68% of Those Metooed in 2017 Were Jewish – Over-Representation of 3400%

Daily Stormer

Here’s a heads up for regular readers.

My apartment complex was sold to a Minnesota property management company last month. The company appears to be composed of three OBNOXIOUS JEWS.

One of them appears to a 30-ish hipster Israeli male. There’s also a middle aged male. The Jewish woman is truly obnoxious. After celebrating the sale of the complex (via financing) with champagne, they seem to have fired the white woman manager who had been managing the complex for as long as I’ve lived there, which is five years.

They pulled the plug on the wifi with no warning. They also have made a few other changes that are for the worse. They periodically fly down from Minnesota to “make improvements.”

I hang out in clubroom’s computer room, which has allowed me to overhear some interesting conversation. The woman believes that she can raise the rents from around $950 for a one bedroom to around $1,400 by turning the apartments into luxury apartments via replacing the microwaves and refrigerators with stainless steel. They’re actually been remodeling one of the vacant apartments for the last month, with upgraded ceiling fans, blinds, carpet, etc.

Since I prefer not to be under the thumbs of a group of obnoxious owners who are showing all kinds of signs of greedy management practices, I am planning on moving later this year.

That means I won’t get back to my old posting habits for a long time. I have a ton of stuff I need to get rid of before I can even think about moving.

I’ll update you on the new management, but I’m not expecting the updates to be good ones. It should be an interesting set of stories relating to Jewish management practices.

11 thoughts on “68% of Those Metooed in 2017 Were Jewish – Over-Representation of 3400%

  1. $950 to $1400, that be some gouging there for some new white goods and a make over… $350/week for an apartment?

    Sab I hope you find somewhere livable and cheap, and close to family or community.

  2. So jews molest women about 30 times more often than white men do. No surprise there. How many women though are jew wise? Tell white women about jews and you will get a lot of hate. Not of jews, but you, the messenger.

    In the same way, how much wealth and real estate is over concentrated the hands of jews? They hate death duties, an excellent tax for gouging some stolen loot back from the wealthy. Very few whites stand to inherit anything so such a tax is not a bad thing.

    In the NKVD, jews killed 59 people for every person killed by a Slavic NKVD member, based on the same population percentages.

    Jews only pull their weight in rigging markets, conning people, molesting women and children, and as executioners. Probably they love the job of torturer as well, they did in the Soviet Union and tortured priests and nuns just for fun, not for punishment.

    • Rarely is it worth trying to wake up women to reality UNLESS you see an opening.

      Most women would just parrot the power that the Hollywood types had, not the racial-genetic motivations for abusing shiksas.

      Even George Lincoln Rockwell was complaining in the 60s about how the public had been so indoctrinated that few would listen to him.

  3. Yes, With Jooze You Looze. Both your life and your dignity. Regards your problems with Schlomo the Jew Land-lord, good luck. There are plenty of places to live in Texas where you can be free of the Christ-killers and their kikery.

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