Europe: ‘Even refugees with a university degree have an IQ of only 93′

We know the migrants lack intelligence and that they are parasites.

In a way that’s not the issue. The real issue is miscegenation and the extinction of the race that created European civilization.

Talk of migrant job readiness is just a diversion, although the powers that be don’t care for the obvious truth.

Voice of Europe

The EU and mainstream media said Europe’s ageing population needed migrants to rejuvenate its workforce.

If their statement was correct, then the results of the migrant crisis would’ve been great: Hundreds of thousands of migrant should have been gainfully employed by now.

The reality, however, is totally different. For example in Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands between 80 and 99 percent of migrants are unemployed after sometimes more than a year.

A lot of migrants don’t have the skills required to compete in Europe’s modern workforce. But according to Professor Rindermann of the German University of Chemnitz there is also a problem of intelligence.

Professor of Psychology Heiner Rindermann, already caused a minor controversy when he stated in Oktober 2015 that refugees (migrants) have a lower average intelligence than Germans and gave evidence for his claim.

According to his study, refugees with university degrees had an average IQ of 93 in mathematical and abstract tasks; the same skill level as indigenous high school students.

Third world countries print diplomas that do not actually certify a rigorous educational experience. Those diplomas are virtually worthless.

As a result, Professor Rindermann wrote in German magazine Focus:

“The majority of immigrants from South-eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa do not have a high qualification profile.”

Rindermann went on to claim that the often cited “language problem” is only partly to blame for this discrepancy and more important are weaknesses in basic skills. He adds that the problem is exacerbated by the “more frequent consanguineous marriages (i.e. first cousin marriages) in Muslim communities and in Africa with [their]corresponding impairments”.

“These people will master the technical and cultural complexity of a modern country less successfully and risk making more cognitive errors in daily life”, Rindermann concluded.

The findings of Rindermann were hard to swallow for the mainstream media and the left in general. Regardless of the facts, leftist member of parliament, Susanne Schaper, made the outrageous suggestion to the distinguished university professor that he should go back to school to learn how to express himself politically correctly. In a way, Ms Shaper admits that modern publicly funded education is one big indoctrination course.

The left believe that all men are equal in ability and potential but this is simply not true the global IQ map shows. The map almost perfectly corresponds to the UN Human Development Index.

Send them back if the word “illegal” still has any meaning in Europe.

3 thoughts on “Europe: ‘Even refugees with a university degree have an IQ of only 93′

  1. “The (((EU))) and (((mainstream media))) said Europe’s ageing population needed tinted migrant welfare bums to paralyze its workforce and destroy the old age pensioner benefits.”

  2. >>>Third world countries print diplomas that do not actually certify a rigorous >>>educational experience. Those diplomas are virtually worthless.

    You can purchase the 1000 sheet turd world diploma rolls in the toilet paper section of your local supermarket

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