Recent FBI Report Exposes MLK as Communist, Liar, Plagiarist, Whoremonger, and Woman Beater

Let’s “honor” MLK by telling the truth about him on his day. He’s the only American with his own federal holiday, as I’m sure you’re aware.

This link will take you to Amren’s annual MLK plagiarist article.

The excerpt below from UNZ covers his Communist ties and other unsavory facts about the biggest con artist in American history. There are a large number of live links at UNZ.

Excerpt from Vdare via UNZ

On November 4, 2017, a secret FBI dossier on King, dated March 12, 1968, surfaced during the release of archival documents relating to the Kennedy assassination. [Read it: PDF] Sensitive information about King, under seal for decades by the FBI, suddenly turned up on Internet sites. Several news organizations publicized the revelations, including CBS News, CNN, the New York Times, The Washington Post, the Drudge Report, and other outlets. The Daily Mail posted a lengthy account titled , “FBI Report in New JFK Release Claims Martin Luther King Jr. had ‘All-Night Sex Orgy’ at Workshop for Church Ministers.”

The 20-page classified document confirmed what some historians and biographers have gingerly tiptoed around. It revealed the extent to which the FBI monitored King’s activities, using informants and wiretaps under the authority of Attorney General Robert Kennedy. It listed by name several of King’s close associates who had Communist ties. And it contained details of MLK’s sexual jaunts.

Known Communists who were close associates of MLK included Stanley Levison, once a top financial supporter of the Communist Party, USA (CPUSA), Hunter Pitts “Jack” O’Dell, a former National Committee member of the CPUSA, and Bayard Rustin, a former advisor to King, who was arrested in 1946 “for offering to commit a lewd or indecent act” and who maintained close ties to several Communist party members. Individuals involved with King’s organization who had Communist “affiliations” included Levison, Clarence Jones, Harry Wachtel, Cordy T. Vivian, Randolph Blackwell, O’Dell, Lawrence Reddick, and Rustin.

The FBI “analysis” provides an overview of King’s activities during the mid-1960s: details on funding sources for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), King’s anti-war activities, and an attempt by “fringe” political activists who encouraged King to run for president.

The last two pages contain salacious information about King’s sexual escapades, including an all-night orgy with prostitutes during a workshop with ministers (with funding by the Ford Foundation) in Miami, Florida. It mentions an illicit affair with folk singer Joan Baez, and that King financially supported a mistress and out-of-wedlock child in the Los Angeles area.

But the Washington Post covered the FBI document under this Orwellian headline: “In the Latest JFK Files, the FBI’s Ugly Analysis on Martin Luther King, Jr., filled with falsehoods; The Newly Released FBI Document About Martin Luther King, Jr., Reveals More About Former Director J. Edgar Hoover’s Campaign to Discredit King, Historian Says.” November 4, 2017

Keep in mind this is the same MLK that the Virginia Symphony Orchestra will pay homage to during a free concert on January 14 in Norfolk. “It’s more important now than ever to celebrate him,” said VSO music director JoAnn Falletta. Why should all-night booze-driven orgies among King, clergy members, and prostitutes interfere with this orchestral celebration? Where’s the “Me Too” movement when you need them? (Of course, some prominent music directors, such as James Levine and Charles Dutoit, are coming under intense scrutiny for “sexual misconduct.”)

Comment #6 at Unz explains how King became a national icon.

King died at a very convenient time. He was starting to branch out into other areas, notably Vietnam. Now he can be molded into the shape the government prefers him to be and to influence the black population. He admired Gandhi, advocated non-violence, work within the system, don’t riot and burn down the neighborhood, etc. The communist linkage and the pervy sex stuff as well as the plagiarism and misuse of funds have to all be scrubbed out. Much of this is not known because people don’t want to know. Right now he’s a packaged product that the government and others down the line, such as the educational system, use to guide the black population as well as others.

Actually, it probably isn’t a good thing that King ws martyred. Eventually his “issues” would have caught up with him and we might not have this damnable holiday every year.

You might find this post on the Negress who tried to stab MLK to death in 1958 to be an interesting piece of suppressed history.

A final update: My health is improving. However, the high on Tuesday is supposed to remain below freezing.

10 thoughts on “Recent FBI Report Exposes MLK as Communist, Liar, Plagiarist, Whoremonger, and Woman Beater

  1. Scoop! Wash Poo writes worlds longest headline! Story is shorter than the headline!

    “In the Latest JFK Files, the FBI’s Truthful Analysis on Martin Luther King, Jr., filled with facts; The Newly Released FBI Document About Martin Luther King, Jr., Reveals Nothing About Former Director J. Edgar Hoover’s Alleged Campaign to Discredit King, Historian Says.”

  2. At least his ideology seemed useful enough to ingrain the savages with an ounce of morality (confused as that was). It didn’t work. Immediately they elevated him to a demigod but even his shallow view of humanity was too deep for them. In the end it was a colossal wreak, hyper promotion making little sense and forming a cult where anyone can interpet the doctrine. Seriously, study the mans works then honestly try to define them. Break down what he wrote into something simple enough to be understood as a universal truth. You can’t because it isn’t present. You’ll walk away with more questions than answers, unless sound bytes are solutions.

    • Well, that whole being judged by the content of your character thingy hasn’t worked out too well, now has it? So, they’ll stomp their feet and scream racism and liberal cunts will oblige and coddle them.

  3. Of course, the Christ-killers were behind this phony. The Communist kikes found a useful idiot negro whom they could help along and purvey to try and destroy white America with nigger mischief. I had no idea that they wanted King to run for president. Of course, Obama was also helped along by the kikes and muslims during his life. Christ, I almost believe in a Manchurian Candidate conspiracy. We must exterminate the nigger and the jew. They are a threat to our very survival.

  4. Just to wonder why are MLK records sealed until 2027?His name wasn’t Martin Luther. It was Michael. It was decided Martin Luther had a more prominent ring to it, so he went by that. He never legally changed his name. To this day, he lived and died as Michael King.While working on his dissertation for his doctoral degree at Boston University, he heavily plagiarized from another author who had done research on a subject similar to King’s. As academic committee later found that over half of King’s work was plagiarized, yet would not revoke his doctrine. King was dead by this time, and the committee ruled that revoking the title would serve no purpose. It was also discovered that King’s famous I HAVE A DREAM speech was also not his own. He stole it from a sermon by Archibald Carey, a popular black preacher in the 1950’s.King was under FBI surveillance for several years (until he died) due to his ties with communist organizations throughout the country. King accepted money from the organizations to fund his movements. In return, King had to appoint communist leaders to run certain districts of his SCLC (Southern Christian Leadership Conference), who then could project their communist ideas to larger audiences. A federal judge in the 60’s ruled that the FBI files on King link to communism to remain top-secret until 2027. Senator Jesse Helms appealed to the Supreme Court in 1983 to release the files so the correct bill in the Senate to create the Martin Luther King Federal Holiday could be abolished. He was denied.One of King’s closest friends, Rev. Ralph Abernathy, wrote a book in 1989 in which he talked about King’s obsession with white prostitutes. King would often use church donations to have drunken sex parties, where he would hire two to three white prostitutes, occasionally beating them brutally. This has also been reported by the FBI agents who monitored King. King was married with four children.Martin Luther King Day. A day when this country will come to a screeching halt so we can have parades and memorials to honor this man, a man that most of the world views as a saint for his role in the civil rights movement. No other public holiday in the United States honors a single individual. Of all the great leaders in our Nation’s history-none of them have their own holiday. All of our great war heroes share Memorial Day. All of our great presidents share President’s Day. Yet king — a man who was a phony, a cheater, a traitor, and a sexual degenerate gets a day of his own.Fearing that Martin Luther King Jr. had ties to Communist organizations, the FBI spied on him for several years. The FBI described King as “the most dangerous and effective Negro leader in the country”. FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover filed a request with Attorney General Robert Kennedy to wiretap King and his associates. Kennedy gave the Bureau permission and tapped their phones and placed hidden microphones in homes, hotel rooms and offices. The FBI was unsuccessful in proving that he had ties to Communists; however they did have something that would reveal embarrassing details about King’s sex life. King refused to give in to the FBI’s threats, even after the FBI drafted a letter to him from an anonymous source detailing everything they knew about his sexual transgressions. Highlights of the letter include: “You are a colossal fraud and an evil, vicious one at that.” “The American public will know you for what you are, an evil, abnormal beast, and Satan could not do more” “King, there is only one thing left for you to do.” Some have theorized the intent of the letter was to drive King to commit suicide in order to avoid personal embarrassment. On January 31, 1977, District Judge John Lewis Smith, Jr., ordered all known copies of recorded audiotapes and written transcripts resulting from the FBI’s surveillance of King between 1963 and 1968 to be sealed in the National Archives and away from public access for 50 years.Interesting Fact: Ralph Abernathy was a close associate of King’s in the civil rights movement. In his autobiography titled “And the Walls Came Tumbling Down”, he does mention that King was a “womanizer”. He also wrote this about the Surveillance Tapes: “I remember in particular a stay at the Willard Hotel in Washington, where they not only put in audio receivers, but video equipment as well. Then, after collecting enough of this ‘evidence’ to be useful, they began to distribute it to reporters, law officers, and other people in a position to hurt us.” Finally, when no one would do Hoover’s dirty work for him, someone in the FBI put together a tape of highly intimate moments and sent them to Martin. Unfortunately — and perhaps this was deliberate — [his wife] Coretta received the tape and played it first. But such accusations never seemed to touch her. She rose above all the petty attempts to damage their marriage by refusing to even entertain such thoughts. Because Michael King (MLK’s real name) was a criminal and a shady character. Any “hero” wouldn’t have their records sealed the way his are. If a “hero” is a man who plagiarizes, cheats on his wife, assaults women (which is a felony), and has ties to radical organizations, I don’t want to be a hero. He sure preached the word but didn’t practice it at all. MLK Day is a joke. because the people who had something to do with him being killed would be dead by then. They’re holding JFK’s records until the year 2029. For the same reason too.

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