Fourth Woman Accuses Millionaire (((Howard Rubin))) of Rape inside his NYC Dungeon


An unidentified whore allegedly accepted $2,000 to go on a date with an aging wealthy Jewish pervert.

Then, when the situation turned out the way any reasonable person would expect, she cried rape and filed a lawsuit.

Our wealthy Jew denies that anything nonconsensual happened.

New York Daily News

A fourth woman is accusing Wall Street millionaire Howard Rubin of torturing and raping her in a sex “dungeon” at his lavish Manhattan penthouse.


The Los Angeles woman claims she was 20 when Rubin allegedly lured her to his private pad at the Metropolitan Tower in November 2015 and then drugged and assaulted her as part of a “sadistic game.”

In a lawsuit filed Tuesday in Manhattan Supreme Court, the woman said Rubin tied her up with ropes hanging from his ceiling, ripped her clothes off, brutally beat her and sodomized her with objects as she begged for mercy and used the safe word “pineapples.”

Rubin then dragged her by her hair over to a couch, choked her and raped her without a condom during the “horrifying” attack, according to her court papers.

Rubin, 62, rebutted the allegations through his lawyer.

“Mr. Rubin categorically denies all the allegations of misconduct,” Rubin’s lawyer Edward McDonald told the Daily News. “This is another unfounded and unfair attempt to obtain money from Mr. Rubin.”

Three models sued Rubin, a former portfolio manager for George Soros’ investment fund, in November. They also claim he raped and beat them at the 76th-floor penthouse on W. 57th St. in recent years.

Those women — identified by the pseudonyms Hillary Lawson, Kristina Hallman and Stephanie Caldwell — said Rubin used a team of fixers to run “a human trafficking enterprise.”

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Like the other women, the new accuser claims in her lawsuit that Rubin pressured her to sign a nondisclosure agreement that he later relied upon to silence her.

Rubin, whose high-flying financial career was featured in the best-selling books “The Big Short” and “Liar’s Poker,” is described as a “sociopath” in her lawsuit.

The new accuser, who has asked the court for anonymity, said she was introduced to Rubin through Kevin Mahaney, the CEO of the Olympia Companies, a real estate firm based in Maine.

A spokeswoman for Mahaney said that Mahaney did not introduce the plaintiff to Rubin and does not know him.

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The accuser was due to receive $2,000 without any agreement to have sex with Rubin, her lawsuit states. She claims she had a few drinks, signed the agreement and followed Rubin back to his penthouse to view his artwork. Once there, she said, he fixed her a drink that was drugged and convinced her to try on wrist restraints “for fun” while fully dressed.

But soon after she was tied up, the woman said, he turned violent and ignored her repeated use of their agreed-upon safe word.

After the alleged rape, Mahaney convinced her to “stay quiet” and not seek medical attention for “substantial” bruising, bleeding and pain, she said.

Mahaney then paid for her apartment in Los Angeles and for her to attend college courses, the woman claims. But her untreated trauma caused her to fall apart and attempt to take her own life with an overdose in 2016.

The Daily Beast offers a more detailed look at what Rubin admits to.

According to the lawsuit, Rubin’s scheme went like this:

Stephanie Shon, a 29-year-old former model and current account manager for a legal support services company, would reach out to bikini models and exotic dancers on Instagram and say something to the effect of, “My boss wants to meet you.” Shon then allegedly offered the the women $2,000—no strings attached—to fly to New York and meet with Rubin in his Manhattan apartment. If Rubin “liked her,” they might take some naughty photos, but nothing too extreme, and he would pay her an additional $3,000. Rubin just liked hanging out with Playboy models, Shon said.

If Shon, a leggy, honey blonde in her photos on social media (she deleted her accounts this morning) couldn’t seal the deal, then Jennifer Powers, a former Hawaiian Tropic model who had once dated Rubin and was now in his employ, would follow up with messages assuring them that he was “a great guy,” and that the trip “would not be about sex,” according to the complaint.

The plaintiffs in this case say that they agreed to meet Rubin at his 57th Street high-rise, in an apartment decorated with photos of Rubin and Playboy Playmates. Before they could meet the retired fund manager, they were told they’d have to sign non-disclosure agreements. And so they did.

No decent woman with an ounce of brain power would agree to the alleged proposal.

But nobody said that Playboy Playmates are decent women.

7 thoughts on “Fourth Woman Accuses Millionaire (((Howard Rubin))) of Rape inside his NYC Dungeon

  1. The law is most likely vague as to what permission is given after allowing someone to tie you up voluntarily. For the BDSM people, which activity is legal, the safe word is a key. Ignoring the safe word is a major no no. But is it illegal?

    As for (((Rubin))) he looks guilty as hell to me and these women are probably telling the truth. None gave him permission to beat them until bruising occurred, nor did they give permission to shove large objects up their arses. This is rape.

    As for the sex, my own thinking is if any woman allows a man to tie her up naked then she has implicitly agreed to have sex with him. A court would think likewise; at least a jury would.

    He got the girls to sign the contract after plenty of booze. This would invalidate the contract in my opinion. The contracts should have been signed before any drinks. Maybe before the flights to Jew York.

    I would like some girls to now take a dump on (((Hugh Hefner))) and the Playboy House of Pain. A lot of Hugh’s visitors and pals were also jews.

    • Yeah Hugh and his bitches need to go down.

      America is getting cleaned up. Yeah this takes some elbow grease but it’s all good.

      Recall the rape of Persephone could not take place without Hectate. All these pieces of shyte have their bitches to do their dirty work.

  2. Models? Wtf?

    Gawd these people have taken self promotion to new levels. Shon is not model material.

    A Christy Brinkley or Grace Kelly she is not.

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