“Racist” Stickers Go Up on Stop Signs Across California Town

The alt-right is making its presence known and what we have to say terrifies the establishment and the dumb goyim who are happy to promote their own genocide.


TURLOCK, Calif. (KCRA) —
Kathy Doo describes it as a game of cat and mouse. A sticker goes up, she takes it down. The next day, it’s back up again.

“We have seen hundreds of stickers,” the Turlock resident said. “Somebody somewhere is spending money to keep replacing these stickers.”

The stickers have been described as insensitive at best, racist at worst, residents said. Some stickers posted below the word “STOP” on stop signs said “open borders.” Other stickers said “alt-right” on them. One sticker read, “equality is a false God.”

“I don’t want to see this get any bigger than what it already is,” Doo said. “I want to see this alt-right and hate speech knocked back.”

Doo and other members of a Turlock group called Coalition Against Hate plans to march to city hall Tuesday.

The group will ask the city council to step up enforcement against those putting up the stickers and to increase its messaging on equality and inclusion.

According to city records, 39 signs identified as offensive have been removed by city staff since the end of November. However, many residents are removing the stickers themselves and not reporting it to the city.

Turlock Mayor Gary Soiseth called the stickers hate speech and said it’s disappointing that they’re going up in Turlock.

With a police force that’s “already strapped,” he urged residents to remain engaged and vigilant by reporting stickers and promised a removal crew will be sent out immediately.

“We will make sure we take a stand, as far as a city, to make sure people aren’t putting up those stickers and making people feel unwelcome and that they do feel safe,” Soiseth said.

In addition to city property, several anti-immigrant posters have been found on the Stanislaus State University Campus.

One poster discovered Monday covered a sign reading “Everyone is welcome here” with one that said “No means no.” Below the words is a map of the United States with a hand coming up, as if to grab it from below. Beneath the image is the message “#mybordersmychoice.”

Senior Essma Nasher is a member of the group Students for Quality Education and said the university’s administration hasn’t done enough to discourage this behavior.

“They haven’t really done anything,” she said. “They tell us that they’re all about inclusion and diversity — and then they don’t do anything.”

Nasher was one of about 20 people creating signs and planning for Tuesday’s march to Turlock City Hall.

A rally will take place at 4 p.m. in Turlock’s Central Park, after which protesters will march to city hall to attend the city council meeting at 6 p.m.

The nerve of these f*cks who are opposed to free speech.

We’re winning. The proof is how afraid the egalitarians who worship the Negro and the migrant are.

Stickering is a great idea where there are no security cameras.

8 thoughts on ““Racist” Stickers Go Up on Stop Signs Across California Town

  1. “I don’t want to see this get any bigger than what it already is,” Doo said. “I want to see this alt-right and hate speech knocked back.”

    Obviously, Kathy hasn’t had her face rubbed into the putrid stench of multicultural diversity enough yet. Too bad she won’t come to her senses until Carlos and his friends gang rape and sodomize her and pour bleach down her throat.

    Of course, Kathy and her kosher professors will dismiss me as a raving Nazi, but just among us, we know that I am not making hysterics, right? I mean, I can easily back up my statement and argument unlike…

  2. I have recently observed in “trendy’ Commie Rat suburbs of Sydney such as Newtown and Enmore, than far left posters are often applied to bus timetables at bus stops, blocking all the information! These are not peel off stickers but A4 sheets and larger. There is also spray-painted graffiti shit everywhere including on private property.

    Young whites at the Newtown Railway Station were handing out leaflets about “Invasion Day” and I saw nobody take one, even though most people were non-white diverse types, as usual for much of Sydney. The lefts “Invasion Day” is when on 26 Jan 1788 the British Immigrated to Sydney, Australia. This was required by the disloyalty and armed treason of the American Colonies. No abos were harmed for a long time, even though many early settlers were killed and wounded by the blacks. Even the Governor was speared by a black. The white Governor ordered no reprisal and even named the spear chucker “a manly fellow”. That is how the famous beach at Manly got its name.

    Right wing posters or stickers in Sydney are as rare as rocking horse shit. Leftist and anal poo pusher posters outweigh right wing posters by 100 to 1 at least. Usually lefty and poo marriage posters vandalise public property. The rare right wing flyer – usually does not do so. These pro white flyers are so rare, and so quickly removed or damaged, that it is more proof that the battle is already lost, in Sydney at least

  3. In 1984 and 1985 Sydney City had small sticker posters everywhere “Stop the Asian Invasion”. I have not seen a similar sign anywhere in more than 30 years. The Asian Invasion continues and is nearly complete as far as Sydney goes. Australia will be a colony of China within 50 years and possibly no shots will be fired. The Chinese majority in Australia will simply vote for it. All legal and democratic. Fiji had this problem year ago when the Indian imported plantation workers outvoted the native Fijians and elected an Indian for PM. So the Fijian Army did the manly thing and took over with only Fijians allowed to rule Fiji. White hand wringers would never do this.

    Is not multiculturalism grand, even if almost all “Asians” who come to Australia are in fact Mandarin speaking ethnic Ching Chongs? They come from every country in East Asia and the statistics pretend they are Flips or Thais or Gooks or Cambodians, not the Chinese they actually are.

  4. Speaking of California, San FranShithole has a new mayor.
    And it’s (gasp!) a straight. White. Male.
    Never mind that he’s a left-turd fit for a shithole city such as SF, the fact that he has the wrong skin color, genitals, etc. is a huge blow to the identity-first democrats.

    May they eat each other alive as they drown in the human waste filled streets they created.

    • Get some printed. Also “Build the Wall’ or “Stop The Black African Baby Bomb” or “USA for the White Man”. Place these under “One Way” road signs.

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