(((Sean Penn))): ‘Sh*thole’ Comments Make Donald Trump ‘An Enemy of Mankind’

Sean Penn? Really?

The same Sean Penn who embraced Hugo Chavez. The same Sean Penn who’s been accused multiple times of assaults.

This guy isn’t some shining beacon of morality. He’s a leftist who hates America. It makes his feel good to claim the moral high ground, which makes him a dangerous narcissist.

The Wrap

In a blistering op-ed for Time on Friday, Sean Penn called president Donald Trump “an enemy of mankind” and “an enemy of the state” over his reported remarks about “shithole countries.”


On Thursday, the Washington Post reported that President Trump asked, during a meeting with lawmakers, “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” referring to Haiti and African nations. Trump later said he used “tough” language but denied using that phrase.

In the essay marking the eight-year anniversary of the devastating 2010 Haiti earthquake, Penn talked about his experiences as a volunteering in Haiti.

“While Haitian immigrants typically arrive in the United States with lower levels of education and income than the general population, they sacrifice as parents to scrap and save and to ensure that their children can make the most of the opportunity to be here,” he wrote. “They contribute. And there is no disputing the value they add to American society.”

Penn said Trump’s reported comments were “far worse than mere insensitivity or even nationalism. Those standards are not disgraceful enough.”

“We will find unity,” Penn concluded, “only when we recognize that in our current president we have elected, perhaps for the first time in our history, an enemy of compassion. Indeed, we can be unified not only with each other but with Africa, El Salvador, Haiti, Mexico, the Middle East and beyond if we recognize President Donald Trump is an enemy of Americans, Republicans, Democrats, Independents and every new child born. An enemy of mankind. He is indeed an enemy of the state.”

“Unity” is the pipe dream of the egalitarian left. That unity is going to require the extermination of evil whitey though.

When Penn talks about value added, he loses the alt-right. Even if Haitians were intelligent, peaceful, and good citizens, why should we care.

They’re not us. We demand the right to live among those who are like us.

19 thoughts on “(((Sean Penn))): ‘Sh*thole’ Comments Make Donald Trump ‘An Enemy of Mankind’

  1. When Commie’s like Penn who believe they stand on the righteous moral high ground and thus represent all of Americans by speaking their BS, sure makes me very glad the Clintons stole all the money from the Clinton foundation Haiti fund.

    • Your description of Penn is not mere hyperbole. His father Leo Penn was a blacklisted film director back in the 50’s. So Sean was born with a bug up his butt. A couple years ago I came upon a rather telling piece of TV footage. It was from an early 70’s episode of “Little House on the Prairie”. In one scene a group of the town’s children were shown marveling at something, I can’t quite remember exactly what, perhaps a litter of kittens or puppies. You know, something that a child, or any one with a soul would find especially moving. So, the camera pans slowly across the faces of the child actors who all have these beaming beatific looks on their faces…then the camera settles on a very young Sean Penn, who is sporting the most sneering, contemptuous, above-it-all grin in TV history. He’s so out of sync with his castmates it’s quite jarring. I suspect he was hell to work with even from the very beginning- the little bastard probably tried to finger poor Melissa Gilbert back behind the Ingalls’ outhouse.

  2. My hats off to President Trump! He has dared uttered what 99% of the white sheep are afraid to even think in private…..but in the deepest darkest parts of theirs minds quietly whisper, “right on and Amen president Trump”

  3. Why is everyone making such a stir over the word shithole

    Its definition is a

    Unpleasant Place…

    Need one say more

    • Yes. You defined “hole” fairly well but not shit.
      Shit means there is a lot of human shit about.
      A hole is a slang word for ” An ugly, squalid, or depressing dwelling.”

      “shit hole
      A horrible city in which to live, work or party.
      Detroit is a shit hole. ”

      ” shithole
      A really bad place or building, especially somewhere undesirable to live or work.
      You can only judge a shithole by the turds that pass through it. “

  4. That twit Penn really is proof of the old saying that:

    Up “till you’re 40 you have the face that your parents gave you; after 40 you get the face you deserve.”

    • Steve, I heard that quote before with the age 25 (instead of 40)….
      My mother’s psychopath sister was very cute as a kid and teen…..By the time she was 25 she looked like what she was….A seedy psychopath drug addict…..

      • I think you’re quite right in what you say, Saint Q, Thanks for clarifying.

        The more I reflect on it, the more I agree with you that 25 is indeed plenty of time for a determined idiot to write their sins on their face.

  5. Never go full retard, you don’t believe me? Look at Sean Penn, he went full retard in “I am Sam”, look at him now. Never go full retard.

  6. Since this Shitholegate business erupted into the MSN there has been a multitude of pictures of Haiti (and other shitholes) with streets filled with trash, filth, garbage, shit and whatever. It always looks as unhealthy as it does disgusting and like an enormous ecological disaster.
    So … where the Hell are all of the self-righteous, crusading, liberal eco-freaks? Their precious Gaia is getting raped and ruined and they haven’t noticed? If they are really concerned about saving the planet then shouldn’t they be demonstrating for reducing the amount of shitskins in the world rather than the amount of carbon dioxide?

  7. Sean Penn is such a boring actor too I can’t think of a single film I enjoyed his acting in, hes always in some politically motivated borefest or cheesy thriller

    • “At Close Range” was a decent Penn movie back in the 80s….I liked it back then….
      And don’t forget “Milk” ….
      “Milk” (about a homo SF politician murdered by “one of us”…) may actually be SO BAD that he may have comedic value…..(no I didn’t see it…)…
      Another movie that was (unintentionally, not with Penn) hilarious was
      “White Man’s Burden” with John Travolta….In that movie Whites were the dumb lowlife criminal n!ggers and n!ggers were the refined, intelligent darkie “whites”….
      I think Travolta (a dumb white n!gger) gets blasted by the racist cops at the end of that movie….. “Mandingo” was another funny one….

  8. ““They contribute. And there is no disputing the value they add to American society.””

    No Sean, there is no disputing the value they add to American society. And that value is scat.

    When will you be moving to Little Haiti, Sean? I’ll be happy to book a reservation for you.

    Sean has proven that he is a certifiable idiot. If he had any brains, he would keep his piehole shut.

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