Canadian Police Expose 11-Year-Old Kebab Hoaxer Who Claimed Evil Whitey Cut her Hijab


When you’re a Muslim in a formerly white country run by a soft cock loser like Justin Trudeau, you don’t have to worry about serious punishment when you break the law.

That the lesson learned from a story about a school girl who claimed a man cut her hijab.

Justin Trudeau is going to have to do something with the police who exposed the hoax.

His agenda is served when hoaxes are treated as real hate crimes.

ABC News

Police are now disputing a report by an 11-year-old girl that a man cut her hijab while she was walking to school.

On Friday, Toronto Police Service officials said in a press release that the girl, later identified as Khawlah Norman in a press conference, reported that she was en route to school when a man came up behind her and cut her hijab with a pair of scissors.

“We collected a lot of evidence including security camera video and interviews,” Mark Pugash, the director of corporate communications with the Toronto Police, said to ABC News. “It led to the only possible conclusion that what was claimed on Friday did not happen.”

When asked if the department would file charges in the case, Pugash said, “Our view is the investigation is concluded and nothing more will come of it.”

In a press conference last week, Noman said she was “scared and confused” after the alleged incident, saying the man tried to cut her hijab twice. The girl’s mother said she “was very sad” and thanked the community for their support. She called upon police to treat the incident as a hate crime.

Reports of the alleged incident reached Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who tweeted Friday, “My heart goes out to Khawlah Noman following this morning’s cowardly attack on her in Toronto. Canada is an open and welcoming country, and incidents like this cannot be tolerated.”

Ryan Bird, a spokesperson for the Toronto District School Board, said, “We are very thankful that this assault did not in fact happen. We won’t be commenting further.”

The Noman family could not immediately be reached for comment.

Canada’s chickensh*t authorities are just going to pretend like nothing happened.

The girl and her family should be deported to teach the filth infesting Canada a lesson.

PJW is calling for Trudeau to retract. Don’t hold your breath, guy.

Pajama boy Truedeau will be the first to be killed by the Muslims, who detest weakness.

13 thoughts on “Canadian Police Expose 11-Year-Old Kebab Hoaxer Who Claimed Evil Whitey Cut her Hijab

    • Agreed.
      Laura Ingraham spoke the truth last night when she observed on her show that “if you’re not a victim of some kind today then you just don’t exist.”

      This was a play for the status and power that comes from being seen as a victim.

      As I read this story I thought back to when I was child about this muslima’s age and earlier.

      The mothers in the street would get together and chat and it always came back to being about their kids. There was a natural competitiveness in their bragging – always about the toughness or fitness or school results of their kids – mainly the boys, but also the girls, too.

      Now when I overhear today’s mothers talking it’s a competition as to whose kid is the biggest victim – ie. the weakest, slowest, most bullied, etc.

      The winner now is always the autistic fat kid with asthma who’ll die if he even smells a peanut. All hail the ultimate winner because he is the biggest loser.

      Bring back the old days when we in the west had a brave, virile culture.

      • I live in Brooklyn NY….I never saw an arab until the early 80s and the only mexican I ever saw before 1990 was the mailman my grandparents knew from the 1960s….Even Chinks were rare back in the 70s …Only seen in Chinatown and chinese restaurants…..

      • It’s true Steve. Seems almost everyone has to have some sort of loser label to affirm that they ‘belong’ these days. And being firm with decisions and opinions is out – it obviously means you haven’t tied yourself in enough knots considering the opposing point of view. Winning is a BAD THING because it means someone has to lose…
        It’s why the west will fall.
        Lib fkwits won’t get it until a barbarian with an AK47 crashes through the door. What a picture that will be! Some sap blubbering “But… but we are your friends, we helped you so much…”

      • Apart from some I saw in the US on holiday and the ones on TV, I saw my first nigger here in New Zealand in 1999.
        I’ve only seen one or two Mexicans here in 20 years, if that.

        Gooks everywhere and this place is becoming curryville big time. Genocide is diverse.

  1. In Scotland a Sick cut his hair and said Nazis did it. A candlelight vigil was held and 5000 people turned up.

    It was found out that it was an anti-white hoax but they had the candle-light vigil anyway. The reason: the organizers said this could have easily happened and we need to protest against it anyway.

    We live on planet Cuck in the Bedlam system.

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