Memorial Service Held for Piper the Airport Dog Who Died of Prostate Cancer

White culture. Sappy? Not to me.

Why not remember an unforgettable dog taken from us too young.

Watch Piper in action in his memorial video embedded at the end of this post.


TRAVERSE CITY, MI – Scores of people turned out at the City Opera House of Traverse City Saturday afternoon for a memorial service for Piper, Michigan’s famous airport dog.

Piper died earlier this month after a year-long bout with cancer.

The memorial service was livestreamed at the Cherry Capital Airport K-9 Team’s Facebook page.

Those watching the livestream and sending well wishes included people in California, New Jersey, the Dakotas, and even Germany, Australia and Rome.

Piper’s main job was the four-legged half of Cherry Capital Airport’s K-9 team. He was trained to chase wildlife away from the airport’s runways, keeping the space safe for planes and passengers.

He was trained by his owner, Brian Edwards, the airport operations supervisor. Edwards always said the best part of the partnership was being able to work with the dog he loved.

Through Piper’s work, he became a social media star and ambassador for Northern Michigan. The energetic border collie drew thousands of fans by sharing his adventures on Facebook, Instagram, even doing an AMA on Reddit.

Piper regularly interacted with crews at the U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Traverse City, and welcomed the Navy’s Blue Angels and the Air Force’s Thunderbirds to town. He even took up skydiving to help a good cause.

In the last few weeks, Edwards has thanked his friends and Piper’s fans for their continued support.

“That is what I hope part of Piper’s legacy will be. Whether it’s cancer or anything else crappy going on in your life, don’t let it define you. Stay positive, smile, be courageous… be you.”

3 thoughts on “Memorial Service Held for Piper the Airport Dog Who Died of Prostate Cancer

  1. Dogs – it does seem to be a white thing.
    I’ve done a fair amount of traveling and in many non-white countries, dogs really suffer. I see the same happening more and more in non-white areas of western cities now – yet another unpleasant change.
    On a more cheerful note, this was a lovely send-off for an old dog in the UK a year or so back.

    • Yes…Pet ownership is a mostly White thing but I have noticed non-whites loving their dogs….Usually loner type varieties of negroes, sp!cs and jews…..

  2. God bless Piper’s memory.
    Our little friend’s life had a lot more value than many, many humans I have met.
    I’m naturally kind to all animals but dogs are special. They really are our best friends.
    They only want to love us.

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