girlfriend. I think he had sex with her a few times.. Weird!

  8. You know, this actually makes the differences between european whites and blacks much more obvious. Their black skin actually hides a lot of their ape-like features which are even more noticeable with these albinos.

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