Fed Up German Woman Talks about Her Fears (Video)

Seven minutes. Published January 19, 2018.

10 thoughts on “Fed Up German Woman Talks about Her Fears (Video)

  1. Excellent video, Professor.
    The righteous frustrations of this lady shine through very clearly.
    Apart from the physical dangers she outlines what must be at least as galling to her – and something we all here understand – is that the laws are being written and re-written in our countries so as to silence anyone even voicing these everyday concerns.

    That to me is the worst part of it all in the west today – that the governments that are supposed to represent and serve us conspire to prevent us from even talking about the problems of enrichment.

    All the great thinkers who lived under Marxism wrote about the toxic effect of having one’s voice taken away. They rightly viewed it as far more damaging to the human condition than the low material standards of living in dictatorships.

    Soviet thinkers pointed out in smuggled or underground essays that when a dictator steals from the people that doesn’t hurt because that’s what crooks do – they steal; also, when the dictator tells the lie that he hasn’t stolen at all that too doesn’t hurt because that’s what crooks do – they lie. But what does de-humanise the spirit is when the dictators demand that the people accept the lies as truth and internalise the lies – and to ensure it they crack down on free speech. That is where the real harm to us lays.

    For those interested in the field I recommend this very important, (and short). essay by Solzhenitsyn: Live Not By Lies, We may not live under the Marxist economic model – but the Marxists won the culture wars and therefore infuse our culture with their values.


    It strikes me that you may have read it before, Professor. Perhaps Solzhenitsyn’s urging the men of the west to reject the lies fed to us and instead to speak out against them prompted your setting up this site?


    : do not allow her to even voice

    • Sarah says to Moshe “Why do you still hide your gold? You must give it to the Soviet Government because we are “Moving Towards Socialism””?
      Moshe “What happens when the moving is in the other direction”?

  2. The jew is importing the n!gger cancer to DESTROY European Whites just like they did in SA and EVERY American city….About a year ago close to Christmas I was working in NYC (I live in Brooklyn but rarely go to disgusting Manhattan)….I had a mile walk to the 34th st subway station after finishing (carrying about 100 pounds of crap)….It was HORRIFYING SURREAL AND SHOCKING to notice that 95 percent of the hordes walking the packed streets of midtown Manhattan at about 4PM on December 23rd 2016 were NON-WHITES (n!gger, spics, chinks, arabs, hindus YOU NAME IT!!!)….About the only normal affluent Whites I noticed were blonde tourist couples and families….(I’m staring at them thinking WTF are you doing here?)….The entire city (all 5 boroughs) is supposedly 33 percent White…..(including Russian jews and shuttered old White people)…
    40 years ago the Manhattan hordes at that time of day and year would have been about 80 percent White….
    On the entire train ride going there that morning the only attractive “white” woman I noticed were an attractive Germanic looking hasidic jewish woman (reading the jew book backwards) and her early 20s daughter…(she caught me looking at her and gave me the NAZI/JEW-HATER look…I gave her the BIG SMILE and she smiled back: “he’s one of US”)…
    Does anyone recall that 22 years ago when EuroDisney opened in France there was a public outcry in France that the influx of American Disney would harm French culture…Look what has happened to France with the invasion of a million n!ggers and arabs…Either they are shutting up because they are AFRAID of being called RAYCISS!!! or the people are being censored by the jew press….

    • The movie “Miracle on 34th Street” is just 71 years old. 98% of people in it are white or jews. Everybody likes Christmas and uses the word. The word Christ is never used, no mention of his birth, and no church services either. But the theme is a moral one where the store paid Santa sends buyers to competitors if they can get a better deal.

      “Matthew 12:25
      “And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand:”
      King James Version (KJV)”.

      Funny how the multicult people and jews are saying “bring it on”.

  3. Did anyone notice the massive list of zionist web sites and organisations in the credits at the end?
    Every one of them is a rabid izrahell supporter. They are trying to get this done in the cheapest way possible, typical jews. Have us murder the muslims for them and at the same time weaken us as a people. This did not happen organically, it was planned and unless we target the real culprits and their puppets currently being paid to rule over us then they will win. It’s reached the point of no return now and they are counting the days until we all rise up so they can bring in laws to put us in camps. They will play the we can’t send them all back it’s ridiculous card first but we can and must. We must form new political parties and fight this politically as I don’t think we have the numbers of people willing to die for the cause on our side, not anymore, we are far too brainwashed and scared of not being able to pay the bills. If we had the numbers and they had the will we could take back power through violent revolution but our people have grown too soft and cowardly over the years and we would be beaten easily. We need to organise and form groups in every town and hamlet and use the web to communicate and organise meetings. One man at home is not going to cut it, we need to meet up in the streets and make our presence felt. Anyway, more sites spring up every day telling the truth but it’s the apathy they have induced that is our biggest enemy and this will get a whole lot worse before it gets better, if it does ever get better that is.

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