(((James Franco)))’s Jewish Accuser Willing to Forgive in Exchange for Apology


A crazy Jewess who accused actor James Franco of various sorts of sexual misconduct admits that she still loves him.


One of James Franco’s accusers is willing to forgive him if he publicly owns up to the sexual misconduct she says she experienced on a movie set.

Sarah Tither-Kaplan tells TMZ, “I don’t hate James. I still have love for him.” She’s reacting to Franco’s Critics’ Choice Awards victory Thursday night … a ceremony he skipped because, as we first reported … he’s despondent over multiple allegations against him.


Sarah says she doesn’t begrudge Franco’s success, and, in fact, says she would’ve been shocked if he didn’t win — but adds he still needs to accept responsibility and apologize. In fact, she believes he’ll be totally forgiven if he does.

You’ll recall, she accused Franco of exploiting her for nude scenes in a movie, and also of removing genital guards off other actresses — not her — during an orgy scene in the film.

Sarah does think Franco’s benefiting from “the privilege of being young, white and pretty” — meaning the public believes him more than say, Harvey Weinstein, because James is good looking.

Newsweek provides the background for Kaplan’s allegations.

Five women came forward Thursday and accused actor James Franco of sexually exploitative or inappropriate behavior. They said he took advantage of his fame and position as the head of an acting school to put women in positions that left them feeling uncomfortable.

The allegations were made in a Los Angeles Times article just days after earlier accusations resurfaced online during the Golden Globe awards.

Sarah Tither-Kaplan, a filmmaker and actress, was one of the main voices in the story. She said she once saw Franco remove protective plastic guards covering other actresses’ vaginas while simulating oral sex for a scene. She also told the Times that the actor created an atmosphere where it felt like saying no to him wasn’t an option.

Franco’s attorney denied the allegations made in the Times and pointed the newspaper to comments the actor made on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

“The things that I heard that went on Twitter are not accurate,” he said on the show. “But I completely support people coming out and being able to have a voice, because they didn’t have a voice for so long. So I don’t want to shut them down in any way.”

Tither-Kaplan has appeared in a AAA commercial and a number of short films, and her IMDB page lists projects in the works for 2018. She also appeared a few times in the series Making a Scene With James Franco, where famous scenes from film and TV were mashed-up and re-imagined.

Sarah’s comments tell me that women are hypocrites. She wouldn’t forgive Franco if he was ugly like Harvey Weinstein. Eventually, as he continues to ignore her, her “love” will turn to hate and thoughts of some serious revenge.

Franco might want to keep an eye on her before she comes after him with a gun.

Keep it up, you Jewish skanks. Keep naming names. As long as they’re Jewish.

5 thoughts on “(((James Franco)))’s Jewish Accuser Willing to Forgive in Exchange for Apology

  1. This is no different from the English fatty who claimed she was raped by 15 different men. It’s the pathetic attempt of a worthless broad to pretend she’s attractive by accusing someone of being attracted to her.

  2. Is this another asshole who’s lying and calling James Franco a gentile? He’s Jewish.

    I don’t get it, if he’s not Jewish, what is his background? I mean, his name isn’t John Smith. Surely the surname Franco is intriguing enough to like do a quick google to see what the hell he is?

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