South African Farm Murders (A Lauren Southern Video)

According to the Sunday Times Katie Hopkins is going to South Africa to publicize the plight of the South African farmer.

Here are two of her Tweets on the issue, featured in the article.

The former talk show host has almost 900‚000 Twitter followers. She writes for Rebel Media‚ a conservative Canadian website‚ with mostly white writers‚ self-described as a “fearless source of news‚ opinion‚ and activism that you won’t find anywhere else”.

South African farmers last year protested against their lack of safety and farm killings on a day dubbed Black Monday. Hopkins tweeted afterwards she would travel to South Africa to expose “#plaasmoorde”.

Hopkins believes farm murders and the brutality of the attacks are being ignored in South Africa‚ due to the race of the victims.

9 thoughts on “South African Farm Murders (A Lauren Southern Video)

      • 2 vs 9 and the 2 win.

        Whitey’s getting too soft.
        One of the white men probably grabbed a knife off Caesar and his missus told him to drop it and don’t hurt the cute monkey.

  1. Lots of comments under Katie Hopkins tweets from British saying they want to leave, are leaving or have left UK because of migrants. USA, New Zealand, Hungary, and Poland, destinations.

    Many South Africans want to fight it out. Laws prevent them from taking assets out of the country could be a reason..

    Hopefully these two ladies efforts won’t be ignored. I inundated Trump and Tucker Carlson today with messages about SA. Tucker seems to be the only MSM candidate who might expose what’s going on there.

    He covered one of the issues Tuesday night I alerted him to on Monday. Coincidence…don’t know.

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