Tapes Discovered Showing Jewish Revenge Plot to Kill SIX MILLION GERMANS


Anyone familiar with the Jewish character would not be surprised that following the Second World War, a group of Jews decided to murder six million Germans.

The irony is that apparently these Jews believed their own hoax, the Holohoax.

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

Long-lost tapes reveal details of a foiled plan by the Jewish Avengers to kill six million Germans by poisoning the country’s water supply in revenge for the Holocaust.

Film maker Avi Merkado found ten tapes, buried in a museum in Israel, which detailed how a band of Jewish partisans formed after the Second World War.


The recordings – which have never been heard in public – are at the heart of a new documentary entitled Holocaust: The Revenge Plot, due to air on January 27.

Recorded in 1985, when their leader Vilnius Ghetto survivor and Israeli poet Abba Kovner, was dying of cancer, they provide the most detailed account of the group’s 1946 plans.

The tapes describe how The Avengers, led by Kovner and Pasha Reichmann, funded their activities with £5 notes, forged by Jews in concentration camps and exchanged on the black market.

They claim that the late Israeli Presidents, Chaim Weizmann and Ephraim Katzir, were instrumental in helping the Avengers acquire the poison they needed for their audacious plot.

They describe how Avengers’ agents infiltrated the waterworks of four German cities – Hamburg, Nuremberg, Frankfurt and Munich – but plans to poison the water supplies were foiled when Kovner was arrested at sea.

And they talk about their second mass murder attempt to poison the bread of 50,000 SS officers in Prisoner of War camps in Nuremberg and Munich, which was more successful, striking down up to 2,000 victims.

Mr Merkado told MailOnline: ‘The story of the tapes started a few years ago with Kovner’s grandson Nimrod. He was moving into his grandfather’s old house and boxes of his possessions were taken to the Museum.

‘After talking to Avi Avidov, who was Pasha Reichmann’s son, who taught me my BA, I found a tape in a box of his old things. I thought there must be more, so I went to the Museum and went through his stuff and eventually found ten tapes. It was a Eureka moment.

‘I was especially interested in the interview with Abba Kovner at the beginning when he explained how they did it and why they felt it necessary to make a response to the horrors.’

A Jew commenter at the Daily Mail has been heavily down voted for noting that Jews do not forgive and forget.

Isn’t it funny how Jews fail to understand that they are not innocent victims, despised for no reason. Antisemitism is a rational response to the mischief they cause everywhere they go.

It’s Jews that created the mass invasion of Germany by sh*tskin “refugees,” so Jews are finally having their revenge.

For now at least. But the Goyim know and an awakened white race is going to deal with the Jewish question for good.

14 thoughts on “Tapes Discovered Showing Jewish Revenge Plot to Kill SIX MILLION GERMANS

  1. They’ll kill us all, every single one of us. The Jew is Satan in human form. The Jew is the definition of destruction, the destroyer of people, nations, and morals. They are the anti-Christ. They believe in the lie that is the Holocaust, but the world is waking up to them, not just Whites, but all people. This time, they will be shown no mercy. Future generations will tell stories of the Jews, who were wiped out in their mad quest for world domination.

  2. https://www.bitchute.com/video/KCWcAxuwACyQ/
    Other Losses: Germany Under Allied Occupation 1945-1950 DVD

    After the WW2, many more German people were killed by allied action after the war than died during the war. Never had such vengeance been committed. This film, based on James Bacque’s books, Other Losses and Crimes and Mercies, uses eyewitness accounts and documentary evidence to tell the story accurately and compassionately.

    At least 9.3 Million (and perhaps 13.7 Million) Germans died as a result of deliberate Allied starvation and expulsion policies after the Second World War, including 1.5-2 Million German prisoners in Eisenhower’s Death Camps. Millions of these people slowly starved to death in front of the victors’ eyes every day for years. These deaths have never been honestly reported by either the Allies or the German government. No denial of history has ever been so successful.

    The jews Henry Morgenthau Jr., Secretary of the Treasury, and Harry Dexter White, Senior Treasury Department official, developed the Morgenthau Plan to genocide 20 Million German people. The Treasury officials were able to integrate basic features of their plan into the military directive, originally prepared by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and known as JCS 1067.

    Minimum Maximum
    Expellees (1945-50) 2,100,000 6,000,000
    Prisoners (1941-50) 1,500,000 2,000,000
    Residents (1946-50) 5,700,000 5,700,000
    _________ __________
    Totals 9,300,000 13,700,000

    from page 131, “Crimes and Mercies: The Fate of German Civilians Under Allied Occupation 1944-1950”, by Canadian historian James Bacque, 2007.

      • “developed the Morgenthau Plan to genocide 20 Million German people. ”

        The Morgenthau Plan was meant to genocide ALL the German people.

      • Actually sorry, no it wasn’t. That was the Kaufman Plan.

        Also, the Hooton Plan was to send in the niggers to rape the Aryan out of the Germans.

        So many plans I got a little confused. Now Merkel is doing the Kalergi Plan. That’s the final plan, and its not just for Germans.

        The EU was based on the Kalergi Plan – its a plan to eliminate the white races from Europe and replace them with “mongrels”.

  3. the rank and file jew may believe the holohoax – tho I doubt it – but the ‘leaders’ know its a lie and propagate it to extend their parasitical existence off the back of the goy. The whole ‘6 million’ number was being circulated widely BEFORE [[[they]]] started the war; it shows up in their kabbalistic numerology as well as numerous writings and jewish papers. The BS was in place way before 1939.
    THEY had most likely planned 6 million murders in Germany….but their plan didnt work out like it did in russia. So, the contingency plan was put into place. Their father the devil got his body count plus some after all…

  4. So I guess Dresden wasn’t enough for the bloodthirsty bloodsuckers.

    “The sun has never shone on a more bloodthirsty and vengeful people than they are who imagine that they are God’s people who have been commissioned and commanded to murder and to slay the Gentiles.” ~ Martin Luther, 1543

    “Long-lost tapes reveal details of a foiled plan by the Jewish Avengers to kill six million Germans by poisoning the country’s water supply in revenge for the Holocaust.”

    Of course there are always predictable shrieks of “anti-semitism” from the chosenites whenever the subject comes up of poisoning wells with corpses that died of bubonic plague in the middle ages. I seem to recall reading that they got kicked out of a couple of places for that.

    • Lately scientists are saying it wasn’t the rats’ fault. They are saying it was human fleas causing the plague.
      It stinks of a cover up. They don’t want anyone thinking that anyone was transporting rats I guess.

  5. I was just talking to aaaaarrrrrooooonnn kosminski, jacob the ripper aand genrihk yayayayahahahahgoda we had a laugh and yoke as yehuda doooo.
    So they tell me it’s not jewgle yoo should FEAR, but the HATE of CHRIST’s father. Who demand’s payment up front.
    This end.

    Any movie you want.
    Choose the fourth option.


  6. I’ve posted this before but it bears repeating.
    There’s an absolutely fascinating book “Against Our Better Judgement” by Alison Weir who also started and runs IfAmericansKnew.com. It’s all about how the Zionists used the US to create and maintain that evil Zionist entity at the far end of the Mediterranean. They know that if the American population ever learn how they have been lied to and exploited by the Jews that their precious Israel will be permanently scrubbed from the face of the planet and every last Red Sea pedestrian in the world will be hunted down and terminated with extreme and righteous vengeance.

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