Trump’s Fake News Awards List Heavy with Jewish Authors

Fox News covers the story without noticing the Jews.

Jews may control the news, but the goyim know. And they’re not going to forgive and forget.

3 thoughts on “Trump’s Fake News Awards List Heavy with Jewish Authors

  1. Will the (((MSM))) report this story? If not, perhaps more – or some – Govt regulation is required of the media. This story should be front page news. I would like to see criminal sanctions for these lies. Intentional slander and libel. Trump could sue. Maybe. The jew domination of the media should be ended by force from the Govt. Compulsory sale of all jew owned media assets using RICO laws. USA claims to insist on free competition. The media is a racket and an Oligarchy, all working together against freedom and the truth.

    Another idea. the Republican Party could send this story to every member of the party and ask them to spread it around to their friends.

    Another – use the AA laws to get the vast majority of jew journalists fired, they should be limited to just 2% of all journos and talking media heads.

  2. Rocha is probably a Sephardi Jew (Portuguese).
    Only Riotta is not a jew.
    None are Anglo Saxons.
    Is this how the Founding Fathers hoped things would turn out?

  3. Those are self loathing SOROS Jews who are the enemies of Israel. The are the communist Jews. The majority of Jews including myself are loyal patriotic MAGA citizens.

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