Feral Dindu McNuffins Attacks White Teen in McDonald’s Restroom (Video)

45 seconds confirming what pieces of sh*t Dindu McNiggers are.

The attacker, 17, has been arrested for beating up a 15-year-old inside the bathroom at a Wellington McDonald’s.

This was the first comment on youtube. Not racist, race realist even if a little eccentric:

Racist monkey-animals. When are you idiots going to figure we didn’t evolve and we weren’t created equal. And “God’ didn’t create the human races. We were all DNA engineered and some races are more violent and savage for that reason and dumb and destruction, like the BLACKS.

ABC Action News

The minute-long video shows a teenager kick open the stall door then proceed to punch the victim, who crouches on top of the toilet. The attacker is also yelling profanities. He pulls the victim to the ground and continues punching and kicking him.

He eventually asks the victim, who is still on the tile floor of the bathroom stall, to put the passcode into his phone. He grabs the phone from his hand then throws it onto the ground.

Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office confirmed an incident happened Tuesday and that a 17-year-old juvenile was arrested.

Since the only punishment that blacks understand is pain, the law should be changed to allow the families of victims of McNuffins to inflict three times the pain on the perp. If the family of the victim is liberal and won’t go along with it, then the judge should order a professional with a horsewhip to do the job.

6 thoughts on “Feral Dindu McNuffins Attacks White Teen in McDonald’s Restroom (Video)

  1. I am still amazed that no parents have taken the public schools to court and challenged these integration laws. I know this attack did not happen in a school but the same principal applies. Allowing any race of child, not just Whites but any race other than black to mingle and be forced to be around black teenagers is oppression since blacks mature so much faster than the other races.

  2. Teach your children how to fight and teach them to fight mean and dirty. Absolutely no mercy. There is no dishonor in eye-gouging someone that wants to hurt you like this especially if they are bigger, stronger and blackety-black like the silverback in the video. I saw this stuff happening as far back as 1984 in Milwaukee. It’s amusing to me (in a strange way) that so many whites are just now learning that naggers used to get sprayed with firehoses for a good reason…because they are dirty fucking naggers.

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