Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Snubbed by Indian PM as He Lands in New Delhi

The nerve of those dotheads snubbing a strong, powerful, manly leader like Justin Trudeau.

India better watch out or Canada will nuke it into oblivion for insulting such a great man.

Excerpt from The Telegraph

Justin Trudeau, the Canadian prime minister, received a lukewarm welcome at the start of his official India visit, with some claiming he had been “snubbed” by New Delhi over his support of Sikh separatists.

After landing on Saturday, Mr Trudeau was received by a junior agricultural minister and only by district officials when he visited the iconic Taj Mahal in Agra a day later.

His welcome stands in stark contrast to heads of foreign governments who have been personally received at New Delhi’s airport by prime minister Narendra Modi himself, known for his warm public embraces with world leaders.

Mr Trudeau was also not afforded the usual fanfare of being greeted by the provincial chief minister of northern Uttar Pradesh state, where Agra is located.

Diplomatic sources said by “downgrading” these subtle arrangements, Modi’s Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government was “indicating” its displeasure over Mr Trudeau attending an event organised by Sikhs in Toronto last May that featured posters and flags demanding the Sikh homeland of Khalistan.

Canada is home to 4.68 million Sikhs, comprising 1.4 per cent of its population and a small, but influential number of them had financially and politically backed the 15-year long Sikh insurgency in northern Punjab state for an independent homeland of Khalistan or Land of the Pure.

The Sikh separatist movement claimed over 80,000 lives before it was crushed around 1993, but much to New Delhi’s chagrin small groups of Sikhs in Canada have continued to support the creation of Khalistan.

In a running diplomatic battle that has resulted in turbulent ties between the two countries, India has accused successive Canadian administrations, including Mr Trudeau’s, of backing these Sikh groups, known as Khalistani’s. Many such Sikh activists had also acquired political importance, adding to bilateral seesaw relations between India and Canada.

Modi is known for bear-hugging world leaders on their arrival in India, like Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, former French president Francoise Hollande and Barack Obama.

This clownshow bears further watching. Trudeau and Modi are scheduled to meet in a few days. Let’s see what happens.

8 thoughts on “Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Snubbed by Indian PM as He Lands in New Delhi

  1. It’s said that little MK Ultra Justin Trudeau was pizza 🍕..if you know what I mean. His father Pierre was a horrible Satan worshipping bisexual asshole ..who made trips with his son to secret military outposts in Alaska !!! It would explain a lot ..if not here’s an interesting little video.

  2. There aren’t 4.68 million Sikhs in Canada! The Telegraph writer is engaging in some serious bullshit. “Canadian Sikhs number roughly 468,670…”

      • A sikh streetshitter is the leader of the Social Democratic party and another is the Defence minister in turdeau’s government . They are very well organized and what they do is they deliver a bloc vote to whomever is in power in any area that they have infested.

  3. As shitskin nations like India rise, chickenshit nations like Canada are going to get snubbed by the racist browns. When Canada, Australia etc try to please everybody – they end up pleasing nobody, excepting their unelected jew puppet masters.

    As an example, Australia in now almost 9% Chink and 8% street shitters. I would be sure the Indian PM is pissed off about the large number of Chinks in Australia and he would hate all the Muzzie Lebs and Pakis in Australia as well. The Chink leader would be pissed off about the large number of street shitters and towelheads in Australia. White idiots wring their hands and say “but we are not racists we let all of these scum in just to please you, we even allowed in a ton of war zone nigger killers”.

    Canada is a real cuck nation with all of this multicolouredism on steroids. India has nukes, Canada has none.

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