Carolina Panthers Employee Kills Children, Then Jumps from Bridge to Her Death


Based on the photo above, at first I thought Christina Elizabeth Treadway was a darker white women mudshark, say of southern Italian or Greek DNA, but additional photos show that she’s a black woman with an admixture of nonblack genes, perhaps Native American, with some white DNA coming through the Native American side.

The news media are giving the story wide play because, I suppose, women are not supposed to kill their own children. But as the world becomes increasingly nonwhite, and the ability of the white race to influence the darker races wanes because of “democracy” the law of the jungle is returning. Killing her children was not that unusual, but then killing herself sets this story apart from many others.

I’ve embedded one of her videos at the end of this post. The woman was insane over makeup, for sure.

New York Daily News

A North Carolina mother killed her two kids before jumping off a bridge to her death on a highway Saturday, authorities said.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police responded to a suicide call on Interstate 485 after 5:30 p.m. where they found 34-year-old Christina Treadway dead at the scene, WKRN-TV reported.


Police then went to Treadway’s home where 7-year-old Isaiah Miller and 3-year-old Iliyah Miller were found alone with fatal wounds.

The kids were taken to a hospital where they later died. Authorities didn’t say what their injuries were. A motive remained unclear.

Treadway was an employee with the NFL’s Carolina Panthers, a team spokesman said.

Antoine Miller, the kid’s father, created a GoFundMe page to raise money to cover funeral expenses.

“I am beyond hurt and sad. Please help me send my babies to their resting place,” he wrote. “My kids were my everything. I truly don’t know how my life will go on.”

Treadway would often post about her children’s achievements on social media, and in one Instagram post, she said she made a birthday outfit for her daughter.

“Iliyah and I have an incredible bond,” she said in the post. “I’m so sad she is not a baby anymore. I’m looking forward to all her achievements and adventures.”

Family members couldn’t understand what drove Treadway to kill her son and daughter.

“I love Tina to death, but she was just troubled,” Tina Moore, the children’s grandmother, told WJZY-TV. “I don’t know what happened because she came and stayed at my house for the summer. I don’t know what happen, she just lost it.”


Picking up more details from People

Going by the name Tina Lateena, Treadway, who was a gameday ticket taker for the Carolina Panthers football team according to a team spokesman who confirmed her employment to PEOPLE, described herself as “A mom who loves her kids and glam!!” on the YouTube channel where she posted multiple videos of her two children singing and dancing.

Six months ago, she posted a birthday video to the children’s father, writing, “My love for you is so BIG it has reached all over the world!”

It seems from her self-applied nickname that she wanted to be perceived as Hispanic, not black. However, her decision to have black children screwed up that idea right away.

There’s no use trying to figure out what motivates irrational black decisions. They are a failed race. Avoid them.

She was a great mom,” said the grandmother, Tina Moore. “She was really, really a great girl. I love Tina to death, but she was just troubled. I don’t know what happened because she came and stayed at my house for the summer. I don’t know what happen, she just lost it,” she said.

A second set of grandparents also created a GoFundMe page for help with funeral and travel expenses.

Police did not release the nature of the injuries against the children but said they were looking at what might have caused Treadway to take the actions she did.

“Obviously, that’s at the core of this investigation,” said Major Mike Smathers, WKRN reports. “What would cause someone to be so despondent to want to take their own life and take the lives of their children? But that’s going to be a key component of the investigation, and we’re nowhere near ready to speak on that.”

The police should spend their scarce resources on something other than trying to figure out what motivated a crazy black woman.

3 thoughts on “Carolina Panthers Employee Kills Children, Then Jumps from Bridge to Her Death

  1. She looks 75 percent percent white…(probably a quadroon) …
    NOTE…most mudsharks try to make themselves look n!ggery with perms, nose earrings, tan make-up, plastic surgery… etc…..Note the typical deranged mudshark look on her face and typical mudshark HOOP EARRINGS….Usually this is an SSRI fueled event….

  2. No doubt there are thousands of blacks on Facebook and Twitter right now theorizing that this woman was driven to this desperate act by the sexual harassment she suffered at the hands of white devil team owner Jerry Richardson. If only she could have held out until Steph Curry, P Diddy, and Colin Kaepernick had bought the team. Then she would have been hailed as the black queen she always knew she was.

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